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  1. V

    the reason is, relax or I will call the police, for you ...

    Hello, I also sometimes think about ending my life but do not know how without hurting me or doing something wrong though I have some ideas. I quit my job three years ago in it because I was becoming almost blind. But if I don't work in it, I can rest my eyes and be ok on that side. However I...
  2. T

    I have numerous fear; the ones I want to overcome is puppies and the police.

    Hello all, I have a lot of fears; death is one of them. I want to explain how I feared puppies though. I remember around a kid, I would laugh and play with the puppies, but I would run away from them and become scared because they would catch up with me and chew on my socks. We got our dog 5 1/4...
  3. G

    Mental health TV coming up - Saturday 5/1/2019 to Friday 11/1/2019

    Saturday 9.45pm, I Daniel Blake, BBC 2. The Ken Loach movie about benefit claimants 10pm, Ghost Asylum, Discovery Science. Apparent hauntings at abandoned mental homes 11:30pm, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Psycho Pete Returns, Vice. When Charlie and Mac's old friend Psycho Pete...
  4. FadeToBlack

    reporting a historical crime to police

    I spoke to someone online who told me I needed to report a crime so that the people responsible get punished so they cannot do the same to others. The problem is this all happened between 1999 and 2004. I did email the Police, and they were very concerned. The problem is that I don’t know all...
  5. S

    Husband Sectioned tonight 😞

    So managed to get husband a 2 night stay on a clinical psychiatrist unit tonight, but refused to go in when got there his family held him down and police arrested him 😫 How the he'll do things get better from this 🤔
  6. D

    Sinking and no one to turn to

    Hi, I'm brand new here, I've arrived because my depression has hit it's worst depths ever. I've felt myself falling for a while now but had plateau'd at what felt like a manageable level, I was just about keeping my head above the water, fragile but surviving. That is until my partner of 5 years...
  7. D

    Hate Crime And Cheshire Cops

    Your a c##t, so called mental health problem, scrounger, go kill yourself, Broadmoor awaits. It is not the sort of message you expect or want on your seventh wedding anniversary but that was awaiting me among my Facebook messages. At the time I was living in Uganda with my wife and stepchildren...
  8. A

    Making a complaint

    I live in 24/7 supported housing. Been struggling lately. I decided I needed to speak to the police for support so mental health matters advised me just to let staff know what I was doing. The staff member I spoke to told me I'd be wasting police time (even though police had given me the...
  9. mami5

    Need help, support, advice....anything...please?

    As some of you already know I have a very abusive and controlling ex husband.....well he's back to his old tricks and has been emailing me today. So far this year he has managed to avoid paying maintenance for our youngest son....so now they intend to take it straight from his wages...plus some...
  10. mami5

    Should I tell the police?

    They are trying to kill me. I've made the mistake of telling them what I know about them.....now they've got it in for me. They've waited until now.....but are doing it. I know....I'm not stupid. Told them at drop in today. Thing is......should I tell the police.....or are they in it too?
  11. Poopy Doll

    I won't evict tenant

    I won't evict the tenant even though yesterday the police came here looking for her and child protective services also came plus the Grandfather showed up, all of them at once. My tenant "kidnapped" her 11 year old son from the Grandfather who has sole custody. She made an emotional decision...
  12. S

    anger, mania bullying

    My husband's personality has completely changed to an angry nasty person who says he feels nothing for me at all. He suffers from depression and anxiety ...I am not sure what an accurate diagnosis is for him. I am his third wife. He has a tendency to shut down, I never knew how badly. He moved...
  13. Guy12182

    Well Being Not Good!

    I've already explained my situation on here a lot. So if you know you will understand. Things just got even worse today. The cops were called on me at my home/apartment just because I was in her room, where I've been staying for the last 20 friggen years, getting my clothes out of the closet so...
  14. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Threatened by Sly Neighbour

    Thread deleted cos the sly criminal fuck is not worth it lol ;)
  15. S

    Work pressure

    Background - I suffer from depression but am medicated so no longer have feelings of self harm. I currently work for the police and due to cut backs I am under enormous pressure in my current role. 2 days ago I had a minor meltdown whilst working at home. My wife told me to go off sick and...
  16. G

    Mental health TV shows - Saturday 21/4/2018 to Friday 27/4/2018

    Ruby Wax is touring again - How To Be Human Book Tour 2018 More dates;​ Sat 21st April Northern Stage Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne Sun 22nd April, Clwyd Theatre Cymru, Mold Tues 15th May, Alban Arena, St Albans Thurs 17th May, Cheese and Grain, Frome Fri 18th May, Cheese and Grain, Frome Sun...
  17. J

    Police involvement in anxiety and panic attacks - relationship advice

    Hello there. First time posting here. I was hoping for some advice on a situation between my partner and I which occurred recently. She suffers from severe anxiety diagnosed not long ago and has suggested that a recent scenario was entirely due to her experiencing a panic attack. I'm quite new...
  18. R

    My introduction.

    Feb. 8, 2018 Since no one will listen to my side of the story i am going to tell it here. Two nights ago I was having a bad night, I was feeling down not feeling great, I went into Jessicas room and sat on the floor, we talked a little and yes I was crying. I felt like I was not getting the...
  19. S

    Help breaking away from bpd partner

    I have never posted on a forum before also I have never had such negative emotion in my life and I need help to stop all this chaos in my life. My ex girlfriend who is diagnosed with ptsd and I am sure she is borderline she shows all the symptoms I have never been with such a chaotic women who...
  20. N

    Police record

    Hello all, Years ago when I was very poorly I done something stupid and I was taken into cusody. I was allowed out on bail to then go court. Anyway I was prosecuted and have a police record. My employers are asking for my police record due to the job I do. I am embarrassed of my police...