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  1. M

    Hi Everyone, My Story

    Hi everyone, replied to a few messages but if anyone would like to know who I am here goes. I'm suffering from depression, intrusive thoughts and having a crisis of sexual identity....that's how the doctor put it anyway. The last part might seem like its too private to be discussed on a forum...
  2. Belle22


    Hi, I'm new here and hope it's okay to write this post. I'm 24 and was diagnosed with anorexia at 13. I was referred to CAMHS and seen twice weekly. Things carried on to get worse and I was referred to an out-reach team and was in and out general hospitals due to complications of the eating...
  3. S

    First Post

    So I am new to this site but I've used a site like this before a few years ago. In light of recent events I would like to reach out and find someone I can open up too. My private messages are open so if anyone would like to talk im here!
  4. D

    Will nhs accept private diagnosis?

    Hi there. My husband had been diagnosed on the NHS with depression and anxiety but after trying lots of anti-depressants that sent him "crazy" he refused to take anymore. And to me it appeared he was showing signs of bipolar. After self harming I asked the dr to refer him to a psychiatrist...
  5. S

    New :)

    I have just registered on here, and looking for some help on where to get some advice please. (Have posted elsewhere - sorry for the duplicates - this thread seems more active! Thanks) Sorry to unload, but here is a timeline of my events. Basically 7 years ago around the summer of 2008, I was...
  6. H

    choosing therapist

    i am going private as it is my only option. i am very stressed over choosing a good therapist. i know what to look for but i think i will pick a crap one and it will be another waste of money. my parents have already spent like a grand on therapy for me with no results to speak of. i am not the...

    Are our thoughts private?

    Can other people read our/your mind? Is the brains thoughts private? ------------------------ my 2 cents ------------------------ Sometimes it stresses me out when thinking people can read my mind. I literally block my mind and only allow silent thoughts. Being doing this for years now. :sorry:
  8. E

    Post holiday blues

    Prior to 2012 I went on holiday about once every 3-4 years, since 2012 I've been having an annual holiday. I don't know many people as I've got chronic depression & Aspergers, but of the few people I know there seem to be people like 'Mary' (not her real name) who goes on holiday 2-3 times a...
  9. M

    Is misdiagnosis possible?

    So here's my story. In short. I had one psychotic episode in April 2010. I tried to convince my pdoc I had issues with my mood but she wasn't taking any notice. It was only when I sought a private opinion did they say I was actually schizoaffective. Anyway, couldn't afford to continue with...
  10. Sparklypurplepaws

    private pyschartrist?

    Hi, I am contemplating going private for a pdoc - has anyone had any experience of this please?
  11. O

    Would having had psychosis in the past, and still taking an antipsychotic prevent me from getting a London Private Hire Driver License?

    Would having had psychosis in the past, and still taking an antipsychotic prevent me from getting a London Private Hire Driver License? Hi, I am interested in getting a London Private Hire Driver License, so I would be able to do Uber driving. I had psychosis at the end of 2009 going through...
  12. C


    Darley Dale - Matlock Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health Stancliffe House Molyneux Business Park Darley Dale Matlock Derbyshire DE4 2HJ 01629 733915 [email protected] We will work with anyone affected by, or with an interest in, mental health issues. If we cannot...
  13. L

    The question of a second opinion

    Well I had the day off today and went to the gp and asked for a second opinion. He asked me to go further with what I want and I didn't really know what to say. He asked me the history of my consultants (ie who I have seen) and then asked whether I would want a private or NHS second opinion...
  14. R

    Chances of Social Housing/Council Housing

    I am a 35 year old single male from London and living in a private rented accommodation in London also. I am suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia and Diabetes Type 1. I am having trouble with my housemate and there is many arguments and so on and its having an affect on my mental health. He...
  15. F

    severe phobia of needles veins and blood

    I have asevere phoboa of veins needles and blood i refuse injections and faint at thesightof anyof these things or even just discussing them i have triedcbttotry and confront this but it has nothelpedi just faint and then terrified of fainting again they make me feel repulsed and disgusting does...
  16. SarahD

    On my own trying to escape

    Here I am holed up in a hotel room. Very lonely and completely isolated. I just had to get away from all the cameras, people watching me, following me, trying to get into my flat. It just became overwhelming. They are still tracking me. Feel so low. Wish I could go home. Instead got to move...
  17. B

    sexual trauma 3 weeks ago * may trigger*

    3 weeks ago I was raped. as a result it has made me psychotic (I have schizoaffective disorder). Im now under the home treatment team. I keep getting flashbacks and I worry every man I see will rape me. I can wear skirts anymore because I think its easy access to my private area. Has anyone...
  18. M


    Why can't I private message you - I thought the restraining order only applied to real life:BLAH:
  19. L

    Need to get out of here

    I thought I'd use my pay to cost my private therapy since I'm still living with my parents and don't have to pay rent but nah. I realised living with my family won't help and probably therapy will be just a waste of money. I need to get out of here and find a place, I don't care if it's just a...
  20. C

    It's ok for me to feel how I feel

    I've been writing tonight, trying to organise my thoughts, I mentioned that I don't want to feel that I have to hide anymore. It seemed only right that I do something about that, so I will share a part of my private writing, somewhere it is hopefully safe to do so. It's not something I do...