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  1. A

    Back on Buspar after quitting due to nausea

    Hello all I have health anxiety which I am mostly able to manage with a Xanax here and there. I was prescribed Buspar and the nausea made me quit after 3 weeks. I am trying again and hoping that the nausea does not emerge this time around. My regular Dr. prescribed 5mg at night for two weeks and...
  2. H

    From Topamax to Lithium now worse

    My partners daughter stopped taking the prescribed Topamax for her anxiety about 4 months ago and has now been prescribed Lithium by a different doctor. Since on Lithium she is now worse. She is incredibly defensive and demanding and has weeks where she can't leave her appartment. The Topamax...
  3. H

    Worried about new meds prescribed today

    I was prescribed new meds today and I am afraid to take them. The new medication is Venlafaxine 37.5mg and I'm to take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. I'm already on Mirtazapine 30 mg which I take at night and also quetiapine 25mg which is 1 x 4 times a day. I'm really scared to take...
  4. Funnyday

    Medicinal Cannabis now being prescribed by consultants in the UK

    Medicinal Cannabis now being prescribed by consultants in the UK. In the UK from today. You are able to get on prescriptions. Issued by a consultant. Cannabis in three forms. In its natural state, as resin or as cannabidiol. Medicinal cannabis now legal on prescription Does anyone know for a...
  5. S

    Looking for good advice, options tunning out

    Hello, I’m new to the forum. This will be lengthy, but hopefully will give the correct information. I’ve had anxiety for over 15 years. It started from drug use as a teenager. I was prescribed at 18 Xanax .5 mg 3xday for a few months the upped to 1mg 3xday. My problem then was I drank and used...
  6. M

    Having few problems, need help

    Been getting voices for about a year now. Been on risperidone for about 4 months now. I've just had my antidepressants increased (sertraline 150mg to 200mg), and the risperidone been told to stop taking them. Was then told that the risperidone wasn't prescribed for the voices (antipsychotics)...
  7. D

    My partner Mandy is sick

    Mandy suffers fibromyalgia, but also has severe nerve pain in her left foot by its tendon. The UK doctors stupidly mis-diagnose her diabetes type 2 to be a different condition. When we came out here, our Aunt got her to hospital for was then cellulitis. After nine days last June during what was...
  8. A

    Hello, new here

    Hey there Where to begin...33 year old female, have had a long history of issues. 1998 - self-harming tendencies (underage drinking due to school bullying) 2000 - sexual assault by hotel member of staff when on holiday (was 15 at the time) 2004 - self-harming tendencies (due to boyfriend...
  9. F

    Hey!! Please help me

    Hi everyone, I am a first year med student suffering from a number of mental illnesses be it OCD ( mainly pure-o), SOCIAL ANXIETY, GAD, PANIC DISORDER, ONYCHOPHAGIA and mild AGORAPHOBIA ( all being in severe stage). I have been diagnosed officially by psychiatrist. They have prescribed me meds...
  10. vanish

    I am still thinking about it years on

    In 2006 - 2009 I went on a three year boozing and cocaine/amphetamines binge. I am not proud of it, but I still have the urge to go there again. I felt no pain, had a social life with plenty of friends, I had money to literally burn if I wanted. I only stopped because my best mate committed...
  11. M


    Hi, has anyone been prescribed Lithium for Depression?
  12. S

    Hi .. recently been diagnosed with PTSD

    Is there any advice anyone could give me. I'm on 60mg proxac 40mg propanolol I'm 34 years old. I experienced childhood sexual abuse when i was 5. I blanked it out for many years had children of my own suffered the loss of my own child still born in 2011 (i was already going through domestic...
  13. Dark Angel710


    Hiya Guys, Can anyone tell me if they went thru withdrawals AND depression at the same time?? And if so how the hell did u get thru it? I'm dying rn, I'm prescribed meds but I don't see the Dr. until Monday. I don't think I can do this till Monday. :cry::cry:
  14. RawSugarFactory

    How has your experiences with drugs and therapy been?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and failry new to trying to understand mnetal health. I've recently decided to get some help for my depersonalization and am now talking to a psychiatrist and GP from my college. It sounds like this psychiatrist thinks my conditions is more complicated than I do. I...
  15. S


    Anyone have any experience with Sertraline? I was prescribed it this morning.
  16. B


    Hello! I stopped taking escitalopram (Jovia)last december 2016. I started 10 down 2.5 mcg. I took it starting 2014 of april until december of 2017. After i stopped it i have these feeling in my body. First tiredines but this is not often. Second is my sight. Sometimes i can feel that thing is...
  17. T

    Just been prescribed Sertraline - what should I expect?

    Hello everyone. As the title says, I have just been prescribed Sertraline (50mg once daily) for depression and anxiety. I've read up on the side effects, and given that I'm on day 6 now, I can say for certain that I'm feeling some of them. I was just wondering what, if any, experiences other...
  18. K

    Been prescribed effexor anyone been on these?

    Hey just wanted to know if anyone has been prescribed effexor I have for my anxiety an what the doctor thinks is hidden depression the anxiety is masking the depression she said and also i have social anxiety so this med is ment to help with these things and pros cons or better meds? I did have...
  19. R

    Stopping/Refusing Medication

    My son had his first episode of psychosis in May and was prescribed Olanzapine as it is known here in the UK. I believe it is called Zyprexa in the US. His doctors recommended he takes it for a minimum of 3 months but my son refuses to take it anymore. He was prescribed a fairly low dosage. He...
  20. vanish

    Why do I cry over nothing?

    It seems my depression comes with many triggers. I can't read a simple news story on social media (which is probably fake news anyway) without having tears. I just have to think of my dysfunctional family and I sob uncontrollably. Most days all I want is to curl up in a ball and die. :low::cry2...