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  1. sunset547544


    I wanted to say a thank you to people on this forum because it has been such a great support tool for me. It's very difficult for me to vent or seek advice with people in the real world if I am struggling, so this is a really important place for me. Most of the time people here try to help and...
  2. mischief

    **Please read before you post in the self harm forum**

    Hi, Welcome to the Self Harm Forum. Please read this before posting, especially if you are new to the forum. An important part of the Mental Health Forum's reason for existence is to allow people to share their own stories which will in many, indeed possibly all cases, be upsetting. We...
  3. hi-on-lyfe

    New here , checking in to say "hello"

    Hello , I am new to this forum and from reading the posts today it does look like a good place to be.
  4. toutatis


    Hi everyone. Just thought it best to introduce myself and say hi before thinking about diving in and making a few posts. I joined because I don't want to feel alone in my struggles and, as we know, having MI's can sometimes be quite an isolating kind of life. Anyway, it's nice to be here and...
  5. A

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, I've been reading this forum for some time and recently decided to join it. I'm looking forward to finding some good support on here! I've been dealing with schizophrenia for some time so I'll write some posts about this at some point. Looking forward to being part of a great...
  6. M

    Hi everybody

    So I just joined the site and here to say hello to everybody. I have been thinking alot about joining to some social forum in recent years but never really had the guts or then was too depressed. Now I have finally done it and I hope that I can make some posts in the future or participate in...
  7. A

    Please delete my account or old posts

    Hey I would like to have my old posts or account deleted to make a new one because I am TRYING to be anonymous here but that is very easy (not) when you cannot delete posts. I need to ask advice and can't do that now because I do not feel anonymous here anymore. Can any admin here help me ASAP...
  8. Tweed


    An original title I am sure but hi here I am at last. I am desperate to speak to anyone because I go for days without seeing or speaking to anyone. I talk to people at the bus stop and at the checkout but I need to talk more so here I am. I have seen some posts that I would like to find again so...
  9. boudreauj4

    pounds, kilograms, stone ?

    I live in the U.S. and we all use pounds (and ounces.....16 ounces in a pound) over here as the unit of weight most of the time. We are very, very slowly switching over to kilograms. But I see you people from the U.K. using kilograms, stone and sometimes even pounds in your posts when talking...
  10. D


    Hello, I'm from Colombia and I'm so relieved to be here. My boyfriend had an episode of phycosis this week (His second one, the first one was about a year and a half ago) and the doctors haven't yet diagnosed exactly his situation. I am convinced he is the man I will spend the rest of my life...
  11. M


    Paranoid because no one has replied to my posts. Does anyone feel like that sometimes! Feel so stupid saying this.:(
  12. E

    Possible erotomania

    I'm not sure if this is the correct disorder and forum. I have an immediate family member who has some kind of mental disorder. The closest identification of the disorder I could find is "Erotomania". I don't know how to handle the situation. She has 5 children. She is 34 years old. She is...
  13. Unixx

    Another one

    Hello. I discovered this site recently... 20 Minutes ago. I have actually been very interested in mental health since I was little. It amazes me how there are many moods, diseases, thoughts, personalities (mbti-) and human brain, itself, amazes me because of it's mysteriosity. I was never...
  14. Ponder

    Hi Everyone

    Anxiety & social phobia sufferer from Australia here. Not sure that suffering is the right word though. :)
  15. H

    i need mental help with the following. i'm found not credible despite all truth and have to make posts like these. who is honest not just in the uni

    i need mental help with the following. i'm found not credible despite all truth and have to make posts like these. who is honest not just in the united states? you need to understand linux to get the gist of some of this: selinux=4 stock kernel xubuntu 16.10 and you will start to see Away...
  16. A

    Clearing a few things up.

    I just want to clear a few things up.I personally feel my Asperger's on this forum is/may be misunderstood.I may come across as nasty,troll like and blunt but i am actually a really nice person.As i have said/posted i have Aspergers syndrome and was introduced to the world of mental health as i...
  17. A

    Friendly Hello

    Hello everyone! Im still sort of iffy about posting what im going through because i have never said it out loud. Until than, ill keep reading other posts and see if i can relate.
  18. 2bfree

    Posts not showing on forum

    I have tried to place a post, it does not appear. I tried last night and again this morning. Hope someone can help. Thanks
  19. G

    Posts still fail on the first go

    My posts still fail on the first go, and give the impression that it hasn't been posted. Re-trying works (eventually) but then shows the other posts in fact have occurred
  20. C

    Are my posts registered?

    Are they?