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  1. E

    Help a depressed friend.

    Hi guys, I have a friend, he is constantly depressed , he has a lot of problems in his life. He has a business that's losing money but his business partners won't end it (due to complex reasons) , so he loses money every month and unable to stop that. He also has problems of alcholism and...
  2. G

    phobia, ocd, anxiety -- i've had it

    Hi, everyone. I hope you all are in good mood and healthy always. I'm glad to find this forum where i can talk with people who have(or had) the same problems as mine. It will be good too if i can have some friends here, so please don't hesitate to message me. :):)
  3. Q

    Sexual Problems and Depression

    I've been suffering with depression for like 5 years and have recently started going to therapy. Obviously with the anxiety and shite that comes with it I have lots of constant questions. Many can't be answered online due to the lack of information about depression in males:( Basically, all I...
  4. B

    Sign of OCD?

    At first it started with my acne I was 14 years old back then. I tried sooo many products but none of them works because I kept touching or picking my acne so once I stopped doing that my skin has become so much better. Since then I avoiding touching my face at all cost and if I wanted to touch...
  5. K


    Hello! :) I'm a newbie to this forum. I'm suffering with depression. I'm looking for a space to share and both give and receive support with others suffering with mental health problems. So I thought a good place to start would to be to say 'hello!' :)
  6. M

    New- Assistance Requested.

    I've never joined one of these before. But really could use some insight on other people's experiences. For starters Mrs. Ween is my dog and best friend that I had to leave when I moved from Michigan. She lives with my parents now. I have a long history of mental health problems. But something...
  7. N

    multitude of sins

    hi everyone. i am nijinski i have got a number of mental health issues as well as physical health ones. i have been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome with narcissism, anxiety, paranoia and i am also an epileptic. my mother also had the same mental health problems but her narcissism was very bad...
  8. R

    Anxiety and urinary problems

    Hi all, was wondering if any of you have experienced problems passing urine as a result of anxiety... I've always had shy-bladder when using public toilets and couldn't go on moving vehicles (coaches) etc... But recently I've had a spike in my anxiety and it's creeped into my everyday life...
  9. A

    Dealing with depression

    Hi all, Im new on here. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for about 4 years now. Its been a really hard time for me... untill about a week ago a had suicidial thoughts all the time... sitting there planning my own death.. I even tried once..but eventually with help of my partner...
  10. C

    confused about diagnosis

    Hello everyone. I'm posting here because I am really confused by stuff that my psychiatrists and other doctors/nurses have been saying about my various problems. I basically have some fairly serious problems with mood instability for the past year or so. I've had bad depressive episodes in the...
  11. N

    My Own Mental Health Problems (including Paranoia) and my mother's current problem

    My Own Mental Health Problems (including Paranoia) and my mother's current problem HI all, Due to anxieties having crept upon me fast over the weekend gone, and earlier this week I'd been hearing voices, having hallucinations slightly, and I increased my medication up again to 25ml. On the...
  12. S

    I quit my job

    Hi, I am new to this forum, looking for some help/advice really. At 27 years of age I have struggled with my mental health for many years. It probably all started when I was around 10 when my parents separated. Growing up I felt as though I had a fairly normal childhood despite my parents...
  13. D

    Don't know where to turn.

    I'm at my gp nearly every week and getting passed back and forward between services trying to find the. The right help and medicatation. I'm finding it hard to be listened to or maybe I don't explain myself well enough I've been on many medications which all made me better but worse now my...
  14. S

    Hello Everyone

    I am married with two cats and fish. I have been afflicted with mental problems for years now. And I am interested in discussion and fellowship.
  15. F

    PIP questionnaire

    PIP questionnaire | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems
  16. F

    Waking up with a jolt/shock/extreme anxiety

    I'm unsure where I should post this, but as the feeling can be described as intense/extreme anxiety I suppose it'll be fine to post it here. Spelling mistakes might occur, typing this from my bed on my phone. So, this is probably going to be one of many posts, as I finally figured I'd try to...
  17. BrianHorlicks

    Jesus Christ 'may have suffered from mental health problems', claims Church of England

    Jesus Christ 'may have suffered from mental health problems', claims Church of England Jesus Christ 'may have suffered from mental health problems', claims Church of England | UK | News | Express.co.uk
  18. ThinkingCat

    Everyone is against me

    I don't know if anyone else suffers with paranoia, but I seem to think everyone wants to hurt me. Part of me sees how it IS paranoid, but then I genuinely think it is true. I am quite a submissive person, I have a touch of aspergers I think. I don't see people for who they are straight away, and...
  19. J

    Jumbled thoughts...BPD?( Long Post)

    Hi, my name is James. I think i may have Borderline Personality Disorder. Im 23, but ever since i was 19 i knew something was different about the way i thought. Only two people know that i believe i have BPD. My mother who has been diagnosed with type 2 bipolar for years, and my wife. For a...
  20. blurrypeach

    Memory problems

    Hi all, I've been experiencing memory problems... but I kinda suspect my brain is "blocking out" some memories because they're too painful... is that possible? I can't recall some events that were comnected to some traumatic experience... if that's considered trauma? Like when my mom was on...