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  1. F

    Just diagnosed

    Hi all, I have just been diagnosed with BPD after years and years of suffering since I was about 13 (I’m now 20). I’m having an absolute nightmare. I currently take Citalopram for the anxious side of things but NOTHING helps the other aspects other than just riding them out. I’m currently...
  2. M

    Just want myself fixed

    Apart from not hurting myself, I just want my mental health fixed so I can live a normal life just like everyone else. Nothing else truly matters at this point. I can't put it in words to anyone how much it would mean to me. All unnecessary, unwanted and negative focus would disappear. My...
  3. M

    Why positive emotions are everything (brief statement)

    If a person loses his voice, he can no longer sing. If a person loses his legs, he can no longer walk. If a person loses his sight and hearing, he can no longer see and hear. Likewise, when a person loses his happy emotions due to clinical depression or any other factor, he can no longer love...
  4. EarthDreams


    Hi all! I am new to this forum and I don't really do introductions well so I think I will just spit out a bunch of random things about me and see if that works. ~ I live in the United States ~ I hope that I can get support on here for my mental problems. ~ I love animals. ~ I have been...
  5. D

    back to black

    Hi, I wish I wans't back on here, it's been a little while.. I was doing so great, I found a way to study what I wanted, but it's on the internet which means no scholarship, so I work a lot to pay the studies and it was going pretty well but my dad kicked me out I stay at people's houses and...
  6. fazza

    Positivity Can kiss my yellow daffodil ass

    Well i was offered CBT 5 times over the years by different doctors and it never happend. So i took the self help option. Learned how to change negative thinking in to positive thoughts. Got myself a job Ended my benefit claims working hard with overtime constantly being driven by positive...
  7. S

    Hey everyone

    Hey All, I just thought I'd introduce myself. Im Silent, Im on this group to seek guidance and to learn more on mental health. Im currently seeking a mental health person. Ive experienced , black outs, voices, memory loss, sensitivity. on a positive note I love horses and dogs. :)
  8. F

    Unemployed, I have just had a positive telephone call!

    Just had a positive phone call from a major UK employer that I want to get a job with. I know it's only putting my cv forward, but it means I am doing something right regarding my application. I am just so pleased. I wanted to share it with you. I need to get a job to sort out my life...
  9. J

    Have You Learned Something From Your Illness?

    Hey People. : ) (I haven't posted for several months however it's wonderful to see all you Guys again.) I was just wondering have you learned something (positive) from your illness … And would you be willing to share it? Cheers.
  10. M

    Supporting my son

    Hello again! I know I have already posted once this morning in regards of my friend but this post is about my son. My son is 15, he's transgender (female to male). In short the past few years have been tough for him. He spent some time living with his dad, this broke down and certain services...
  11. aspieguy1984

    Think positive thoughts they say!.... Yea...OK...

    Im trying to get my life back together, job,taking my meds taking responsibility for my wrong doingings etc. My wife, my lady friend, counselor, therapist,mom, etc. All tell me to think positive, have positive thoughts etc. They all dont know whats going on in my head, i feel the last 5-6...
  12. Deadheading

    Don't ever tell me to look for the silver lining

    I've just been disappointed with yet another fruitless attempt of finding a friend online. And yes, it was a certifiably waste of time because it was brief. It wasn't lasting. Finding friends is very hard, and doing it online is the only way I can do it. I'm not going to approach someone if I...
  13. 8SonDer8

    Hello Forum :)

    Hi! Struggling with Anxiety & Depression, Diagnosed w/ mild Borderline Personality Disorder (whatever that means) & recovering alcoholic,, almost 4 years. Life has been a mountain of challenges always, and I've been struggling with depression since I was 18 years old, though I think I've only...
  14. T

    I guess this is hello :)

    Hi everyone, I'm Tricky Question, mainly because today I'm trying to make a positive effort to pick myself up and the question of deciding on a user name was actually too much of a tricky question. I have PTSD, depression and anxiety. I have up days and low days , both at the extreme level...
  15. N

    You never hear anything positive about schizophrenics?

    Everything is always very negative. You always hear about schizophrenics hurting or murdering people. On television programs and newspapers they always use “psychotic” in the wrong context. You never hear about the vast majority of schizophrenics being good, caring people that experience...
  16. S

    Newbie saying hi :)

    Hi all :) Rather looking forward to share my experiences with others and to read what other like-minded people have to say. This is my first time joining a forum, so I hope this will be a positive learning experience for me. Just gonna jump right into it though: How do I know whether my...
  17. P

    A Positive Step

    I just submitted my first University essay (for a take home exam) since I survived my suicide attempt. I wanted to tell someone about how much it feels like I have accomplished something, but I know at this point my friends are sick of hearing it and they cannot really understand. The effort it...
  18. Z

    Here is the link to a very positive article on BPD

    Researchers have found that people diagnosed as borderline are also uncannily empathetic and sensitive to others, although they may struggle to rein those feelings in.
  19. Kerome

    The theory of positive disintegration

    I’ve been reading about this and thought it’d be worth putting up. A short summary: Basically the theory says that as you explore the dilemma’s inherent in being, you will encounter various problems leading to neuroses. By resolving these problems you either put them to rest or if not, store...
  20. B

    Is it reasonable to cut toxic people from life with no warning?

    I've found myself in a situation where I have had to remove negative people from my life because I am tired of the drama they bring. I am currently too exhausted to care anymore and I just don't see any benefit of having them around. 1. Narcissistic 2. Complainers who bring nothing positive 3...