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  1. Leytonuntidy

    Dark Fantasies

    Hey there sports fans! I hope you're all having a completely bearable day. When I was 14 I watched as my best friend was brutally murdered. At the time we were both involved in various petty illegal activities. Because of this, I felt unable to tell a single soul that I was there when it...
  2. T

    SO stressed

    so tired. Cat crying for i don't know what. Makes me feel guilty. I don't have enough for her, energy. I am tired. I am scared i need to get work asap. People putting pressure on me.
  3. J

    Brain Tingles

    Anyone experienced a feeling on antidepressants in the first few weeks where it feels like there is pressure in the brain that tingles too. It's not painful at all but feels really intense at times. I'm assuming this is due to an excess of Seretonin build up in the synaptic cleft but don't get...
  4. N

    Unwell Father

    Hi Folks, For some weeks, my fat her has been suffering with high blood pressure, then was fine, a bit, and whilst away, he couldn't enjoy the holiday, due to that, and not feeling right also. I have now been reassurred, that father who is always in med denial, has been agreeable been seen by...
  5. P

    How to find a job and deal with the pressure

    Hi, I wanted to know how everyone deals with the modern world, how people deal with high pressure performance related work and pressure of maintaining a successful life in the 21st century UK with respect to their condition. Specifically in relation to the immense fianancial pressures we are...
  6. C


    Hello I am Celine. I am 26 years old. I work as a website designer. I also do freelance work sometimes because I love what I am doing even though the work pressure and stress is more.
  7. A

    How do I manage my anxiety when I get my blood pressure taken?

    I get really nervous around girls so whenever I go to the doctors office usually a very attractive nurse girl takes my blood pressure, my blood pressure is always higher the more attractive the nurse. I don't have high blood pressure, when a male nurse or older female nurse takes my blood...
  8. S

    Ativan / Anxiety Med Side effects after Years of none.

    I’ve been taking Ativan for 15 years without an issue , mostly for insomnia & only at night . About 6 months ago I began experiencing terrible side effects in the morning.Groggy , brain fog & pressure headaches . I drink coffee & try to exercise. The pressure headaches only increase not...
  9. H

    I just can't cope no more with this

    I'm really struggling today, I've had anxiety and depression for 22 years now. Over the years the docotor as changed my antidepressants, In april of this year he changed me from citalopram to fluoxitine, I was only on fluoxitine for 4 weeks and he had to change me back to citalopram because of...
  10. Foxjo

    Eating myself to death

    So ive been feeling unwell generally. I saw the doctor who check my blood pressure which was 130/90. He says i need to lose weight to help lower my blood pressure and reduce my risk of diabetes. I'm getting a blood test on Thursday to check for diabetes. Thing is i know im eating myself to...
  11. F

    Blood pressure and weight check

    BP- 116/70 which is quite good for my age (I think) Weight- 110kgs, same as last time it was done when I was living in Essex. That's disappointing given I've cut right back on the takeaways ie 4-5 since being here from September 24th. In same time in Essex I would have had 45-50. I guess...
  12. Kerome

    Mental Health among farmers in the US

    Interesting article which describes how farmers are under pressure. Why are America's farmers killing themselves in record numbers? | US news | The Guardian
  13. N

    LDR with a depressed girlfriend

    Hi all, First of all, i have never posted or talked to anyone about my problems because i felt like others will not understand me. I am sorry that i am not a very expressive person and may not be able to fully express myself here. I am a 31 years old guy and i am having a LDR with a depressed...
  14. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Mind fog

    I'm feeling very strange today. I have been having intrusive thoughts and been getting synchronicities with the Tv. I cant think clearly. My voices are all over the place. When I do eat I feel nauseous. I've been having thoughts of SHing or harming other people. I saw my nurse today. She wasn't...
  15. I

    METHOD: Tongue Pressure for Anxiety Relief

    This is an extremely simple tip and I'm looking forward to hearing your results. - Push the tip of the tongue firmly against the gum behind the front two teeth. Maintain this pressure the whole time you are out, except when you need to speak. - In especially anxious situations, breathe out...
  16. L


    So I really need some help in knowing what this could be, I have already told my mental health team this and they say its not mental health related but I dont know (Explained below) so they suggested visiting my gp and I did but they wasent helpful at all. I dont know if to try again with a gp...
  17. R

    Thinking out loud

    New to the forum. Speaking my internal monologue out loud when in high pressure social situations. Very embarrassing Anyone else do this?
  18. Beergardenweather

    Blood pressure always up when visiting doctors surgery

    Anyone else have the problem where your anxiety pushes your blood pressure up everytime you go to the doctors so that they always comment on it but you know it's not usually that high? When I sit waiting to be called I can actually feel it getting higher til I can hear my heart and feel the...
  19. M


    :BLAH::BLAH::low: my doctor has signed me of work today with work related stress but I feel bad in doing so as it's been coming on for a while , I phoned them and told them but I don't think it went down to well as they tried to call me back and I ignored the phone I ended up unplugging them...
  20. S

    Not sure why I am posting here, but here I am.

    Actually, I do know. I'm dealing with anxiety/bipolar disorder. I've been under treatment for several years. Yet, I still struggle. Perhaps it's the holiday season. Perhaps it is just the pressure of my career and my family responsibilities. Whatever it is, I'm definitely struggling and...