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  1. Fairy Lucretia


    i spent years in my room ,only leaving to toilet and bathe my food was bought up to me it felt a bit like a prison life isn't that different now ,at least i walk maddie but before ,just the room and me x
  2. J

    struggling to balance my work life, family life, love life

    For the last year I have been struggling to connect with people and build meaningful relationships with people. I feel like I am having to bend myself to suit others i.e. like certain things or do certain things to connect with them but by doing this I am disconnecting with someone else so have...
  3. Deadheading

    What are inpatient services like?

    I have heard other people's experiences in a hospital mental health ward and how it's like a prison. What's it like here?
  4. B

    Has anybody here been to juvenile hall or jail or prison?

    PLEASE talk to me if you have ever been to jail, prison, or juvenile hall :( I REALLY need some help!!! :( PLEASE HELP ME!!! :(
  5. R

    Learning about myself and accepting the truth is hard.

    Let me make a short story out of a very long one. These are all things that I have just recently realized. I am seeing a mental health professional currently in hopes that I can heal. I believe I have borderline personality disorder. but I am going to back up a bit. I had borderline...
  6. Urchin

    Getting a job as a Prison Cop?

    In case people haven't read my previous thread, I advise you skim through it - https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread177542.html#post1607254 My parents are very unsupportive of any 'nerdy' behavior, which has led me to believe that nerdiness is a very bad thing - even a sin, and I need...
  7. R

    Breaking up with BPD ex.

    When I was younger I dated this girl for two years. She was a codependent and I would cheat on her emotionally and physically. She had caught me cheating because of my messages but I always denied it. She filled me up and made me feel so confident to the point that I could just go out and see...
  8. NicoretteGummed

    Prison Services Now Have The Power To Forcibly Medicate Prisoners.

    I only just found this out from a fellow resident of the supported lodgings I live in. I think it's totally sick and callous. If people are so ill that they need anti-psychotic or anti-manic medication then hospital is the right place for them not prison.
  9. N

    If I went to prison would I still be forced to take Antipsychotic medication.

    If I went to prison would I still be forced to take Antipsychotic medication. I'm on a CTO and I'm forced to take Antipsychotic medication, I don't want to take it anymore. I'm thinking about getting myself arrested and getting remanded to prison. I feel it's my only way out of taking the...
  10. S

    Part time work:

    Hey there.... Started part time work. OMG. Hostile, aggressive people. Most of them having served time in prison. Or parents that have spent time in prison. Most real aggressive, rude, spend their time eye balling each other.... OMG. FYI. Where do ex-convicts find work? Answer: Where ever...
  11. P

    I think i might be having a heart attack right now.

    I can feel it in my chest. God i hope it stops right fucking now. Let me away from this cursed thing and place. I hope i get out tonight, that's what i call death now, "getting out", as if i lived in a prison and i was finally being set free. C'mon you piece of shit! Fucking stop beating, now!
  12. N

    If I was in prison can they force the depot on me?

    I'm really thinking about being sent to prison if its the case they can't force medication on me. Can they?
  13. P

    Prison and section .....

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to be sent to prison in the uk if the person is already on section ?......thanks
  14. P

    The severely mentally ill in prison.

    This is my first posting here, so Hi. I would like to start a thread about the severely mentally ill in prison in the UK. Due to lack of hospital placement people with a known history of serious mental illness such as schizoaffective disorder and PS who have committed crime are being sent to...
  15. coldwater00

    The New Asylums - FRONTLINE

    1st part of youtube documentary covering the "treatment" of the mentally ill in the US prison service. Some disturbing scenes and quite frankly disgusting attitudes towards people. I expected nothing less though. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J5CKHesC2Yw
  16. T

    Is psychosis part of bipolar?

    I was diagnosed with bipolar after a number of depressive episodes and 2 manic episodes. But more often than not I suffer from psychosis too. Is that normal? I often wonder if I have been mis diagnosed? I never have any highs anymore, just depressed and/or psychotic. Hardly fair lol...
  17. S

    Breaking the Law, Police and Prison

    Did not know where to start this thread but wondered if anyone out there had long term dealings with the Police and Prison service. I was Breaking the law alot and had alot of dealings with the Police and eventually the Prison service. Although i was a complete pain the rear to the Police, it...
  18. K

    dirty little secret

    im hopeless and beyond exhausted. I can feel it and im only 24. fuck ive tried so goddamn hard but i never seem to get anywhere. still no answers as to what is happening to my mind. my mind has been breaking down for the past 4-5 years and im now stuck in this "dream like" state where I feel...
  19. P

    Thoughts on the Stanford Prison Experiment

    Do you think the scientific contributions of the SPE (i.e., what we now know about the power of the situation to influence/corrupt individuals) outweigh the suffering and psychological damage it caused those young men? The research findings have applications in real prison systems, military...
  20. T


    Hi, I am wondering if anyone is able to help me get in contact with Nicola Edgington. I have searched everywhere on the internet but to no avail. I either need to know the prison where she is being held, or her date of birth so that I can get in contact with the prison enquiry service and find...