1. Deadheading

    I tried ending my life yesterday

    But I failed. Minor injuries. Back to the same old shite. I warned and I meant what I said. I was prepared to end my life.
  2. M

    Lithium Depression

    I am currently suffering with my depressive side of bipolar they are going to put me on lithium this month I'm just wondering how people have found lithium to help with depression some of the people I have asked have said that it didn't help there depression. Also they have said that they still...
  3. megirl

    Abandoment issues

    I have issues about being abandoned. I saw my therapist on Saturday. I told her how a number of weeks ago I drank a whole bottle of wine on antabuse. Hubby was away. This seems to be the problem when he goes away I do things like drink and/or overdose. My therapist was thinking maybe that...
  4. dubblemonkey

    they say who?... I say 'aint it obvious'

    ...enjoy the zed lep ... ... after a million therapists!.. after 2 million loved ones... after an empty un-imaginables! after everything.... it turned out all ironic! I have all these crazy years... been trying all my sincere best to.. break up...
  5. G

    When should I move out?

    I graduated from high school a few days ago and now everything feels a bit strange. I'm taking a year off before I continue with my education to figure out what I want to do with my life. I'm 19 so I already feel a bit bad cause I graduated a year later than most people but I think taking my...
  6. Nikita

    Weary from all the low moods.

    The depression is starting to get me down, too many low moods, I am having to force myself to get things done,and I am not enjoying anything I do.I think a lot of it is to do with my diabetes and my blood sugar being too high.I feel very ill because of this it might be some of the reason for my...
  7. M

    Eating Around Someone Elses House

    Hi All! Right, this is going to sound really strange now. I have this strange disorder (if that's the right term) where I can't seem (well I can sometimes but I have to fake it or push through) eat a prepared meal around someone else's house. It's very odd. Never known anybody else have this...
  8. messymoo

    Depot - Risperdal Consta

    I'm on this depot every fortnight and every time recently (the last 4/5 times) I bleed really heavily afterwards from the site and they get me in a right mess even when they are prepared with cotton wool. They are going to speak to my GP as they asked if I was on any meds like warfarin which I...
  9. C

    West Sussex

    Chichester, Worthing, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton West Sussex Horizons Worthing area - 01903 239758 Chichester area - 01243 538878 Bognor area - 01243 840933 Our service caters for the needs of individuals recovering from, or living with mental illness. We aim to provide accommodation...
  10. P

    What is this pain ?

    First of all let me point out that this post is about my teenage daughter, not myself. Second, my daughter is an Emetophobia sufferer so feel free to move this to a more appropriate forum if required but Emetophobia is an anxiety disorder and not an eating disorder. My daughter has suffered...
  11. dubblemonkey

    I need to feel alive

    ...something has suddenly made me want to survive my desperately deliberate illness. ...such a 'turn around'...from diabolical suicide to deliberate dysfunctional acceptance!! I never said I was alright... what I didn't say?...! was that I was prepared to survive despite how much my...
  12. M


    So I have finally got enough guts to actually post on here again. I've been too scared to but here I am. Struggling is the word to use, death is staring me in the face, literally. All my thoughts have been consumed by dying. I had a plan which I talked myself out of yesterday, I hate myself for...
  13. A

    Not sure what to do, need advice

    I've been feeling different lately and am wondering if I should seek help. I've feel like I am losing motivation as the days go by. I am finding it very difficult to get myself to do important tasks for work. I feel like I am not being productive and that I'm setting my self up for failure. I...
  14. J

    Help on getting diagnosed required

    I've been to my doctor and he says I'm only suffering with mild depression if at all, but thats not how I feel. or rather the feeling of depression is brought on by my real issues, question surely must then be what the hell is wrong with me. Not feeling sorry for myself, been here for years and...
  15. D

    What to say to psychiatrist?

    I've got my first appointment to see a psychiatrist, I want to be prepared and not waste any second of it really. Should I write down everything I can think of that I find the problem is or should I just go in empty handed and just say it how it is there. I feel like its a multiple of different...
  16. N

    Explaining scars to kids

    I don't know many people with young kids, so I'm not in this situation very often. But lately I've been invited out to places where there will be some very young children, and with the warm weather here, I think it's only a matter of time before questions are asked. :unsure: My scars are quite...
  17. Patchwork

    Where do I post if I have a form of compulsive behaviour

    Which I am not prepared to mention if there is no place here where it will not be plastered all over the internet.
  18. T

    Could I be going hypomanic?

    Could I be going hypomanic? So far today I have stripped and made up all the beds, done three loads of washing and ironing and put it all away, another load on the go, done a big food shop, done the hoovering and washed all my floors, read a whole chapter of my Open University course and...
  19. T

    The SUN Project

    I'm due to attend a welcome group for The SUN Project in a couple of weeks, having had it strongly recommended to me by my specialist. Out of curiosity, I was wondering whether anyone on here has had any experience with it and, if so, whether they'd be prepared to share any thoughts and opinions?
  20. R

    ATOS medical coming up

    I have an ATOS appointment in October, for my severe deppression, at the moment i am as well as i've ever been, but i realise i need to be prepared for this to get a fair outcome. What do i need to know ?