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  1. L

    What visuals make you feel better? Need your help :)

    Hi guys! I would really love your input for a design project I am doing. I'm designing pull up banners to use at mental health support group meetups and I really want to know what people would want to see on these- shapes, colours, illustration styles? Whatever it is, if it makes you feel...
  2. D

    Would you give your depression to another human?

    Many people believe depression is a curse which i agree with but after years of having depression i think ive tricked myself into seeing its positive affects. For instance I appreciate the time i have with family and friends alot more and try my best to keep in them good moments as much as...
  3. U

    Afraid to talk to therapist?

    A few weeks ago I signed up for online therapy. I can't afford in person therapy, and I really shouldn't be wasting money on online either because I don't make much (part time work/in college) but it seems like a better option than just continuing to feel bad forever. I don't feel comfortable...
  4. B

    Saying It’ll Be Alright doesn’t Mean it Will

    I surround myself with a lot of people who are positive and give me positive feedback. They are just that type. Don’t know why... when I look at their lives, I think, wow. I’m glad I don’t have kids or a marriage or mortgage. But just saying it will be okay doens’t make it so. Every now...
  5. M

    Good is an actual quality like water that we need to "drink"

    Psychologists often divide emotions into two categories: intrinsically positive and intrinsically negative (i.e. feeling good and feeling bad). I have every reason to think this division is true based upon my own personal experience. After all, positive and negative, good and bad, light and...
  6. M

    A positive mindset/attitude is not enough

    Many people would tell you that, if you want your life to have good value, joy, beauty, love, and worth, to have a positive mindset where you believe that your life is good, beautiful, joyful, loving, and worth living. But it was never about the mindsets (our ways of thinking) themselves...
  7. Prairie Sky

    Insight into Hypomania?

    Having been depressed for most of my life up to this point, any break in the depression is a reprieve and a breath of fresh air. Yet since my diagnosis of bipolar II these times when my head breaks above the surface have a frightening aspect of their own. How does one tell the difference...
  8. P

    Intrusive Thoughts or Something More?

    I constantly deal with Intrusive thoughts of a sexual nature involving children. This time was different though, I saw a child, a young girl of about 10 to 12 years. Then the thoughts started up, however, they felt positive and I did not fight them like I usually do, they felt like attraction...
  9. M

    I Need Help with My Voices and Mood Swings

    I have a recurring voice who hates my guts and wants me to literally kill myself. If I'm distracted I'm usually fine, but if I make a mistake she uses that opportunity to put me down to try to make me suicidal. At the same time, I also have mood swings where I'll get extremely depressed for no...
  10. Asherah of the Sea

    Positive Affirmations

    So I did this thing where I went to a bunch of sites and saved over a hundred Positive Affirmations and cut and pasted them to a wall, accented by cute pictures of lolcats that used to make me laugh. It works some days, but not all the time... At first I found them nauseating. I put them on a...
  11. AliceinWonderland

    10 Reasons why you should never be ashamed of your mental illness

    From Ditch the Label, an organisation that provides anti-bullying support 10 Reasons Why you Should Never be Ashamed of your Mental Illness - Ditch the Label I liked this article, quite positive and straight-talking imo. Good advice to aspire to I think. I agree mental illness needs to be...
  12. L

    How to pick yourself up again after sooo many falls?

    Hi All, I've had so many loses and knocks in life. I was always determined to be posititive - I looked for the silver lining in everything. But you would not believe my luck. I have worked my way up the snakes-and-ladders board so many times. Gone down all the snakes and on the rare occasion...
  13. blacksmoke

    Why Positive THin

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  14. A

    hedge botherer

    i took on a new role over the weekend, just a simple volunteering role and it turned out really badly. Two shortish shifts and I go all wrong. Had been feeling increasingly well and positive for a good wee while there, felt like maybe i was turning things around, that i was working out a way to...
  15. S

    How can I stay positive

    My daughter in MH unit getting worse waiting for funding for priory. I'm going to end up in the unit too Not coping. Don't feel like there's a point anymore. How can I stay positive for my daughter?
  16. R_Sxo

    Are Therapists Doing Their Job Properly?

    Hi all! Through my study of Psychology, I noted that a fundamental part of therapy is that the therapist is supposed to show "unconditionally positive regard" (=being positive all the time) in order to reduce the sense of worthlessness in the patient. I was wondering how far this proved to be...
  17. T

    How voices keep me from doing things

    The punishment from having hallucinations are that they act up exactly when I'm starting to feel good and positive. For example, I was feeling happy and positive and was ready to go to "the gym" to work out but the voices seemed to coincide acting up around the time I started feeling bad and...
  18. W

    On the Plus Side -- Benefits derived from having Voices !!

    Well Folks we usually hear different forms of negative rants about the Voices that infect us. A few years ago after realizing that I cant make these Voices go away no matter what or what ever medications I take, I had resolved to turn around and derive some good out of the voices: The following...
  19. N

    Hi, I'm new

    Hi everyone I'm new hope everyone's all as well as can be. Love to make friendships with people who have suffered similar situations to me or different just to chat lend a hand to help one an other. We all have traumatic experiences or painful situations that occur in life it's good to talk and...
  20. sunset547544

    Silver Linings

    Do you think all clouds really do have a silver lining? I.e all your struggles with mental health problems, are there really any positive benefits in other aspects of your life? If so, what are they? If so, how large are they compared to the clouds?