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  1. Topcat

    Loss of pleasure in things...

    So I'm not feeling like I get pleasure from anything much, but I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding what pleasure feels like, or maybe I just don't do particularly enjoyable things? I used to enjoy food and cooking, it's a chore these days. I have no libido. I struggle to read quite often...
  2. A


    I am a newbie to this forum. It's a great pleasure to be a part of this forum. Thank you for having me here.
  3. U

    I get pleasure from pain, but my mental condition is perfectly fine

    Like you can see from the title, I get pleasure from hurting myself. I think I'm getting addicted to it. I know that when your body is hurt it releases hormones called endorphins and that is why I get pleasure from hurting myself. I don't have a depression, anxiety or other mental issues, so I...

    Pain and pleasure.

    They are so miserable, but I am smiling. The pain turns into pleasure. Pain and pleasure - Wikipedia
  5. N

    Hello. With hope to hear from you

    Hello everyone! I'm new here. Let me please to say some words who am I. I have depression, anxiety, and three times I was hospitalized because of psychosis.:low: Once it happened in NYC, and twice in Russia, where I live now. I am Russian, but five years I used to live in USA. I studied...
  6. Jaminacaranda

    Is there any value in getting a late diagnosis

    I'm 65. I've always had these 'tics' and 'stims'. I remember being told off for doing them when I was a child. 60 years later, I still do exactly the same 'stims' and my son has noticed them and remarked on them. I don't consider them abnormal. The problem is, I now have quite a severe jaw...
  7. M

    Indirect self harm.

    Confess'd to my social worker today that I have paid women to hurt me. I don't get any pleasure out of it in terms of sexual pleasure. I just feel I need to be punished, and I get relief after it is done. She asked if this is happening now, I said no as I haven't the money as I spend my money...
  8. G

    Dangerous mood

    I'm seriously fucked off and I'm scared I'm gona do some serious damage to someone , I don't wanna say it coz I'll prob incriminate myself but I could kill someone pleasure I haven't been this bad in years. Does anyone else get like this and what do you do to help?
  9. M

    Nothing interesting

    sick and tired of everything. I found nothing interesting. Everyday is the same with no pleasure. I have no motivation to live. nothing none interesting. Just dragged to live
  10. M

    Can a depressed person live a meaningful life?

    In my honest opinion, the only way a person can have meaning in his/her life is through his/her hedonistic feelings of happiness and enjoyment. I am going to explain why. Having meaning in your life is a certain mental state. It is a mental state in which you look at something or someone and...
  11. E

    I find the humor ...

    I find the humor and prosperity in my hard sought for moments of sanity. I know if I erupt and dare hug and kiss anyone in this so sanctified and holly library, I shall be prosecuted as a rapist. Touching people without their permission is the worst possible fucking crime imaginable in a culture...
  12. P

    It's why the greats were sent.

    They are fishing for you the greats. With your new found freedoms and abilities you can do anything. So what's your pleasure? Music, art, writing, sports, schooling, architecture, invention, just take your pick now. They are there to sort us out so we can all later have it. We'll all be...
  13. N


    Hello, My name is Nassime, I'm 31 and I make self development since 3 years around. In my life I have succeeded to overcome many patterns like depression, addiction, understanding handicap and other deseases. Today I would like to prove that many things are possible when there is a real desire...
  14. S

    Just can't seem to give up nicotine

    It's my pleasure, I enjoy it. I like to have a smoke when I first wake. I'm trying to mainly stick to vaping, I buy the odd pack of cigs sometimes a couple of times a week, just a pack of 10 each time. I'd like to give up but I enjoy a smoke.
  15. Tired Daisy

    Feeling self harm

    Imean like not a hard type of self harm but feeling a soft kinda self harm from a woman like her holding an implement but not doing a lot of harm just causing a little harm for pleasure, oh man if Only I can find a chick. I want somebody crazy and goth who can relate to me
  16. M


    People who say that depressed people are deserving of scorn and to be called selfish have no idea what they are talking about. There are two concepts here. One is the idea of something while the other is the experience. Someone can just simply look at the idea of a depressed person feeling...
  17. M

    Will Making Yourself Pass Out Cure Anhedonia?

    I struggle with chronic anhedonia and it has lasted for over a year and a half now. But I have come up with a theory that might get rid of it for me and everyone else who struggles with it right here and now. I don't know if this will work or not, but with anhedonia, you have a chronically...
  18. M

    Joy and meaning

    I realize that my other topics were too long winded. So I wish to discuss this topic. It is an issue I am having since I struggle with depression and anhedonia and it is just plain nonsense to me to say that a depressed and anhedonic person can still have joy and meaning in their lives. I...
  19. M

    I need to seriously talk

    I mentioned many times before that I struggle with chronic 24/7 absence of pleasure as well as depression. Now here is where things get to me. They say that pleasure (our good moods) aren't all that important in life and that there is far greater meaning and joy one can have in their lives...
  20. N

    Please read

    Hello, this is my first time talking about this with anyone and I really wanna get a taste of the experience and feedback. I am 20 years old, I am a university student and a student athlete. I think I might be a psychopath. I have troubles showing feelings or even feeling emotions towards...