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  1. T


    I love that I found this friendly forum and joined last night :thumbsup: I don't like that I am so computer stupid. It just took ages to work out how to open a private message!! :rolleyes: I even managed to burn my dinner. Feels like a maze in here. But hey …. managed to find my way back...
  2. F

    Private therapy. Feeling unwanted in therapy

    It has been 2 years now and I am paying for private therapy. The person is BACP registered and from a reputable background, I specifically chose this psychotherapist because they have extra experience in dealing with the issues I have I decided I needed to try private therapy as what the NHS...
  3. D

    Ever believed that you were the messiah ?

    I am curious to find out if anyone on this forum has ever believed that they were the messiah at any point in their lives ? And if so if they would be willing to share their experiences either in public or in private. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Funnyday

    ESA, PIP and State Pension

    I tend to rather not think about retirement. However, if you have to live on benefits till that point, what does it all mean? When you reach state retirement age. If you defer receiving the state pension and any private pension too. Can you stay on benefits indefitnatelly? As this would leave...
  5. embleton

    How can one stop the police entering a premise without MH section 135?

    Had a section 136 on my paperwork when wasn't in a public place, is this quite normal for a private home section when social & psychiatric services don't turn up?
  6. M

    Will anyone be willing to chat privately?

    Will anyone male or female be willing to chat privately about mental health? Just send me a private message asking for my number.
  7. C

    anyone used psychiatry-uk ???

    i have had a really bad experience with the mental health services for 8 years now, i have been let down time and time again and see myself getting no further with them despite of my constant effort to try and get help.. I recently finally got referred to the community mental health team for an...
  8. N

    Almost 100% sure I have a Personality Disorder. Need help identifying a possibility before I go to a doctor.

    Almost 100% sure I have a Personality Disorder. Need help identifying a possibility before I go to a doctor. Hello, everyone. I'm new here so I'm not sure if threads like these are allowed. I know that none of you can diagnose me and I do plan on going to a doctor for this. However, I would...
  9. C

    Unhelpful CMHT appointment - considering private

    I have struggled with my mental health for all my life and have been in and out of therapy for the past 7 years. I am currently on 100mg of sertraline to help my low moods and anxiety which is really helping. Basically i am more than certain I have a personality disorder, or bipolar. I relate...
  10. D

    Need of friends

    Anyone who wants a friend can private message me. Might as well have pen pals.
  11. Fairy Lucretia

    To dearest mayflower

    i hope your daddy recovers well please email me if you need to talk i think i have a fair idea what you are going through ,what with my sister actually i will turn private messages on in case you need me am here for you as im sure the entire forum is love Lu xxx
  12. N

    Can you see a private practice psychiatrist anonymously?

    I have some issues I can't discuss with my NHS psychiatrist, it's nothing serious but feel like if I were too discuss this with my pdoc it might be written down in my medical records compromising my confidentiality and letting a wider audience know about my problems. If you were to see a private...
  13. Shadow-one

    Private Messages

    I just wanted to say thank you to the friends that have sent me private messages... I just haven't been able to read them yet..... Things aren't good and I just haven't been able to read your most likely nice messages.. I will read them tomorrow and reply.. Thank you so much for sending...
  14. I

    is there anyone i can talk to or pm please as i feel so low tonight and alpne?

    is there anyone i can talk to or pm please as i feel so low tonight and alpne? Hi I'm feeling terrified low and terrified tonight so is there anyone I could private chat please?thankyou
  15. F

    Private Therapy?

    Hi there, I'm currently on a waiting list for high intensity CBT and have been since the end of last year. I'm really struggling to cope with anxiety and God knows what else as my moods are so unpredictable and exhausting. My Gp can't help other than offer meds but I'm really trying my best not...
  16. N

    I apparently have Schizoaffective Disorder, can I go to a private psychiatrist and get the disnogisis changed because I don't have it?

    I apparently have Schizoaffective Disorder, can I go to a private psychiatrist and get the disnogisis changed because I don't have it? If I went to Bupa and paid to see a private psychiatrist could they revise my disnogisis because I don't have anything wrong with me and the NHS only diagnosed...
  17. L

    Changing to WRAG

    Hey everyone, So due to my mental health improving, come January, I'll be moved to WRAG (ESA). That will be around £46 less than what I'm getting now. I have £100 therapy fees per session and £60 towards living at home. I'll have to give up my private psychiatrist. :/ So I'm a bit worried...
  18. S

    seeking help about cbt strategy to combat my ocd

    hi, am shambo from india. am 22 and have just completed my engineering grad. Been through severe ocd for 3 years now. been on clomipramine hcl for last two years.And i responded perfectly to the medicine but whenever medication withdrawal is attempted ,my ocd relapses. In a country like ours it...
  19. J

    Venlafaxine advice

    Hi everyone, anyone have experience of this ad? I'm just changing over from fluoxetine as my depression seems to be getting worse not better. It's early days at the moment and at the same time I've just come of the mini pill so my hormones must be haywire too but I'm feeling really bad with...
  20. J

    Looking for clarity, issues with brother

    Hi I'm new here. My only brother died a week ago today and I didnt know about it until last Friday. We were estranged, hadn't spoken to each other in about 5 yrs. We never got along but for a fair while we had a sort of truce where we would communicate only by email, even tho we lived about...