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post traumatic stress

  1. E


    Hello every one. This is my first time here. I am just seeking some support and some advice/intervention on how to deal with a paranoid partner. It is taking a toll on me mentally, emotionally and financially.
  2. C

    New to forum, but not Mental Health

    Hello , I won't disclose my real name here, but a few of my friends call me Missa. I'm nearly in my 40s and have struggled with mental health since I was a very young girl. I have several diagnosis, including Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar II, PTSD, depression. I used to have a severe...
  3. K

    Partner with PTSD: How to be stronger/more resilient

    Hi everyone, A little over 2.5 years ago, my girlfriend was physically assaulted by her boss at work. Afterwards she was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depression. This is on top of an existing diagnosis of ADHD. I have been trying my best to provide care and support, while also trying to keep...
  4. A

    Talking about sexual abuse

    Sup, I've come to talk about sexual abuse, what happened to me three years ago. I think I need to talk about this, since I nver open up, especially on this. Only my girlfriend and someone that I don't see anymore know about this and I think I'd like to explain it to other people, and get your...
  5. A

    Sup, new member

    Sup, You can call me goblin, im 18 years old and came here because i've been depressed for three years and have(had? i think it's almost over now idk) PTSD. I hope I can get along with everyone here :^)
  6. F


    I'm new here and my first post. First, I was abused since very early childhood. Emotionally, Physically and Sexual. Ever since I was young I enjoyed exposing myself to others and wearing women's undergarments (bra, nylons, garter belt, panties, etc.) As I got older I accepted this life style...
  7. tragicpink

    i thought i was getting better

    i stopped having panic attacks during sex but tonight i read a text post on the internet about sex and completely lost it. i don't know what to do. it's making my self harm worse too
  8. pentagram

    My recovery from PTSD

    A few years ago I came to this site to talk about my life. How I suffered from PTSD as a result of my experiences with aversion therapy as a boy at school in the UK in 1972. I have recently published my memoir: Is it about that boy? The Shocking Trauma of Aversion Therapy. It is available via...
  9. R

    Hey y'all

    Hello. I've tried forums before with little luck. It's probably because I am completely not capable of following through with anything. I've been trying to function with mental illness for as long as I can remember. I won't go too deep into my story, I don't think anyone has time for that...
  10. H

    New member

    Hi there. I am Hamish. Just joined this morning. I have have been unwell for the past 3yrs. Why am I awake? I suffer frm Chronic Pain Syndrome. Which led to me developing depression, anxiety and PTSD.
  11. B


    Hello everyone, I decided to join this forum because I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I was in my teens and I am now 30 years old. It became clear the last few years that I definitely have some sort of PTSD as a result of many years of bullying and misunderstandings that...
  12. B

    Im wondering if it is depression or if its PTSD?

    So as folks on here know, I have had a long history with depression, but there's something Ive noticed even when Ive been on and off meds for extended periods of time. One particular aspect of my life continues to come back to haunt me, and it's how my family where when I was younger. There...
  13. E

    It recently dawned on me that IMO I have PTSD

    I saw my GP today, he is referring me to a specialist to get a diagnosis; I can't go in to why I think I've got it because it would take too long & I have very little energy & am always tired (I've already been diagnosed with aspergers & anxiety & I've been on anti-depressants for 27 years ie...
  14. unspoken-words

    Developing psychosis alongside PTSD & depression

    Hello. I am concerned about my continued loss of reality and voices in my head which have been troubling me since October, I have been suffering PTSD and depression since February 2018 which I have been prescribed anti-depressants for but now I have random sounds (hearing things like a phone...
  15. U

    What Are Dissociations?

    Hi, I am in college and am currently taking a class on anthropology of public health, and it's made me start to question whether I have PTSD. I was severely emotionally bullied from ages 9-18, and now that I'm 20 and have been able to distance myself from the people who were hurting me, I am...
  16. S


    Why do some people with PTSD actively seek recovery (get therapy and meds, do research about PTSD, try new strategies for recovery, write about it, etc.) but others seem unable or resistant to make even small steps toward recovery? (I have PTSD and am in recovery. I'm working with some...
  17. G

    Hey I'm new here

    Hi I'm new to this, I'm guess im here mostly because I'm currently experiencing ptsd for a year now and would like to find others who live with this disorder due to a similar experience as my own. I am kind of lost and don't really know how to find help as I have refused to go through therapy. I...
  18. R

    How to recover from Pyschosis?

    Hi, I posted a question in PTSD forum thinking it covers psychosis, without realizing there is a separate category for psychosis in this forum. Can anyone see my post in the link below (that I posted under PTSD), and share your thoughts and suggestions? Thanks
  19. I

    PTSD and Flying Into the Sun

    It's 3:30 in the morning. Couldn't sleep. Got myself my chamomile tea with sweetener and milk, and some ramen, because I'm too tired to fix myself anything else. I'm going to tell you the brief version of my story. I was a victim of emotional abuse as a child. My mother put me under an intense...
  20. M

    I have constant flashbacks about my partial seizures ■

    Hi, I'm new here. I was recently diagnosed with bpd, schizotypal pd and ptsd. I don't know if I should tell this to my therapist but there are days where I get flashbacks of my seizures and I begin to talk and act as if I'm about to have a seizure. There are times where it's intentional, but...