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  1. N

    I think my neighbor has attached listening devices to his walls to listen to us.what should I do :(

    I think my neighbor has attached listening devices to his walls to listen to us.what should I do :( I think that he and his wife are recording us with devices that are voice activated and is listening to all of our private convocations. This have given me so much anxiety that I cant think...
  2. N

    Privacy being violated?

    Hi everyone, Thank-you for accepting me to post on the forum. I am a new to this forum so forgive me if I am saying silly things. Basically, I have a friend who keeps saying that her privacy is being violated and she needs to get out of here. She will hold a normal conversation for about...
  3. B

    There is a ghost in my room

    I feel like there is some kind of invisable ghost who is present at this very moment in my room.Its some sort of 4th dimension thing at least thats what i think.i already posted to a simillar post.Maybe i am the one who needs to get new medications? Although now im on Leponex and...
  4. I

    I have a speech impediment caused by social anxiety

    I am a 21-year old male. I had a pretty social and flawless upbringing, then in middle school I lost some friends due to them moving, or getting in fights. I started spending every day on the computer from 7th grade to 11th grade. I had some social interaction at school, but this era of my life...
  5. C

    Too much in one short space of time.

    Hi folks. I need some help but I don't know what I need nor where to find it but I know I cannot carry on like this. I'll try to keep this brief without missing out any important details. I suffered a minor injury and it caused me to be off work from June, the injury then lead to Plantar...
  6. L

    why do I do this?! :(

    So I'm currently battling depression and anxiety and suicidal throughts/attempts and urges, and it's having a huge strain on my life and my relationship with my fiancé. He doesn't really know how to react or what to say to me or anything about it, except he gets really overly smothering. And it...
  7. J

    Still so angry years later

    Sorry this might be quite long. I am so angry still and don't know where else to post. I'll start out by saying that I have never committed a crime, nor been accused of a crime, yet I have had my room (our whole house) searched on 2 occasions, and our family computer seized by police on another...
  8. P

    Was this wrong? I don't know.

    I am moderately hearing impaired. I can communicate in person just fine with no interpreters, no problem. I miss many words on the phone. I use a system to call doctors offices called relay. I type into a computer screen and an operator reads it to the called party. Then the operator types back...
  9. B

    people reading your thoughts

    dose anyone get this? how do you cope with it? it makes me really paranoid and anxious. I feel like I have no mental privacy
  10. A

    Finding privacy from the voices

    For those hearing voices are you are able to do anything that is private? What things can you do unobserved from the voices? How do you make privacy for yourself or cope with the loss of privacy? Arthepy
  11. K

    bad experience (privacy abuse)

    hello I was refereed to a psychiatrist i was to talk about things i would not put in my diary , very personal memories and feelings. The man was sitting near a computer and i asked if he was to record the interview? He said no, i said , oh good as i hoped just for a private one to one. he...
  12. V

    What happens when you get sectioned?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but do they make you take a shower/bath in front of them? Are you given any privacy? Is there a set bed time?
  13. A

    How to delete my account and threads?

    First of all I would love to thank everyone SO SO much for your support and help and would be coming back. I want to do this for privacy reasons as I have wrote a lot of personal issues on this. Please help!
  14. B

    Need adivice, they dont make sense

    My voices keep repeating my thoughts and they're rude about it. As I write this they tell me not to write that 'They're rude about it.' It's impossible to have a thought to myself without the peanut gallery. I miss my silence and my privacy. Normally this voice is just one and its male but now...
  15. firemonkey

    Electronic files could threaten my privacy

    Electronic files could threaten my privacy http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2009/feb/04/mental-health-clare-allan