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  1. M

    worst part of self harm

    For 12 years have sh myself..i have bpd..im 27..recently ive realised the worst part of sh is the fact of people finding ur tools...ive always been worried abt pple seeing my self harm..but now im more scared of pple finding my implements or asking where the implements have gone..why. am i...
  2. S

    Hi looking for information Public versus Private treatment in Ireland

    I have just discovered that being over 65 I now come under what is called 'Old Age Psychiatry'. I have suffered since my teens with anxiety and phobias. For about the last 15 years I have been compeletly well and was for many years before that but about 2 years ago due to many stress factors in...
  3. R


    I spoke to yet a different person at the private hospital that refused my admission. He treated me rudely unsympathetically and with disdain. Refused to answer my questions saying I knew why, I'd been told before. But I dont understand why because it makes no sense and the explanations they are...
  4. A.m.b.e.r

    Private Health Insurance.

    So guys I have started my quest to find some psychiatric private health insurance. I have called up a place and a lovely man (who used to be a broker) is going to do some research for me. After my experiences of NHS hospitals I am so scared that if I get ill I will have to go back. Has anyone...
  5. H

    what do you think of this

    has anyone tried it? is it worth doing? http://www.online-therapy.com/bipolar-online-therapy-c-163.html its £109 but local rate 50mins private CBT is £55
  6. ms_P


    I am a firm and dedicated believer in patients rights, and to be heard as such. Anyone who disagrees with me or who wishes to add information to my local forum is more than welcome to private message me first. That is my rule or you will be deleted. As of now. Thank you.
  7. L

    The End – Parting Terms with the Private Psych & Making New Choices

    The End – Parting Terms with the Private Psych & Making New Choices It’s been 7 weeks since I saw her, but today I had an appointment with my Private Psych but we have officially now parted terms. I guess I was partially expecting it but I was really hoping she would be willing to continue with...
  8. D

    Dwp and private sector

    DWP’s multi-billion private sector handouts The scale of the DWP’s infiltration by the private sector is revealed in a list of the top 100 suppliers to the department in 2009 –10 who, between them, walked away with almost £4.6 billion of public funds. At the top of the list is a company few...
  9. Rosepoet

    Tenancy support for private tenant at last

    I asked weeks ago and was told no help for private tenant but when i said well i cant move then they turned up. Said if can help with grant dos furniture and help move with bills etc hope this will take some pressure off at least they know now i am here i am ill i cant do it all alone. They...
  10. S

    Feeling crap

    *Sorry need to get this of my chest.* Have not been all to well for the last days and had an urgent assessment with a CPN on Friday after referral from A&E. Tomorrow they would have decided which kind of treatment I could get. As I have issues with trust I was happy that I trusted the CPN and...
  11. Jo1760

    Private psychiatrists in London or Surrey

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a psychiatrist who worked within London or Surrey that was private and gave good levels of care? I have done the obvious and googled / scanned the internet but some of the ones I have come up against seem such a lot of money. £200 plus for appointments -...
  12. Gail

    Human Givers Therapy

    anyone had any experiences of this am thinking of giving it a try. Will have to be private as i have just about give up on my MHT cheers gail
  13. unlucky

    going private

    My husband wants me to look into going private for a pyschiatrist/psychologist because the NHS are as we all know in the most part, as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. I just wondered if anyone had been down this route and approx how much it costs. He says it doesn't matter about the money...
  14. T

    How Do You Find Out If You Really Have Bi-Polar Disorder?

    I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2006. However, since then, there are more and more red flags that point to me not having this. Don't get me wrong, I am not condemning those who do have this disorder, but for anyone who does have it, could you send me a private thread if you would be so...
  15. D

    No Diagnosis but ...

    Hello, I've not been diagnosed but I feel sure that I have allot of the symptoms of bipolar, though I always put my behaviour down to just hyperness. The thing is that when I am hyper, it gets too much in the end, too high, too fast etc. I can write forever, do loads, I can also get really...
  16. A

    learning to cope.

    Hi, Im new today, my girlfriend suffers from chronic depression, and so i need guidance and help to live with her mood swings and her acts of self destruction in her private life. Any help will be gratefully recieved. :scared::cry::blush: