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  1. N

    A little bit lost

    My story is I think too long to put here, at least I don't think anyone could or would be willing or able to read all of it. I suppose I will end up writing a lot anyway. I am coming here out of, I suppose, a degree of desperation. I have had many therapists and many pills over I guess now at...
  2. sunset547544


    I wanted to say a thank you to people on this forum because it has been such a great support tool for me. It's very difficult for me to vent or seek advice with people in the real world if I am struggling, so this is a really important place for me. Most of the time people here try to help and...
  3. C

    Hey, I'm new

    Hey yall. I'm new here, since this seems to be an active forum. I'm here cause I was, and I guess still am, diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder since I was 14 (21 now), but though the years have felt fine and honestly didn't know I was still being diagnosed with it for the past 4.5yrs. I've...
  4. C

    what's the use

    i read the unanswered threads, and i try to offer assistance, but what i see is that are people who have concerns about themselves, their loved ones, or others and i see that their stories are viewed, but go unanswered. Honestly, what is the purpose if you are going to view someones post and...
  5. M

    Being in love with your voice

    My standard for a relationship is pretty high now when there's a male voice that knows me inside out
  6. P


    Hi, so I’ve just signed up because I am feeling pretty low at the moment, so I was hoping to just find somewhere to talk about how I feel and stuff. - female - 21 - live in the UK - love birds (and pretty much all animals☺️) - for the sake of anonymity, I’d like to just go by “Para Siempre” 😂
  7. A

    Falling back into old patterns

    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but given my condition, I think it is. I'm a 26 year old guy. Last year I was diagnosed with type 1 bipolar with psychotic features, along with schizophrenia and pstd. I was in therapy and on medication. I was doing pretty good and my therapist said...
  8. J

    Whatever Happens ...

    "... I'll be OK." That's what I sad to my Dad over the phone one time when I was experiencing heavy symptoms and had to go to a Hospital several miles away (rather than the usual local one). And although it was another difficult time, eventually I was OK. And I think that applies to the...
  9. T

    Transference in cbt therapy. Need advice

    Hello I’m new here. Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this so if it’s in the wrong section,apologies. I’ve been having cbt therapy for my anxiety and depression for about 2 months and recently(mainly the last 2 sessions)I’ve been having very strong feelings towards my therapist...
  10. A

    the feeling of shortness of breath

    hello, just looking for some insight for the last 6/7 years shortness of breath has been a big thing of mine and now its back.. i always feel like i cant get that full satisfying breath even though i am never gasping for air and my asthma peak flow is pretty much normal all the time, my throat...
  11. E


    Hi, usually a pretty together sort of person, got 2 kids, think I’m having a midlife crisis!!! Had a few issue, firstly I’ve got MS however been pretty lucky although they say my meds can cause depression. Been married for 13 years, love my hubby but I’ve been propping him up since his mum died...
  12. N

    drug addiction, perversion, aggresion

    Not really sure where I should post this, or what I'm expecting as a response. guess I'm wondering how much help I'm gonna need. Drugs have been a pretty big part of my life for the past 10/12 years. Always smoking pot, dabbling back and forth between party drugs and psychedelics. Now most...
  13. B

    My Partner told me he's had enough and isn't comming back.

    Hello, After pushing my boyfriend away he has decided not to return and says he can't do this anymore. The cause of this, is because I hate myself so much and have constantly been speaking to him about how great his ex girlfriend is and that I'd never be able to reach her standards of beauty...
  14. L

    pretty sure I need help

    I should die.
  15. S


    Hi good people, I have been suffering ptsd and deppression since I was a youth, over 20 years now and most of the time I cope pretty well but some days could do with alittle advice from more understanding people.
  16. F

    No voice hearers in Torbay, Devon

    The group was shut down by the MH trust. Pretty much indicative of Devon all over health wise.
  17. valleygirl

    Still feeling pretty depressed

    My psychiatrist unfortunately did not even bring up the possibility of switching to a different antidepressant when I saw him last Thursday. He increased the dose of trazadone and seroquel. And the seroquel he's only increasing temporarily, for one month and then go back down to 600 mg. I...
  18. R

    Hi. New member

    Hi, I'm new to posting here though I've read through the forums a fair amount. I suffered a panic attack on an aeroplane just over two years ago. I took time off work and medication for three months, but ended up giving up work altogether. I thought it was all behind me, but something has gone...
  19. MotherLion

    How long does it last?

    Almost from day one I felt as though I may be struggling with my baby and feeling very depressed a lot of the time. I put this down to the circumstances surrounding my pregnancy and the fact that I'm doing pretty much everything as a single parent. But now my son is a year and a half and I still...
  20. P

    Kinda new here, feeling alone

    Hello, I'm kind of new here, I've been diagnosed with Schizoaffective, OCD and i have Depersonalization, i just decided to delete my FB account, it makes me unhappy and i got tired of the loud arguments and fairy tale lives and i'm trying to do some things for me and i don't want to seek...