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  1. I

    what to say

    Hello,ive got an interview at s supermarket buy when they ask why left my previous job which was because it made me ill what can I say?without jeopardise the job thankyou xx
  2. N

    Very Irritible - Vidtamin D

    Hi all, I had been feeling very low and irriitble, and I felt I wonder, so I took a dose of vitamin d, which I had still from a previous prescription, and its worked, as an excellent booster away from irritilibty for me. Natalie.
  3. T

    Medical assessment decision waiting times

    Hey What are others' experiences of waiting times on medical decisions? It was nearly 10 weeks ago now I was called in for the ESA assessment. Had been in support group, and after previous medicals am sure I never had to wait this long. Wondered what others are finding? Also, this was the...
  4. F

    People are abusing my mental health and saying I "make up things"

    People are abusing my mental health and saying I "make up things" I dont know if you may have seen some of my other threads but im havin issues with a neighbour and my HA are doing nothing but harrassing me over it. The housing officer when i spoke to her around a month ago she kept sayig on...
  5. amathus

    6 Signs of Hidden Depression.

    1. They have unusual sleep, eating or drinking habits that differ from their normal ones. When a person seems to have changed the way they sleep or eat in significant ways, that’s often a sign that something is wrong. Sleep is the foundation of both good health and mental health. When a person...
  6. i_must_be_mad

    Life is

    I have made progress. I know people these days. I am active. I do voluntary work again. I try my best. I aim to be nice. Yet somehow life still comes up and bites me on the bum when not expected. Sometimes trying be Mr nice guy doesn't work. There's been tough things been facing and some have...
  7. L

    Do I sound like I have Agoraphobia?

    I've lost the will to eat, wash myself, or do anything...even the things I enjoy. [Disclaimer; this was extremely difficult for me to type. I really hope that if you are reading this, that you offer support and insight. The thread topic deals with my disabling agoraphobia and two factors which...
  8. S

    I give up, I accept treatment even though I don't like it

    Well yeah I give up. I think medication is the only way for someone like me. I've attacked people, I've smashed all the windows on a neighbors house and I threw a piece of concrete at my uncle's car cracking the windscreen. If my illness effected me in a different way where I wasn't attacking...
  9. K

    Need some encouragement to take medication

    little background: 4 years ago I took escitalopram for depression. At that time I knew nothing about ssri and that they had side effects, i took the pills without any expectations (I thought that in the worst case nothing will happen) and without fear. I had very little side effects(yawning and...
  10. N

    In a very dark place

    This is my first time using a forum. I'm not much of a talker so this is new to me. I was 16 when I first self harmed. I was in a very dark place. I was hospitalised after a suicide attempt. For the next 2 years I was constantly self harming. I was approaching a big milestone since my last...
  11. P

    Major depression and winter

    Anyone else's symptoms get worse during the winter months? More specifically, I find myself with ZERO energy and can barely get out of bed most days. I'm normally worse than this, but now I'm on an antidepressant that works, this winter isn't as bad as previous winters and I'm generally symptom...
  12. R

    Need advice on lack of communication from LDR friend/romantic interest

    I live in the U.S. I've been emailing with a guy from Leeds England since May. We have been flirting but are mostly friends. We decided that when I make a trip to England in April 2016 that we would meet and hang out. If there ended up being more than friendship there then awesome but if we just...
  13. A

    Hello and GAD

    Hello all, First post, just found the forum. I had panic disorder for about a year ten years ago, and more recently have had GAD. This has just come back to me recently, and I'm currently getting back onto the Citalopram, having a bit of a miserable time. I've not been sleeping well, and taking...
  14. Weeping Willow

    Anti convulsants

    I have such big issues with side effects. I find that Lamotrigine is not working very well with my mood but at least i am not depressed. Is anyone else having problems with rapid cycling/mixed states on it? My previous psychiatrist said that if i increased it then it may make things worse but he...
  15. M

    stil here

    :low: Hi its sunday evening been in hospital 2 days with has been without incident. I know it was wrong but a had something sharp with me should I say" I feel trapped by the voice in my head that just confirms how worthless I feel. I have managed to harm myself but not enough to the job...
  16. B

    Overdosed twice this week

    No hospital admission although I was kept in for two days on a drip, I overdosed two days previous to that. Is this treatment appropriate? So far oh cpns have complained about me using their services too much.
  17. The Big Dawg

    I just want to be normal

    What did I do in my previous life so bad... I did an Ouija board and the spirit said I was a warlock, so I looked it up in google to find that I was a male witch in my previous life who abused there powers. That was sometime ago but just now I went out to get a bottle of wine and when I was...
  18. T

    Suspected ex with depression (think I am now too)

    Hi, my girlfriend broke up with me two months ago and has shown little remorse despite kicking me out of the house and causing me not only emotional pain but significant monetary cost. Usually she is the nicest person in the world, but went to bed one day happy and woke up miserable the next...
  19. chesterking

    What medication are you on? Question for Forum members

    I would be interested to know what medication other forum members are on. Please could you post your medication and dosage and if possible how long you have been on it and what previous medications you have tried and what your experiences have been of them.
  20. megirl

    support worker

    Well my current support worker who kind of took over from my previous support support worker is leaving he was really pleasant but sort of brushed things away talked about his weight at times and beat about the bush!! However i have my previous support worker back he has been with me through...