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  1. S

    Someone said I can’t go full circle

    Unfortunately no wonder why, I have been left dealing with this mess, for ten pounds, unfortunately I’m sent around in circles, when everyone else, gets away with there’s, and I’m framed for mine
  2. R

    phoning saneline

    phoned saneline about my journey on the train thur, after 4 attempts over 3 days got through, the first part of the interview is about finding a diagnosis, i once got told this is a telephone help line for the mentally ill, anyway half the interview involves identifying if your a suitable case...
  3. Tired Daisy

    A pair of jeans "My Wellbeing"

    First off I know that this post is going to sound odd but back in 2009 I was 24 years old I had never had a girlfriend before and all the woman I'd ever spoke to said I wasn't there type so I gave up until I bought a pair of jeans back in 2009 that somehow changed my life, as if by magic I was...
  4. boudreauj4

    pounds, kilograms, stone ?

    I live in the U.S. and we all use pounds (and ounces.....16 ounces in a pound) over here as the unit of weight most of the time. We are very, very slowly switching over to kilograms. But I see you people from the U.K. using kilograms, stone and sometimes even pounds in your posts when talking...
  5. fazza

    Lost 50 pounds since coming off clozapine

    Well although its been hell coming off clozapine cold turkey i am now stabilised again on a haldol depot. The good news is that since the clozapine ended I have managed to loose 50 pounds in weight. Most of it came off in the first 2.5 months when i did not eat because of the withdrawals but now...
  6. G

    Im confused as to what is actually wrong with me?

    Hello, im 21 and a female. Ive always had mental health issues, even as a child everyone knew I was different but they just didn't know what. I found it hard to fit in and I was unhappy, sensitive and alone. When I got to the age of 14 I became more and more depressed and when I was 15 I had a...
  7. I

    feel so alone:-(am i the only one?

    Hi I feel so alone being unemployed,ive got no self esteem,don't want to go out anywhere or socially see no future as if my life has just stopped ive been trying to find something for ages,was supposed to go for an interview for twi mornings a week job but found out its 7/40 to get there and an...
  8. I

    Am i being unreasonable?

    Hi I am so desperate for a job I applied for a nursery in another town cost 7.40 to get there the job Is 2 mornings a week and from the train station its a. Hours walk or on top of train fair is 3 pounds bus ticket .i thought this was too much for 2 mornings a week am I right? Thankyou
  9. I


    Hi ive finally decided I'm going to accept this job I over and I'm.not going to be asked to.work ever again there.im so desperate I keep putting myself in situation that aren't achievable.for example I applied for a job at a nursery in another town cost 7.40 to get there and 1 hour walk or 2...
  10. D

    antidepressants that do not cause sexual dysfunction and zombiefication

    antidepressants that do not cause sexual dysfunction and zombiefication hello to you all :) because of depression (Dystymia with reoccurring episodes of MDD) and a specific social anxiety (glossophobia | speech anxiety), I've been taking Sertraline 50mg for 3 weeks now... I've started with...
  11. I

    shocked how to say no

    I'm really shocked because a friend texted me this morning knowing full well I'm.unemployed saying is there anyway I can lend her some money as she's 500 pounds in debt as she's going away in May with her mum and the hotel money has come out.
  12. A

    How much weight gain should be expected? Zyprexa

    EDIT: fixed math I'm on Olanzapine/Zyprexa and I have gained over 45 pounds over 3 years. Doing quick math 72(age of death)-22(current age) = 50 * 15= 750 pounds. I can conclude rather quickly that the weight gain can't be linear. What is a realistic weight gain expectation in the long...
  13. G

    Inability to get a job due to mental illness

    I am 20 year old female, I am intelligent and when people first see me they think I am well presented, I have good makeup and my clothes are stylish but nobody really knows me as me. I don't have any friends and the thought of socialising with others makes me feel sick, I do love my family...
  14. B

    Crying over having to Euthanize cat

    My cat is 15 years old. Will be 16 this year. He's been sick since November. I took him to the vet right before Christmas and found out he'd lost over 2 pounds. He went from 11 pounds to 8.3 pounds. The past 10 days he's had nothing but liquid bowel movements that have been explosive. This...
  15. N

    weight gain on quitiepine

    Hello, my name is Nathan. I was diagnosed as having Bipolor2 Disorder in 2012. I was put on quitiepine one 300gm tablet a day. I was 10.5 stone and eating healthy at the time. My diet has not changed and i still do the same exersize as i did before 2012. I am now 13 stone and have tried dieting...
  16. shaky

    Trying to reverse PIP decision

    I went to my doctors to ask if they would write a letter for me to give as evidence They said 'Yes' but it'll cost forty-five pounds FORTY-FIVE POUNDS:eek: I have asked for referral to an advocate to help me with this, but they haven't got in touch with me yet. - I hope they contact me soon...
  17. T

    Do I even have an eating disorder?

    For the past year I've dieted on and off after the realization that in couldn't eat junk food and not gain weight anymore. I'm 18 5"9 and 136 pounds...at my highest I was 148 pounds. It seems like the past 4 months or so my obsession with not gaining weight has hit an all time high. I have my...
  18. X

    Depression w/ anxiety(PTSD), BPD, agoraphobia - meds

    I don't know if I am posting in the right section.. Well just wanted a bit of help, I've had depression w/ anxiety since beginning of 2011, and have been on lots of anti-depressants (citalopram, fluoxetine, sertraline, mirtazapine, and more of which I can't remember the names).. I am now back...
  19. jules65


    I'm trying to get physically well enough to enter a partial hospitalization ED program. Im used to consuming about 200 or less calories a day and my doctor wants me at 800 so that I will be physically able to manage the 1000-1200 cals a day they expect me to have in treatment. To say this whole...
  20. F

    relapse : help

    I came forward to get help with my eating disorder in January. I was at my lowest 112 pounds and I am 5 6". Before I started losing weight I was 127 at my heaviest. I was typically 121-122 pounds before this. At my worst point of this disorder I would restrict calories to less than 800...