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  1. M

    Can anyone reassure me

    Hi all I'm new here...My husband and I both get PIP (he has physical conditions and depression and anxiety) I have more mental health conditions with a couple of Iess severe physical conditions so my claim is predominately on the mental health side. My husband transferred successfully to pip...
  2. P

    Scored 15 points and put in wrag

    Hi people i went for a ESA medical 30/7/2018 and got letter through saying i have been put from the support group to WRAG group. i am very anxious about this whole thing (working life is what ruined me) i have already asked for a breakdown of how they came to this conclusion and there is one or...
  3. shaky

    PIP application

    I'm filling out an application for PIP Having gone through thequestions for a second time I feel that I deserve 15 points - whcih should get me the higher rate but last time I did this (5 years ago) I thought tath and got zero points It is weird reading what doctors have said about me. A...
  4. K

    MR Letter For Post Thursday

    My GF suffers from bipolar 1, we put together an application for switching from DLA to PIP. On a paper based assessment we scored 11 points (standard) for care and 4 for mobility. I must admit I was surprised at the 11 but just 1 more would have given us enhanced. I wasn’t surprised at mobility...
  5. ScaredCat

    PIP changes

    Just wondering if anyone has any idea who is likely to benefit from mobility u turn. Eg if you got points for mobility but not enough is it possible that the points awarded may be increased
  6. K


    I'm not sure if I should attend my esa tribunal or just do a paper decision I'm on esa for anxiety and depression and suffer really bad I got no points at my medical and I'm terrified of loosing my benefit any advice would be great 😊
  7. Mr.NiceGuy

    Heard whispers wrong before

    Voices can be hard to interpret because they often piggy back on sound waves around you and become indistinct. Have you ever misinterpreted what voices said to you and steered your thinking in the direction it points?
  8. naominash

    What would you rate your mental health treatment so far?

    I give mine 8 out of 10. Just now, my treatment team guy was just telling me about how in his training, they said each patient is the expert on their own case. I just thought that was so great. I'm doing advanced directives for my own treatment in case I get sick again. Also, cool. There have...
  9. S

    PIP Tribunal Hearing

    My appeal was turned down. Although i was awarded 6 points more than the nothing i had before.ive opted to attend the hearing.
  10. S

    PIP Assessment - Declined Daily Living Component

    Hi, I recently underwent an assessment with Capita at my home, requesting a female assessor due to the fact it is almost impossible for me to communicate with males due to suffering from PTSD after leaving a very violent and controlling relationship (please note I also suffer from agoraphobia...
  11. H

    Double mind - you just got to master it!!!

    For 20 years I have been working as a voulontair amongst severly ill mental pasients as well as having an environmental inflicted bipolar 1 dissorder myself. The philosofy of help by no help in other Words not to make People crypples by helping them With Things they With som effort can manage...
  12. A

    I had an ESA Assessment and am scared :(

    I had an ESA medical assessment on Thursday 3rd April (yesterday) and feel so nervous about the outcome. I suffer with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I told the assessor i have anxiety and the difficulties i have going out meeting people. My mum attended the assessment with me as i find it...
  13. T

    Should my DLA be reinstated?

    Hello folks.. I was on long term sickness benefit (ESA now) with DLA entitlement due to mental health and physical health issues.. I was sent to an Atos medical and they after a 5 minute assessment they failed me giving me only 6 points. I appealed and after waiting a year and a half of living...
  14. B

    Dreaded atos and nil points

    After the death of my husband and my mum being diagnosed with cancer in the same year i went into total meltdown, my only option at the time not being able to cope wrongly now i know was to end my own life with an overdose, thank god i came to my sences before i took to many tablets. Was looked...
  15. AndyfromScotland

    Please, can anyone help? (In tears)

    Hi folks, I've not been on here in a long time. My mood took a nosedive at the weekend and I'm having suicidal thoughts. My self harm has hit new levels. I saw the shrink today and like usual didn't get a chance to ask questions or put my points across. 2 GP's in A and E told me "there's...
  16. P

    Please read ... Going from long term IB > ESA WRAG group - have I done the right thing?

    Please read ... Going from long term IB > ESA WRAG group - have I done the right thing? Hi, thank you for reading, I am so worried about all this and unsure if I have done the right thing! Little back ground - I was taken out of work by my doctor for my health and safety and for the past 15 or...
  17. L


    :confused: I had Atos exam in February. French lady doctor gave me 15 points because of my mental health problems. When I got decision from Ireland I had 0 points and had to get sick notes. I have been on sick with mental health problems since 1985. I appealed and on 28/11 won my appeal. Was...
  18. J

    letter from the tribunal

    As some people know I have had issues with my claim for almost 2 years. Today I received a letter off the tribunal. I am probably just being thick here but I am not exactly sure what this means. My head is a bit exhausted with all this right now and I have been so tempted just to walk away from...
  19. M

    Failed WCA overturned by writing to ATOS Customer Relations

    Hello I have had long term complex mental health problems with PTSD agoraphobia and an eating disorder. I was assessed by ATOS in 2012 and put into the support group. I had a difficult year and was assessed again in February 2013. This time I was given no points at all and it was said that I...
  20. D

    what if i become manic at tribunal?

    Hi all ive got to go to a tribunal and im wondering if i get aggressive while answering questions? Will they refuse my appeal ive been on mood swing pills for years so they should know what im like under pressure? I got 12 points at medical and the bloke i saw was a phisio he was not a mental...