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  1. M

    Praying to a God that I don’t believe in.

    I am desperate. I am tired. I am defeated but I want to believe it will get better.
  2. I

    really worried for German shepherd dog 😢

    Hi I'm really worried about my German shepherd I love him so so.so so much and couldn't cope if anything bad was to happen to him.his name is Barney but hes got ill wr took him to vets Friday. As he was suddenly drinking loads and stopped and stopped eating hes bet a bit better drinking and...
  3. A

    Praying to die

    Suicide is a current thought that mumbles arround in my mind. But i find it to be... selfish. I can't do that to my parents. I don't allow myself to even think about the potential pain they could feel if their daughter die. Therefore I pray. I've been praying everyday for god to take me so i...
  4. J

    lifes just pointless

    After spending most of my life feeling depressed I finally forced myself to see a doctor a few months back, and literally nothing has changed. They've tried me on two different tablets and they're not helping at all. I've pretty much given up. I've been depressed since an early age looking...
  5. NicoretteGummed

    Giving Up My Last addiction-Fags

    OK. I've been forced through lack of cash to give up fags. I'm hoping that my GP Nurse will support me in providing me with Patches,Gum, and hopefully Vypers. After I pay my Supported Accomadation Landlady i'm only left with £65 a week. I've never trusted in the purity of Tax Free Cigarettes...
  6. S

    Hearing "Gods voice"

    So I have been hearing a voice that calls itself God ever since I was seriously ill and as a result feel very close to God. The only problem is that sometimes the voice can be somewhat nasty. For example I can be praying for half an hour and for that half an hour the voice replies in an...
  7. Z


    Haven't posted in some time, having a lot of trouble even focusing on anything. Feels like my mind is just slowly shutting down. Whatever social skills I could claim went away, and its just me and the negative thoughts. I'm not at risk, I suppose, not really. Obsessed with dying, praying for...
  8. The Big Dawg

    I don't wanna do it

    Ok something is inside of me again making me wanna do something that I don't wanna do. I was just listening happily to my music and then suddenly I thought that maybe I just should just self harm like it just seems so easy to do and feel it and then I think if I do it then maybe it would change...
  9. Kerome

    Bribery and religion

    I was just watching a documentary of the Buddhist Broadcasting here in the Netherlands, and it seems it is the custom in the Far East for people to give money to Buddhist temples when they are praying for things. One man asked the question, is this not bribery of the Buddha? Does not that kind...
  10. M

    words cant explain depression

    Hi depression is something that unless you have suffered from it , you will have no idea what it is like, the total despair, of wanting not too be alive, the stigma that is around having a mental illness, just because you cant see it doesn't mean that you are not ill!!.It is the elephant in the...
  11. keepsafe

    Thought I would check in not out - trigger maybe

    Hey I thought I would just post a bit - Been in hosp some 6 weeks ago now section 5.2. for eight days only and it was a killer - voices new highs, didn;t realise I could scream but OMG I can and very loud indeed. I have since completely unravelled. Been posting horrible stuff on here if you...
  12. M

    having a shit day

    :cry: Had no proper sleep again been in hospital for 13 nights tonight feelings of being utter failure because of having depression thinking and wishing that the drs had just let me die last year, being judged by my family, you are not ill because you cannot physically see problem. I am my own...
  13. C

    Hi. My mom is delusional & dying of cancer

    I'm here to vent. My mother is delusional and paranoid. She verbally abused me all my life. She's now dying of cancer and I am taking good care of her. I bring her hot meals and sit with her almost daily. I let her live in my house rent-free (I live with my hubby in his house). But deep down...
  14. Q

    Prayer helping Tardive Dyskinesia

    Hello: I have a newly diagnosed case of Tardive Dyskinesia. It was quite bad yesterday. I saw my doc and she took me off the med that is probably causing it. I contacted my Facebook friends and a prayer group. There were like 30 people praying for me. I can tell you honestly that it is...
  15. Lolli_Liability

    Let me die

    Let me die why wont the world let me die i want to go home and sh n die Im praying god will release me from my pain.
  16. M

    Visited my suicidal friend in hospital last night

    My husband was very kind and drove to the hospital -- something I couldn't have done with my anxiety about driving. I took her several books and smuggled in a chocolate bar. She was so happy I came to visit her, she was jumping up and down and giving me big hugs. I know what it's like to have no...
  17. M

    My suicidal friend smuggled self harm instrument into hospital

    I should have expected it as she is very rebellious and incorrigible. Reasons I also adore her. But the staff caught her and I'm hoping she won't find a creative way to SH. I miss her so much. She is my only true friend and I'm so glad she is safe. I feel kind of lonely not being able to phone...
  18. M

    Just put on new med-one side effect is weight loss!

    My dr just added this to my Depekote, Cymbalta, Xanax and Seroquel--it' called Zonisamide generic forZonegran. I was shocked there was a drug I hadn't already tried, thrilled really. I've been on it a week and already feel better. Much less depressed. Now I'm praying for some weight loss!
  19. N

    Anxiety Worse in Summer

    I've always (well since I was around 18) felt worse in the summer, particularly in hot weather. I don't know why, but it's during this time of year when my anxiety starts to pick up. I hate the way the sun shines through my bedroom window (even through closed curtains), it makes me feel I'm...
  20. M

    lost faith

    I seem to have lost a faith that I am not sure I ever had. I used to find early morning communion service very comforting but I have not set foot in a church for some years. Praying is difficult and not really sure who to talk to, any ideas? m