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post natal depression

  1. M

    Completely messed up

    Hi all, new to this. I will make story a bot shorter by saying ive always had a bit of.undiagnosed depression in my teens. When my last child was born.though two years ago my life completely changed. I have given up on myself, I no longer look after myself and struggle to keep afloat. I love and...
  2. M

    I have a postnatal depression

    Good morning! I need your help. I’m a woman, 30 years old. In June I gave a birth to my kids – two cute girls, they are twins. But I still have a postnatal depression. I feel angry, I cry practically every day, I swear at my husband and throw dishes in him… How to stop it? Shall I go to the...
  3. C

    Postnatal depression

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where I could talk about it x
  4. X

    I'm back.

    So I was told by the gp that I have postnatal depression, all in all I agree with him. I didn't at first but I now look back and realize that I probably do. I have 3 children 6,3 & my youngest being 7 months old. & I love them all lots. I have had spouts of depression over the years since I was...
  5. C

    Wrexham County Borough

    Wrexham and surrounding areas Advance Brighter Futures Advance Brighter Futures Belmont House 3 Belmont Road Wrexham LL13 7PW  01978 364 777 [email protected] Vision: To ensure that no individual experiencing mental health problems ever feels like they are on their own. Mission: To work...
  6. F

    Advising women with depression about having children isn't babying them

    Advising women with depression about having children isn't babying them If there's one thing that people with experience of depression fear most in life, it's depression coming back. The thought of being dragged again into a moribund swamp of emptiness, ennui and self-hatred is terrifying...
  7. F

    Postnatal depression blood test breakthrough

    British doctors have identified the first advance blood test for postnatal depression, it was reported on Monday. The development could see pregnant women have a £10 screening test that would allow those found to be at risk to receive treatment before they give birth. Professor Dimitris...
  8. U

    postnatal psychosis?

    Hey people, ok so im just wondering, could postnatal psychosis ever come back? I had hypomanic, depressive episodes before i had my son but was never psychotic until after i had my son an got postnatal psychosis, i recovered but jus wondering could it ever come back or if i get depressed etc...
  9. O

    postnatal depression, is it?

    Feeling low majority of the time, difficulty sleeping... Cant blame the baby he goes through! Feelings of despair and suicidal thoughts more frequent after hospital saga... Paranoid and stressed. Some days i do nothing but clean and try and finish doing my house up, i dont know where i get the...
  10. S

    *new member* not sure whats wrong with me

    Hello all, im completely new to this forum, actually ive never used forum at all. Ive just got to a point where I feel like im so alone in how im feeling, and need to share. this is quite a lengthy post but i thought i would explain things properly, thanks. It all really started wen I was...
  11. P

    Pre And post Natal Depression Advice and Support

    Hi, I suffered postnatal depression after the birth of my son Andreas in February 2010. I felt really alone and like i had to keep all my thoughts and feelings to my self. I had brilliant support from my husband but really struggled. I went back to work after 10 weeks and hated it every time...
  12. M

    hi i'm chris

    i just turned 23 and live with my partner of 7 years with our 2 daughters aged 6 years and 10 months. i was diagnosed with postnatal depression when my youngest was 7 weeks old. since then i have been on various doses of different types of antidepressants, i attended a postnatal depression group...
  13. B

    stressed out introduction

    :cry: hi my name is margaret,username bettyboop78. i have been poorly for a long time.started off as postnatal depresstion after my second child.my first daughter kirstin died age 4 1/2 months.i was fine after her passing age 21yrs.i spent my 21st birhday by her bedside,so i missed alot but i...
  14. E

    this child

    when i was sixteen i had a little boy. the birth was traumatic and pretty soon afterwards i started experiencing extreme post natal depression. i couldn't cope with the responsibilities of motherhood and started dissolving under the pressures, unable to create a bond with the baby and growing...
  15. Fluffymum

    Hi there

    Hi just a little message to introduce myself, I'm not so new to the oh so lovely world of mental health, my biggest problem at the moment has been post natal depression but I'm now questioning a condition I questioned years ago. I'm a Mum to an 11 month old gorgeous girl and wife to my brilliant...