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  1. Anime-Alchemy

    Process of overcoming my addiction

    Well, for the gazillionth time I am trying to overcome this addiction I have. Monday was the first day of not acting on it and today is the 7th day. In the past the longest I have gone is 8 months? but that was a one off but I want this to be a permanent and lifelong change.
  2. K

    Withdrawal symptoms help

    Has anyone been on Seroquel? I have been taking 100mg of Seroquel for 7 years and I am currently tapering down slowly right now I am at 75mg. Should I taper down a dose every 2 weeks? Also is this a long process. I’m getting anxiety because I have only tapered down this much and I feel like...
  3. Drooo

    Voluntary admission

    Hi guys. I'm not feeling too good. I just want to ask if anyone has been admitted voluntarily, and I don't mean because this has been suggested to you at the hospital after you've had a breakdown of some sort, I mean when you can feel yourself getting very ill and you feel a danger to yourself...
  4. C

    Action plan for dealing with the 'voices'

    I'm making this thread so that there's a dedicated thread dealing with coping & hopefully resolving the problem. This won't work for everyone and heck it might not even work for me. I acquired this problem through depression and using psychic ability & so this might be an actual solution whereas...
  5. N

    Hello There!

    Hey everyone! My name is Nisa and I have been struggling with mental illness for most of my life but recently with schizoaffective disorder a few weeks ago. I hope I get along well with everyone here and make some new friends. Even though I am new to the whole recovery/ treatment process I'm...
  6. freddiefreakery

    Testing experiences

    I have been slowly falling into psychosis for a few years now and just recently began the testing process. I’d like to know what other people have experienced with this process. I took a few tests to place myself on scales of things like ocd, depression, anxiety, and attention problems, as well...
  7. SomersetScorpio

    Over-eating/Obesity Peer or PM Support?

    Does anybody else here struggle with compulsive or emotional over-eating and obesity? I'd really like to try and get some kind of network going here on the forum, ideally giving and receiving support. It wouldn't be focused on weight loss per se, more supporting one another in the process of...
  8. J


    I need help I have so many urges and I'm in the process of therapy ride away plz
  9. Kerome

    The healing benefits of aloneness

    On how we always try to escape from our emotions, and how aloneness can bring us into contact with them, also how to manage the process. The Healing Benefits of Spending Time Alone | The Unbounded Spirit
  10. J


    I was having treatment stopped and went travelling now I want to get a job and company want a fit to work paper. I feel great but is it a long process to get this what will be said by my doctors for leaving treatment early to travel? What will happen to me?
  11. J


    Got diagnosed 3 years ago started treatment and stopped. Travelled and worked abroad and have had no problems. But new job wants a medical fitness report. What would be the process to get this so I can get the job?
  12. I

    no one will understand

    hi, i don't even know where to start or how i've ended up here. i need to tell someone how i'm feeling. i am so scared of the thoughts i have in my head. i am a 25 year old man and i had been with my girlfriend for 7 years. we have been together since school and she was my first and only...
  13. R

    effect of antiphsychotic drugs on kundalini awakening

    Hi Does anyone know the effects of antiphsychotic drugs on kundalini awakening My feeling is that antiphsychotic drugs supresses the kundalini awakening process Please let me know your opinion Rajesh
  14. valleygirl

    I Got The Job

    I should be more excited, but I'm not, and I don't know why. Maybe it's just all the stress that my family is going through with my brother-in-law in the process of dying of cancer.
  15. C


    Hi, another new guy here. Looking for advice and not sure where to go. I don't really have anyone I'm comfortable talking to about how I feel. I haven't been diagnosed with anything but am unsure if I even have anything going on with me. I figured this was a good way to figure out what I should...
  16. cpuusage

    The End Game

    "Yet only those souls that can awaken within the game and attain higher levels of consciousness will “graduate” to the next level — a new and transformed version of Earth. All others will essentially have to take the same “class” over again — e.g., play the same level of the game again but...
  17. A

    Trying to process memories - can anyone help?

    I'm not sure if this crosses the boundaries of one of the guidelines so I apologize profusely if it does, just not sure where to put this and how to understand it. I'm trying to process my recent history with regards to my mental health and diagnoses. One particular quite irrelevant detail I...
  18. E

    Pillification (not for the weak liver types or the lilly livered)

    Pillification occurs when daddy day care doesn't get all the goodies, with his enslaved masses, at the alter of big mommy fortress upon the Seven Seas. Pillification is similar vilification, but has a lot more obedient and eager consumers of the name sake process. It tis what daddy day care...
  19. Mr.NiceGuy

    yelling back at ghosts

    do you think yelling at a ghost helps in any way, that is yelling at him in thought, say when your thought process leads you into a corner and it points it out?
  20. F

    Psychiatric diagnosis as a political device

    Psychiatric diagnosis as a political device "Diagnosis in psychiatry is portrayed as the same type of activity as diagnosis in other areas of medicine. However, the notion that psychiatric conditions are equivalent to physical diseases has been contested for several decades. In this paper, I...