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  1. M

    Hi there! Figured I'd introduce myself

    Hey everyone! I'm new here. I figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Michael. I don't really know what to say... lol. I'm pretty interested in psychopharmacology and find myself reading about it quite a lot for recreation. I'd like to become a pdoc one day, but I'm not sure I could hack it through...
  2. V


    I recently had my wellbutrin dosage doubled and I am definitely feeling the manic side effects. I have cyclothmia and the meds have been escalating my hypomania since they upped the dosage. I am working with my therapist to find the right combo but it's kind of a fight with my gp. Any...
  3. T

    Tramadol as prn?

    Has anyone here been prescribed tramadol off label for depression to use as a prn? Do you think it's possible a GP will agree with this idea?
  4. A

    Has anyone heard of using Latuda PRN?

    I have Bipolar Disorder and my doctor recently gave me a sample of Latuda 20 mg. She told me I can take it as needed for a few days as a brain "reboot". I take 200 mg Lamictal daily. I recently weaned myself off of Seroquel with her approval after taking it for 8 years. She recommended I take...
  5. M

    Taking PRN when drinking.

    I unfortunately live in supported living where my medication is administered by staff, I'm feeling really on edge and pissed of at the moment but because I've had four small beers they're refusing me my PRN because of it. Where do I stand? Can you take PRN if you've been drinking?
  6. B

    How do you stop mania/hypomania?

    How do you stop mania/hypomania? I know it is what will come next for me. I know i have my PRN's, but if i have one to get some kip, and don't have it the next night, i seem to bounce back with stronger force. It seems better to have the PRN for several nights, to really get it gone. Can i...
  7. M

    My pdoc thinks I'm dissociating....

    So as the title says my pdoc thinks I'm dissociating. He mentioned something about it a while back but I didn't fully "take it on board". So at our most recent session, I asked him for an explanation of what he thinks is going on and he says I'm dissociating to protect myself. I'm really...
  8. S

    Neuroleptics/Anti-P's on PRN?

    I've asked my Care-Co if he could possibly ask PDoc if I could take Anti-P's on PRN as an option. My Labels; ? Schizo-Affective Disorder ? Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic Features They can't make up their minds, they say definately one of the above. Some docs say Schizo-Affective, some...
  9. prairiechick

    What is PRN?

    Everyone keeps talking about it on the Zopiclone thread and I haven't a clue what it means. :)