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  1. R


    Hi All, another New one and would just like to introduce myself.....I have been stalking the page for a few days and thought I would finally take the plunge and register. 🙈 Not sure which box i Fall into if there is such a thing (I'm sure I pop into a few in all honesty) so this is a sorry in...
  2. L

    I have anxiety, and hit the panic button

    I have anxiety and depression; ive had them fir at leasf 5 years. I generally have been better but sometimes I do something and hit the panic button, this was one of the situations. I got a funko pop last week, i left it on the side, it took around 3 weeks to arrive from america. The funko...
  3. H

    Thought I'd pop in to say Hi 🙂

    Well hi 🙈
  4. T


    Hi all, I am new here; thought I would pop on and say hello :)
  5. B

    Being the patsy

    I,m currently living somewhere else until next Friday, & the guy living downstairs keeps asking me to buy him snax. He hasn't even started drinking the root beer I bought him last month. He asked for club soda yesterday & told me I could have the rest of the pop I bought. There is a sale at the...
  6. V

    What music do people like?

    I find music to be very very helpful to my mental health, especially my depression. I like all different types of music. I hardly ever find people who like the same stuff as me. I'd say most my favourite stuff falls under the title rock/ pop rock / pop punk / metal etc etc. What does everyone...
  7. W

    Hi though I'd write a quick introduction

    Hello I'm new to the site I'm currently suffering from depression anxiety and paranoia have been on and off for 3 years more on than off thought I'd pop in and introduce myself 😀
  8. O

    Focus OCD

    One obsession I have struggled with for a very very long time (and still do) is focus OCD. All that I have read doesn't really address this. It started by the worry of not being able to focus during collegiate exams. The worry of not being able to focus causes me to not be able to focus and...
  9. E

    here is my swan song in pop culture

  10. Gajolene

    Silly Happy Thread

    A place to post, Silly fun stuff to bring a smile for anyone who needs it, I'm starting by posting a crazy silly oriental pop video. JD loves these, it made us all have a good laugh today.
  11. mrlaurel

    wish me luck.................

    morning folks.... am I really this frecking stupid? I have agreed to go to do some crimbo shopping today :thumbdown: I must be :mad: I spent the whole of yesterday sorting the laptop out and reinstalling window's so if that wasn't enough stress I now have the joy of crimbo shops, dodgy...
  12. R


    im from bucks too, theres nobody on that forum so thought id pop in here, its kind of local ish :) Raven
  13. dodo777

    Being bullied by council estate bully.

    I am 52 with a bad hip suffering from mental health and feeling like crap now I got this guy much bigger than me giving me hassle every time he sees me. He has the reputation of being a hard man. Don't know what I've done to him but does a bully need an excuse .I don't go out much but when I...
  14. T

    Struggling and miss you

    Ho hum! Feeling a bit lost tonight, so off to bed. I see people have been calling in on the forum, but no one has really posted in this section. I miss you all. If you get a chance pop in and say hello to other on this thread. Thinking of you all and sending you peaceful thoughts. best wishes...
  15. F

    Hi there Im new :o)

    Hello everyone Just thought Id pop in and say hello. J xx :grin:
  16. Weasel

    Do you go out everyday ?

    I live near a busy main road , where there is lots of cafe's, takeaways and shops, so I pop out everyday Except tomorrow, I'm waiting in for a parcel delivery so iv'e got everything in.
  17. J


    Hi guys sorry not been on having a hard time and not feeling to well. Anyway just thought I would pop in to say hi and hope u r all well x:)
  18. mrlaurel

    morning one and all......

    hi everyone, hows things going? you doing ok? up too much? I'm scoring 5.5 on the ogdenometer so not bad at all.............. just about to pop out and see what I can buy nice food wise, I have £10 to last me a week......... hope you are OK stan:salut:
  19. J

    Stayed away but now I'm back again

    Just thought I'd pop in to say hello to all. Have not been on here for a while...hope everyone is doing ok x
  20. mrlaurel

    morning all....

    hi guys and gals, how we all doing? I've had abetter night sleep and feel around a4.5 on the ogdenometer so better than yesterday (for now) any plans for the day? I have to pop out to the shops later but could just as well stay home.... can't be arsed to get dressed........ stan :salut: