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  1. P

    I don't know how to put my feelings into words.

    Hi, I have been suffering from anxiety/depression since what feels like the beginning of times. I have finally shared this with my GP last year in April and I have been on a waiting list for free talking therapy ever since. The only reason I have not chased it is that I can't make myself to...
  2. laula

    can BPD let you have a safe pregnancy

    Does anyone know if pregnancy can be affect BPD and if I could have the meds I need? I would love to be a mum but am worried about safely having a baby any advice please!
  3. Jbb79

    Had Pregnancy Delusions on Abilify

    I've read in the Maudsley Guidlines Psychiatry 13th Edition, that Hyperprolactinemia can Cause Delusions of Pregnancy .. When I touched, my Stomach, on 500 Seroquel I, Thought -- I Have a Baby, Inside me -- I'm a DUDE !! What's Up !!! J. b.b. . . . .:low::cry:
  4. 1loveLily17

    Delusion of a failed pregnancy

    Trigger warning Recently my baby has been taken into temporary foster care due to fault that is not my own. As heartbreaking as this is, I also suffer from BPD, GAD and depression and recently I have been feeling all signs of pregnancy. I am now scared to go to the toilet in case a half...
  5. A

    Ocd contamination

    So I was coming into my house and as I came in I noticed that my dressing gown was half hanging out of the bin as well as a tissue. So I opened the lid and put the dressing gown in properly and the tissue but as I picked the tissue up I noticed there was something in the tissue and the tissue...
  6. J

    Anxiety insomnia and feelings of dieing

    This is a hard one to explain and I find no one believes me when I try to explain it to them which leads me to feeling even worse. Basically every time I try to go to sleep and feel myself drifting off I seem to have a panic attack, like my body and brain won't let me sleep. It happens every...
  7. E

    Pregnant with health anxiety

    Hi guys, I'm not looking for answers to my anxieties, I already know it's all in my head. I make things a million times worse than what they are and I am an expert in catastrophizing. I'm here because I'm looking for someone to talk to, rather than be sat here googling my symptoms. At the...
  8. L

    Depression during pregnancy

    I'm just wanting to ask has anyone ever taken setraline during pregnancy? I'm really struggling with depression at the moment and finding things difficult. I have to look after my little boy so I can't be ill.. My doctor has said I can start taking a low dose of setraline during pregnancy but...
  9. E

    Ex with suspected BPD

    Hope someone can offer any advice here. I've gone through hell this last week after my girlfriend dumped me. Its a long story, but will try and keep it short! The way I got dumped was so strange that I had to search it online, and kept on seeing BPD in the majority of searches. Having a look at...
  10. B

    Fear of Pregnant Women, Children, and Babies

    I know it's technically two phobias but I think they go together. This is my first post so hi! :) Smile It's going to be pretty long so sorry in advance. So, I have a phobia of pregnant women and children (babies in particular). Some of this may be graphic (talk of suicide, molestation, and...
  11. Y

    Very low

    Sorry for the length of this but I'm in a serious need to vent. A little bit abit me, I'm a 28 year old female, who has suffered with depression since early teens. When I was 18 I was officially diagnosed and put on medication. Life's been up and down, I was bullied through childhood and most...
  12. K

    Anxiety is worse than ever after an etopic pregnancy - I need to offload.

    Anxiety is worse than ever after an etopic pregnancy - I need to offload. Apologizes in advance if this post gets long winded. I'll start from the beginning - From what I remember I had a nice first few years of life, parents had 2 daughters each from a previous marriage and I was the 5th...
  13. W


    Missing :( :(
  14. F

    Does taking antidepressants during pregnancy harm the child? Here are the facts

    Does taking antidepressants during pregnancy harm the child? Here are the facts When it comes to taking antidepressants in pregnancy, women and their doctors have a difficult decision to make. Depression in pregnancy and following childbirth (the postpartum period) is common and has potentially...
  15. I

    She messed with my head and I can't shake it

    There are a lot of ways I can condense this but i feel the back story is slightly needed and I tend to get carried away so try to bear with me. So I was with my ex girlfriend for two years and things were going fairly well as far as I knew until she starts saying I'm not giving her enough...
  16. loulabelle


    Hi guys Im wanting to have a baby I understand lithium can cause heart defects, im just wondering if anyone has stayed on lithium during there pregnancy???? Also how have people managed with there bipolar during pregnancy on/off medication?
  17. F

    Psychotropic medication in pregnancy: new evidence may help achieve a safe balance

    Psychotropic medication in pregnancy: new evidence may help achieve a safe balance Earlier this year as Christmas dinners were digested and New Year’s resolutions planned, many people were glued to their screens watching the latest EastEnders storyline unfold. EastEnders resident Stacey, who...
  18. Faylen


    I haven't posted for a while - a lot has gone on and I have been feeling unwell both mentally and physically. Found out last week that I am pregnant. Unfortunately as I am feeling unwell I have been at doctors already and have to go to the early pregnancy unit tomorrow for scans to see what is...
  19. G

    New kid

    Hello! I'm a 27yo mother to a 9mth old boy. I have bipolar I, OCD, GAD and BPD (my psychologist doesn't agree with the BPD diagnosis though... I concur). I've spent the last 18 months on a pregnancy forum but they can't handle me over there so I went searching for similar people... And ended up...
  20. M

    Borderline and pregnancy?

    Hi all, my husband and I are trying for a baby. I have been to the doctor to discuss my medications, which thankfully being maintainence doses are ok to continue taking whilst trying/during pregnancy. I'm currently taking folic acid and omega 3 and 6 too. I have been unable to find out any...