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  1. B


    i am john i am a professor but not a real one i am nuts about myself and i want to be a professional health officer but cant because i am already nuts about everyone i ever meet so am i going insane or crazy or just plain professional X

    Just be yourself.

    Better to just be who you are than what people want. But it gets a bit harder in the professional world. Any tips on how to act in an office? (I got an interview for a new volunteer job). It looks interesting, but I have no idea how much time they are looking for. Do you think I should ask...
  3. B

    LinkedIn Use

    Has anyone used this professional site? I”m unemployed and have been since August. I have not had one interview. I’ve been searching for work since last January. I knew my job was ending in August and assumed that would have been enough time. Wrong! I have a little savings left but I’m...
  4. Y

    First Doctors Appointment

    So I have my first appointment with the doctor today and I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice or tips, what I should say, ask for, demand?! I feel like I definitely need to talk to a professional but I'm worried they're going to just send me away and say come back again if you feel worse.
  5. T


    Hi, all. It's been a long, long time since I've tried reaching out to anyone on topics such as these... probably a good 14 years. A little about myself... I'm almost 30 years old. I'm married to a wonderful and patient man, and we have one goofball child. I'm a writer, or at least that is the...
  6. Similyn

    Accused of being "childish"

    Hello everyone, So this has been on my mind today. My in-laws think I don't have Anxiety. They instead choose to believe that I am just acting childish. No they don't have degrees. :yuck: Yes, I've had three professionals diagnose me as having GAD, Social, and Depression. Maybe they are the...
  7. B

    relations with ex medical or care staff???

    I have Googled this questions and seem to only get the nursing and media option. I would like to know the option of other people who have mental health issues. I would like to know your option of having a relationship with an ex medical professional or someone who was professionally involved in...
  8. N

    Faking Schizoaffective Disorder or another Delusion?

    I have been on a continuous Community Treatment Order for 4 years and the Tribunal have just renewed it again for a further 6 months saying they've ''carefully considered all written material and all the professional evidence pointed in the same direction which is consistent and no contrary...
  9. S

    Don't know how to handle girlfriend's anxiety

    My girlfriend and I have been together for nearly three years. For really as long as I can remember she's had anxiety (or ångest - not sure of direct translation to English), and I really struggle with how to act. She breaks down, cries, shouts and screams at me and can come out with some...
  10. S

    Need professional help no money

    I had a shitty horrible childhood won't even go into that. When I turned 18 my mom drove me to Denver and left me in the city and told me when I found a place she would send me my things. I tried to contact my biological father to see if I could live with him and he didn't answer my calls. Then...
  11. K

    Will it come back?

    2 years ago I've had a difficult time in my life. I've burned out. I've also had some problems with being paranoid(hyperventilation for no reason), I was hearing voices. Somehow I've managed to heal myself. Will it come back or not? I'm feeling good at the time. Just afraid that it will come...
  12. M

    Physically living, but not mentally

    I'm a 49 year old divorced male with 2 amazing kids. I'm a professional in the field of IT and by all accounts, love what I do. But the past few years, have brought much heartache, depression and so much bad luck...I often wonder why I was "chosen" like that. I divorced about 10 years ago and...
  13. C

    Citizens Adcice adviser

    Despite being unemployable I've managed to get myself an interview with CAB. If I get it i'll be professional area kicker lol
  14. J

    Traumas Over the Years That Continue Today

    My 45-year life has been hard. For one thing, when I was a senior in high school, my father became legally blind and had to go on disability. This sent "shock waves", throughout my family's financial situation. Even after graduating from college years later, I could not find a sense of job...
  15. W

    My girlfriend's depression

    Hello, I am 21 years old and am in my first master year of Geology. I have some (social) issues myself, but I manage to keep on going. However I have a really depressed girlfriend. We are together for about 3.5 years. In those years, she has tried to finish her high school, and she almost did...
  16. Poopy Doll

    How do you feel about your psychiatrist??

    All the anti psychiatry banter has inspired me to start this little thread. I have had psychiatrists in the past ranging from sadistic to incompetent. Luckily, and it is totally luck, I now have an engaging psychiatrist who abides in a sense of equanimity and is as compassionate as you could...
  17. ghost on ice

    hello all

    I am a young adult who has not yet had the privilege of independence, so I still live with and depend on my adoptive parents who have full control over my healthcare and insurance. My biological family has a long history of mental illness, and I was neglected and abused as a young child before I...
  18. mami5

    Life is so hard right now

    This year has been one HUGE struggle so far, bouncing along from one thing to another. Various hospital appointments, and tests, have taken their toll both physically and mentally. Have even suffered another delusional episode, due to all the stress, and been so suicidal. Still am...
  19. O

    my ex boyfriend is severly depressed and says i'm the only one who can help

    my ex boyfriend is severly depressed and says i'm the only one who can help Hi, I would really appreciate anyone's advice :) I ended things with my boyfriend of nearly 7 years, a few months ago. He has had depressive bouts over the last couple of years. We recently met up, after 3 months of...
  20. L


    Hello. I think I've had a low grade depression for the past 16 years of my life and have a schizoid personality, or neurosis. I've also had episodes were I got fully depressed for days at a time in the past, and have recently suffered what would categorize as severe depression, along with...