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  1. Z

    Possibly just mood swings, possibly something greater/deeper

    After a night characterized by dejection and some less than wholesome thoughts, I felt a sudden, yet profound, change. It was as though a spirit entered my body and reinvigorated it. I thereupon devised a fairly preposterous plan (objectively speaking) that I intend to earnestly pursue. As of...
  2. hopefulthinking

    the unspoken rule of thought broadcasting

    Is there a really is this unspoken Rule and it's not people just being assholes and l saying it to somebody.... Can someone who is going through the same thing as me possibly in the same area as me...nj... Meet up and be able to tell each other the facts.. ? Just a suggestion.
  3. W

    Hello Everyone.. I Have Some Questions I need to ask?

    I haven't been diagnosed with any mental disorder but I have a few questions??? I'm going to explain what I have actually been experiencing... In all honesty I haven't ever actually came to ask advice from a mental health forum... I just felt weird doing it but in all honesty I actually kind of...
  4. cpuusage

    Why We Should Take Demonic Possession Seriously

    Why We Should Take “Demonic Possession” Seriously | The Huffington Post The Growing Evidence for Demonic Possession: What Should Psychiatry’s Response be? | Stafford Betty - Academia.edu "I place many of my articles on academia.edu so anyone can read them. One of them, “The Growing Evidence...
  5. Kerome

    Jiddu Krishnamurti on the Roots of Psychological Disorder

    I thought this was interesting because it speaks to the boundary between psychological dysfunction and spirituality from the perspective of a possibly enlightened being. It is actually a round table, also involving a few other notable scientists of the time, including Rupert Sheldrake.
  6. F

    At the end of my reserves

    Hello all. New to the forum and need help. I've heard and seen things since I was 14. I've been brought up an a very abusive environment and been treated as a literal punching bag for most of my childhood... many years and experiences later I find myself here looking for something. Anything. I...
  7. BorderlineDownunder


    haven't seen this b for a while but shes back Barbara is what I jokingly refer to my Worse Half as the BPD half I suppose I go through daily BPD BS but Barbara is a deeper change; possibly why a therapist suggested Bipolar II. Anyway, shes in town. Today. And I don't know if I can make her...
  8. P

    BPD How to get diagnosis and help.

    Desperately need help for my 16 year old daughter and believe she possibly has BPD.
  9. N

    Could the symptons be, that, of a cold?

    Hi All, For the past few days, I haven't been very well, with a sore neck, brushed that off, and now a sore throat, I haven't had a cold, not for a good few years now, so I'm having a slight problem in deciphering whether if it is a cold, I'm going through. It is a sore throat at the moment...
  10. Bell394

    Hello, I'm Bell394

    Hello everyone, I decided to join this community because I am currently suffering with cyclothymia, which I think might be progressing into bipolar. I feel awful 24/7,either high or low they both are awful. New meds haven't kicked in yet, I'm still getting used to my diagnosis as I have always...
  11. M

    New and in need of advice

    Hi, so I'm new to this group, but sadly not so new to mental health issues. I've had depressive periods to a range of extents over the past four years, I'm 18 now. More recently however there has been something else going on which I'm wondering may be signs of possibly anxiety or something. So I...
  12. F

    OCD making it miserable to live at home?

    Im a junior in high school with severe contamination OCD. I have been diagnosed by a psychologist but i no longer see her because not only was she very very rude, but CBT is terrifying. My obsessions mainly focus around my moms cold sores (herpes.) She is not careful AT ALL about it. She will...
  13. M

    30 Year Silent Sufferer

    Hi all Just joined up to your wonderful forum and am hoping that in the days,weeks, months and years to come you will be able to help me through some of the many demons i face on a daily basis, including; Relationship anxiety with my current boyfriend Social Anxiety Anger and also just the...
  14. Tired Daisy

    I'm really a nice guy

    I have my Titanic home by that I mean its luxury, its got the wow factor like an Edwardian home and I can smoke cigars in front of my mirror by the fire place feeling proud but miserable in a cool posh way and offer you a glass of brandy or a glass of my quality wine. I 'm not a Tory voter or...
  15. calypso

    Terrible day and Pdoc appt tomorrow

    I've been SO low today, really bad. Its like a compulsion to self harm, its almost over powering. I've resisted, but only by working very hard on it all day. The 'man' is still there despite the new meds which I am taking. He is a bit more mumbled, but gets through and throws memories at me...
  16. Rosenoir

    Voice said my name?

    Over ten years ago I had 2 or 3 experiences. I was alone each time when a voice whispered my name. About 7 years ago I was home alone when I heard a deep sounding voice say "Yoooou". These are the only times I remember hearing voices. I've had OCD since I was a child, and I had an episode of...
  17. BorderlineDownunder

    My DBT Group

    I've just started this after a year of waiting so thought it might be helpful to share. First of all I missed the first session - I called before Christmas and the message got lost. Then I missed half of the 2nd session - I had Court the next day and had to prepare. I went for No 3 No 4 I...
  18. S

    How to stop catastrophising?

    Currently, I'm going through a phase where my dad who has depression is being really moody and obstinate and refusing to speak to my sister. Doesn't sound so bad does it? But in my anxiety-addled brain, I'm wondering what happens if they never make up and he never speaks to her again, how will...
  19. B

    new year same problems....

    so new year is here and well nothings changed.. possibly worse... really think taking an OD is best thing for me... save a lot of pain for other people
  20. A

    I don't know what to do...

    I'm desperate. I've been crying for the last couple of hours, nonstop. The antipsychotic medication that i've been on for a few years - and easily saved my life - has started giving me really bad side effects. Side effects that are listed under the "Possibly life threatening, stop taking and...