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    ROCD and long distance relationship, can anyone relate please?

    Hi so I’ve been dealing with ROCD/POCD/HOCD for some time now and in a couple of weeks I’ll be moving to London for an incredible job opportunity, the only thing is that my girlfriend is moving FROM London back up north to where we’re from (so essentially swapping around). My ROCD is already...
  2. A

    losing the will..has anyone ever had this obsession before?

    Hi so I’ve recently started Fluoxetine 20mg for the first time ever 7 days ago to help with severe POCD/HOCD/ROCD (I’m a lad), don’t really know if it’s working much yet although I did have a couple of really obsession free days last weekend. Anyway, one of my Hocd triggers a while ago was a...
  3. A

    Please help..If anyone could answer I’d be so so grateful! (HOCD/POCD/ROCD)

    Hi I’m not going to go into great detail about my history and situation because I feel like I’ve done this before and I’m so exhausted now, I just would like to ask a few questions to anyone who can help me. 1. How do you break the cycle in terms of not having the thoughts but remembering you...
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    Black Mirror HOCD trigger? Anyone relate?

    Hi, I just watched the new Black Mirror episode Striking Vipers and it essentially follows a married man who turns out to be gay with one of his friends and has been lying to his wife/kids for some time. This is like one of my core fears of happening, something that I often think that I don’t...
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    Can anyone relate/fully get their life back?

    I’m in a really bad place at the moment and I’ll just summarise my situation... Mild/Normal social anxiety until last summer when me and my girlfriend spent time apart due to university commitments. Started with HOCD thoughts but didn’t take over my life...until Xmas when I finally plucked...
  6. F

    Yet another POCD update (fingers crossed)

    OK. So, yeah. Here I am again and my POCD has been conspiring against me in a number of ways today. I have it nearly sorted out in seems, only once I seemingly do, it pulls yet another fake or distorted memory from when I was 18-19 out of friggin nowhere. Last two ones it gave me nearly made me...
  7. A

    Has anyone ever got over this? (HOCD/ROCD/POCD)

    Hello, so around a year ago my general anxiety took a completely different turn when I started to spend large amounts of time apart from my girlfriend due to work/university commitments.. during this time I started to feel quite lost and developed mild HOCD which would come and go once in a...
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    POCD: update 2: Felling better.

    Hi everyone. Just writing this to let everyone know that for now, after four days of pure hell, my POCD is starting to fade away. It DID everything in its power to try and make me see myself as a former teenage sex offender/p*do by faking, twisting or even removing key details from my memories...
  9. F

    Update on my POCD crisis.

    Hi there. Some of you may remember me as the guy who kept posting those depressing messages about myself. Well, here I am to give you an update on my mental health for those that care. To start with, I'm slowly, gradually coming to terms with what caused me to join this forum in the first place...
  10. F

    My POCD nightmare.

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. I'm in my 20s and...well, basically. I'm scared out of my mind. Now, I don't have a sex life at all, so masturbation has been a big thing for me for a good number of years since pre-13. I also have a foot/tickle fetish. I've always kept either within my own age group or...
  11. A

    Need Help - OCD/depression is breaking me inside

    I’ve spoke before about HOCD/ROCD/POCD symptoms developing over the last 8 months and getting progressively worse, however in the last week they’ve all seemed to come crashing down on me at once, I can’t get 5 minutes peace, my head just feels so weighty 24/7 and it’s making me a wreck, it’s...
  12. A

    Breaking point with all types of OCD.

    Hi, I am 21 and a student. I have been dealing with general anxiety for around 2 years, until last summer when I started to get intrusive thoughts quite often. I then went to back to university for my third year, and was living with strangers and so isolated myself in my room. My girlfriend also...
  13. H

    Can HOCD/POCD take fake erection and excitement? Please help!

    Hi, i'm 20 years old guy. From young years i have Pure-OCD, now ifight with HOCD/POCD. I have groinal response and weird warm feel in my chest when i see man, and if i only hears about child. Yesterday i was seen on P*****B a film. The girl on film was 19 years old but she has a young face. When...
  14. 1

    Debilitating POCD

    I've been dealing with POCD for a good portion of my life. Recently my POCD has been unforgiving, and has made me completely question my sexuality. It's gotten to the point where I genuinely feel like I may be attracted to kids. I was monitoring my groin, as many sufferers do with this sort of...
  15. H

    Help I’m scared I’m a pedophileTRIGGER WARNING

    I’m a girl and I’m 19. Since I can remember I’ve always had fears of being things when I was younger my mom would watch murder mysteries and horrible things and I would be too scared to go to the back and play so I’d watch too. I’d always be so scared because they said the people were normal...
  16. T

    Going crazy

    I have posted a lot on here and I'm so sorry most of you are probably sick of me but I need some help with what I believe is ocd but I don't really know. To being with i have had several different topics like being being transgender murder rape incest pocd being straight most of these thoughts...
  17. D

    POCD or the real thing?

    i'm a 19 year old girl who's been having extremely intrusive thoughts regarding children for the past 8 months or so. it all started when i watched an episode of black mirror where a pedophile is blackmailed by hackers. it left me feeling super paranoid and i went through months of search...
  18. R

    Another update: Post CBT - One year on!

    Hey! I have only posted a few times on this forum I have written the occasional post about how I have been doing after CBT. But a little recap... I said before that I have had OCD from my early teens but looking back I reckon I had it from a very early age. An example of this was that if I was...