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  1. T


    Hi, is anyone out there? :) I have just registered and this is my first post. Not sure if I'm doing this right. Feel a bit scared to be honest.
  2. N

    Getting worse

    So yeah, thought I'd post here too mostly because I've harmed myself since my last forum post. Not gonna go into too much detail, both due to the guidelines and as nobody really deserves that, but I can't help but notice it's getting worse. I have deadlines coming up, places I need to be... And...
  3. midnightphoenix

    Are we safe to post on here?

    Is anyone going to harm us on this forum? :cry:
  4. O

    First post in 3 years - Advice welcomed

    Hey, I write this post as my second entry on here since i joined & posted in 2015. Having reread my post from 2015.. much is still the same. I am still scared to talk to anyone as I fear I become a number in public statistics and labeled as someone who has mental health issues. Over the past...
  5. P

    I died

    I know I had made a post yesterday but I did not get to the core of why I feel the way I do. I feel like there is no returning to who I was before because of these thoughts. I am currently in an emotionless state. I feel nothing. And in this state of nothingness I have come to ponder over...
  6. Q

    New and glad

    Hiii, I'm new to all of this, but I'm really glad I discovered this forum page. I've been really struggling with my bpd diagnosis and reading some of the posts has made me feel less alone. I hope to post some more things when I feel more comfortable
  7. D

    I had something great, and ended up throwing it all away

    Hello there. I hope it's okay to just post about my situation, as I really hope there may be some people who can relate if nothing else <3 I set up an art-based community over a year ago, and as part of this I set up a chat server that people could use to make friends and chat in. This has now...
  8. L

    Hello Everyone

    Hello there, my name is Tomer and I'm 23 years old. I joined the forum to help and be helped. I was diagnosed with OCD for those interested. Not to make this post too long, just wanted to say hello.:)
  9. fazza

    Medication review today

    I have to apologise. I have been a bit of a brat. My tone to some of you may have been a little off during the past week. I had a meeting with my cpn today and she is having a review of my meds with the doctor later today. Feeling a little clearer now that i have got a few things off my chest...
  10. J

    Health anxiety

    Hi First time post. For half my life, I have suffered bowel problems which have led to numerous operations, some quite invasive and some with significant complications. The initial problems have settled down over the last few years but I have been left with other problems due to the amount of...
  11. R

    How to recover from Pyschosis?

    Hi, I posted a question in PTSD forum thinking it covers psychosis, without realizing there is a separate category for psychosis in this forum. Can anyone see my post in the link below (that I posted under PTSD), and share your thoughts and suggestions? Thanks
  12. X

    where would I post about sexual abuse

    I'm not sure where to post about sexual abuse. It's a issue I have between me and my friend I just wanted to share so I don't feel so stuck on my own
  13. S


    Hello, my name is sotiris and this is my first time doing this, I would like advice on my current situation which is severe depression and would like to post what's happening to me in detail, any help would much appreciated. Thanks
  14. M


    Hi I'm new to the forums and in general new to West Yorkshire too. Just a post to make friends, and listening ears to help each other through the tough times :)
  15. L

    Post Deleted: but I'm okay now

    I talked to someone. A reglious friend. I'm okay most likely...
  16. I

    Natural Remedies

    Any natural remedies for mental illness anyone know about? Do they work? I have severe depression, anxiety, and relapsing anger outbursts. I have mild audio and visual hallucinations, the visual are worse. I get horrible paranoid delusions sometimes too. Please feel free to post your conditions...
  17. Fairy Lucretia

    back to black

    had a few good days where i actually felt quite positive now feeling dread again and suicidal no point to this post ,just feeling alone with it all x
  18. Fairy Lucretia

    are you tired of me?

    i post so much about myself and in general but i post a lot about wanting to die because i do almost every second of every day are you tired of me? am a miserable cow x i try and make up for it by replying to others and in the chill out lounge x
  19. F

    Hello, I’m new!

    Hi, I’m new here and thought I’d introduce myself, I could do a big long post about myself and go through the whole but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet so I’ll give the abridged version... I suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and depression and have done for the past 16 years since my dad...
  20. micheledillon

    She Called Me Out On Social Media For Everyone To See

    I may or may not have posted a few anxiety related statuses on Facebook. Today, I shared a post about a storm featuring sirens and expressing how the sound made me feel (which was majestic as I love storms and sirens). However, my mom replied and turned the situation into an anxiety...