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  1. T

    How to treat my anxiety?

    I need your help… I’ve been suffering from anxiety since 2014, when I failed my first exam. Now this fear is even more powerful than me, I can’t control that. I can’t prepare for exams, because when I even try to open a book, I feel terrible… My heart starts to beat so fast, my hands are...
  2. S

    What do you do to prep yourself for being around people (friends or strangers)?

    What do you do to prep yourself for being around people (friends or strangers)? I'm curious as to how you all mentally prepare for a day of work, party, or anything involving a lot of social interaction.
  3. D

    Fear to put oneself to work

    I am not sure if it is general anxiety or I am simply being stupid but I find myself pacing a lot before doing any actual work. I am 27 years old male and have been a professional for over four years now. I have an interview today for which I haven't slept the whole night. I kept pacing...
  4. DoctorInternet2

    PIP claim and Atos interview.

    Hello all, this coming Wednesday I have to attend an Atos interview, I have already filled in a claim form for the DWAP but they say I must attend this interview or I will lose all the benefit. I was previously on DLA but I decided to reclaim and was told I needed to claim PIP. I was given an...
  5. C


    Today my anxiety is high. The tension in my shoulders and back is horrible. I'm getting shooting pains up and down my arms and in my chest and in my head. My throat is tight. All because its Halloween and I'm going to a party. I wouldn't go expect its a family party and well I'm worried about...
  6. C


    Dorset Dorset Mental Health Advocacy 29-29A Durngate Street Dorchester Dorset DT1 1JP 01305 261483 [email protected] We can: Offer support to accepted clients at meetings, court appearances, tribunals, ward rounds and Care Programme Approach (CPA) reviews Help make...
  7. D

    How to prepare for the first appointment?

    So if you've got an appointment to see a psychiatrist, what is the best way to prepare for it? Should you write out a page/s of what your problems are or just go and let the session go as it will? What is the best way to get the most out of the first appointment, any advice is welcomed, thanks.

    Schizophrenia and work: Interview techniques

    Schizophrenia and work: Interview techniques - Living With Schizophrenia Schizophrenia and work: Interview techniques Without a doubt, for a person living with schizophrenia, getting back into work after a long period “on the sick” will be one of the biggest challenges they will face. And...
  9. Fuscia

    Need a bit of help the next four days

    I've got four empty long days to get through, to keep busy. I start to fret and panic over days where i won't see anyone and won't have anything to do. I'm hoping some of you will be able to help me out, suggest ways of keeping busy. I'm panicking about these four days until the weekend already...
  10. A

    since my account is still here

    i have a question how do you prepare for a psychiatrist appointment ??
  11. shaky

    What is stress?

    We often hear about stress causing mental breakdown, or heart problems or anything. My CPN thinks that it is stress that causes these so-called abnormalities in brain chemistry that make me dangerous to myself. But what is this thing called stress? I suspect that it is several different...
  12. F

    6 ways to prepare for antidepressant withdrawal

  13. M

    8 weeks left of psychological therapy

    Ive been seening my clinical psychologist for two yrs. Supposed to finish in feb but got an extra month as i said i wasnt ready ti finishn. Anyway.. he said i may have a breakdown after i stop seeing him.im Worried about it. He says he only gets 2 years with every client.. As over the last 2...
  14. razza

    Automatic Compliments - Free of Charge

    Feeling Low? Need a pep up? A compliment to make a low day a little brighter? Follow the link to this website, enter your name and prepare to be flattered :D (or for a bit of a giggle put in a funny name or even a swear word) Automatic Flatterer :hug: xx
  15. M

    After the history taking

    What happened next with your Psychiatrist? What are the pattern of your visits and who did you see after that appointment? Just wondered what to prepare myself for :-)
  16. Willow


    Can someone please tell me what happens when u go for CBT? is CBT the name given as an umbrella of many treatments etc? Im trying to prepare myself for whats to come and im a bit nervy. Many ta's