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  1. T

    Wish me luck

    So tomorrow I'm off to the fire station for. 3 day course on team building, first aid and God knows what else I am really anxious about it If they tell us to take our clothes off and dance around the poll I am definately leaving LOL
  2. chesterking

    Poll: How much do people believe in what I say?

    It would be interesting to know how much of what I say people believe is true or partially true?
  3. SomersetScorpio

    What's your sign?

    I'm not trying to chat anybody up, unless anybody wants me to, of course. Just curious, because I like astrology. Don't reply telling me you think i'm odd and that astrology is a load of wafty, hippy rubbish, because that'll spoil my fun.. m'kay? :peace: I was going to try and do a poll, but...
  4. Mayfair

    Do YOU think that you are mentally ill?

    I'm again thinking hypothetically: If you forget what the doc has told you. If you forget medicine. If you lived somewhere away from people who are judgmental. If you think of YOU. And who YOU are, do you think you are mentally ill? - I'll put up a poll. It'll be anonymous, but I'll...
  5. bert tomato

    What anti-psychotic are you taking (POLL)

    I am on Abilify.
  6. T

    not sure obout zoloft after setback

    3 weeks ago , i no its not long enough yet. i did a straight taper from cymbalta to zoloft, no withdrawl to shout about just got on with it , felt relieved to be off cym, and was started on 50mg zoloft for fist week now on 100mg last 2 weeks,dont no if i went through a honeymoon period but seem...
  7. A

    Please participate on my Blog Poll

    Hi from South Africa, I have put up a Poll on my blog at http://alcoholism-alifesentence.bl... It deals with the tricky question of Alcoholism, Depression, Anxiety and Addiction. How related are they? Are we depessed or drunk first? Are we always drunk because we are Anxious and Addicted? How...
  8. yakuza

    Mental Health poll reveals Stigma

    Interesting poll from Rethink http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7514115.stm