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  1. K

    Scalp really hurts

    Hi I don't know if I'm posting in the right room! My scalp feels really tender its saw wen I touch it was wondering if anyone knows what it could be or has anyone else had this??
  2. keepsafe

    Thought I would check in not out - trigger maybe

    Hey I thought I would just post a bit - Been in hosp some 6 weeks ago now section 5.2. for eight days only and it was a killer - voices new highs, didn;t realise I could scream but OMG I can and very loud indeed. I have since completely unravelled. Been posting horrible stuff on here if you...
  3. The Big Dawg

    What did I say

    A new infraction has been created which can be given when moderators believe a member may need to take a short break from posting on the forum. Members receiving it will be required to have a two hour break from posting messages on the forum. It is an infraction which carries no long term...
  4. H

    New here

    Hello, really hope I'm posting up in the right spot. I only wanted to say, hiya :hug:
  5. M


    Don't know why I'm doing this. I'm stuffed, every thought is of how to hurt myself. Services aren't interested even though they know everything. No one really cares, they don't but I am always alive the next day. Why can't I just go?
  6. G


    (This is long and kind of pointless, it's just something I wanted to share) Yesterday I was feeling really suicidal in the morning and I thought I would hurt myself. My mom came in my room and told me we should clean it up since I'm moving out soon, she wanted me to throw away everything I don't...
  7. angry butterfly

    Not feeling at all well tonight.

    don't know if this is the right forum to be posting in, but I don't feel at all well tonight. I have a tension headache, I feel extremely stressed and tense. I took paracetamol a couple of hours ago and hasn't done any good at all. my head feels like it could explode. so much hurt and pain...
  8. B


    My name is James and I was diagnosed about 4 years ago with Bipolar type I, anxiety and I'm a drug addict. I look forward to reading all your threads, posting as well as gain some sound advise.:coffee:
  9. Gajolene

    Another computer crash

    Just letting everyone know, I won't be posting much for a while, our main computer crashed hard and it's hard for me to type on this little tablet. So I won't be posting too much untill we can have the other computer repaired. I'll still try and check in and lurk around. Take care everyone. :peace:
  10. miversar

    Could this be OCD or something else?

    I have really bad issues about posting anything online. I'd be obsessively fixated on whether or not I typed something wrong (not wrong in the grammatical sense, but wrong in the- did I say something offensive, or hurtful, or damaging type way. It usually happens if I talk about something more...
  11. Gajolene

    intentionally pushed everyone away today.

    When I relapse nobody wants to remember or here those memories but me simply posting an old song or a reminder of a gathering where I divulged info is wiped away as is any future attempts of me away from that reconnecting with family and old friends. By tellingI wiped out everybody and they...
  12. R

    Here it comes again

    i feel it coming on, I'm being told to SH, agitated beyond belief. The only way was to harm, want to really hurt now and afraid as I'm on my own. Scared to phone Cmht and I don't want to be advised to use an elastic band on my wrist. Don't know why I'm posting this as nothing stops me, I'm so...
  13. E

    Just for Voices

    This is a place just for voices to vent and maybe meet other voices. The idea comes from Rufus May. Note to voices: Any breach of the guidelines will be moderated. Members: You need to feel safe enough to do this before posting. I suggest having a friend and confidante with you or nearby. It is...
  14. C


    To be honest, I'm just posting this to waken people up. I'm bored! Sorry Admin!
  15. tabbykitten


    Posting the question in this section as the symptoms seem to link with my anxiety. I often feel really cold and shivery when my anxiety is bad. Thought it was hormonal for a while but it is quite different. I can feel cold and shivery even when the weather is really warm and brilliant sunshine...
  16. R

    feeling crap

    I feel really low today, I hate that I can be fine one minuet and want to die a few minuets later. I feel like nobody cares, I know that's not true but its how I feel. All I want to do is hurt myself but I've been doing well not to. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense I hope posting this will...
  17. L

    Cannot cope and I don't know why

    For some reason today i have felt like I haven't been able to cope. I got a new job, and my first day was today. It's a part time job in telesales which I am taking before i get back to University. However ever since I left I have felt on the verge of crying, dissapointed, frustrated,and very...
  18. M

    I think it's time

    I think it's time for me to admit defeat and stop fighting the illness. While I'm not suicidal or have any plans to harm myself in any way and I truly mean that. I have that intrusive thought, which is still there. The Dissociation. It's hitting my energy levels, I even slept for 20 hours...
  19. C

    Recognising I have a problem

    Hi I have never considered what I do as self harm. Not because I don't recognise that I am harming myself for emotional release, but its not something I do regularly or plan. I only do it when im angry and its an immediate response out of sheer frustration and its not something I think about...
  20. S

    I'm so confused

    I don't understand this :sorry: I'm not sure if this is like extreme anxiety or paranoia or if i'm just over exaggerating.. Every single night this happens. I usually don't get any sleep at all and this has been going on since I was like, 10. I'm older now, but nobody has helped me! Every night...