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  1. L


    I cant do it anymore. I dont think ill have the strength to go to er. I have a therapy session in 3 days and i dont know if i should wait to tell her before i do it. Do you know what they do if you say your planning to kill yourself!?!?!? Im sorry my brain is just so muddled and i dont know if i...
  2. S

    Anyone who knows stuff about witchcraft. Please guide me.

    I know I've been talking a lot about witchcraft here and some of you might think I already know everything there is to know about it, but the truth is I'm very lost. I don't know where to start. I've been very interested in fairy/faery magic and sea/mermaid magic and I'm thinking about starting...
  3. S


    Hi guys I have been upset and disappointed with some of my brothers during the past year. Several issues happened between us but always without fighting and always i was calm and treated everything with peace and love. Now i recieved an ammount of money from an uncle as a gift to start something...
  4. S


    All I can think about all the time is hurting and killing me can't stop crying keep on planning things in my head dont know what to do
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    breast cancer gene

    i don't know whether to be tested for it breast cancer runs in my family ,my mummy had it twice ,she had a mastectomy i spend a LOT of time worrying about what i will do if i get breast cancer because i don't think i would cope with surgery or hospital because of my mental health issues is it...
  6. B

    Struggling with mental health

    Hi I'm new to this but this is my story I'm 27 years old Im a barber had my own salon up until a year ago when I realised I had been battling mh issues for years,I use to go out and take a lot of drugs partying so from that life I tend to pick beautiful girls who just use you and recently a...
  7. S


    There all plotting and planning ways to poision and kill me don't know what to do ive been keeping my eyes on them they don't know that I know what there all up too need to be really careful
  8. S


    Woke up couple months ago to my life completely falling apart. Everyone gone. Had this girl who promised me she'd stick around no matter what. I guess I put that to the test or people just lie. Or both. Went through a delusional episode that destroyed the remnants of sanity I had left. Never...
  9. D

    Rock Bottom - I've got nothing

    I've been in and out of hospital for a while now. Doctors every week because no ones available for counselling or it takes 12645342353 days to get an appointment. My ex text me when I got out of hospital (she didn't know I was there) and asked for a relationship again. She broke the...
  10. V

    Scared of police

    One of my friends, who is familiar with psychosis, thinks corrupt police are planning to kill her. Does anyone know how I can help her?
  11. queenpink

    i give up

    i dont believe i deserve to live.I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and im only 27.Im in severe pain all the time and i get super depressed(i have clincal depression among other mental illnesses) and i now am fed up of my shitty life and people bullying me online.I am on disability so i dont do...
  12. Y

    Keeping a diary

    Has anyone here kept a diary at all for GP/Therapists on their depression, like activity/mood diary that they wouldn't mind giving an example of? Or a thought diary? Looking for some examples as I am planning on keeping one
  13. M

    looking for advice

    :thumbdown:I there i am just totally f***k o** yesterday my care co coordinator came and met the psychiatrist i am under here, apparently he is going to request all my old noed to see exactly what treatments and medication i have had,he wants to too start from scratch!!!. I guess it is a good...
  14. hiamy

    Realising I have an ED

    Hi, I'm Amy. I just turned 21 last month. I don't really know how to start this or if I'm even posting in the right place, but I decided to post on here after opening up to my cousin today. It's the first time I've really ever spoke to anyone about it or addressed I had a problem. I've only...
  15. M

    Swings and Roundabouts.

    I had no idea where to put this. All I want to say is that I have had enough of all these mood swings. One minute I'm okay, restless but okay. Next minute I'm thinking all kinds of things, (not that I would do what I'm thinking at that point, I'm better in control) Next minute I have all the...
  16. N

    Plans to attend day centre (s) today - Sinuses health problems

    HI All, Although I gained a much better decent quality of night's sleep, from 10pm until 5.45am, I am unwell today, with a bout of sinsuses. Therefore, I'll try to log onto here, and to offer my hopeful support and tips, than first thought, where I would have been planning to be out from home...
  17. valleygirl

    Scared to go to sleep

    Today is the first good day I've had in a long time. Just a few days ago I was planning to kill myself. Now I'm scared to go to sleep because I am afraid I will wake up feeling depressed tomorrow and I want the feeling good to last.
  18. C

    West Sussex

    Chichester, Worthing, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton West Sussex Horizons Worthing area - 01903 239758 Chichester area - 01243 538878 Bognor area - 01243 840933 Our service caters for the needs of individuals recovering from, or living with mental illness. We aim to provide accommodation...
  19. M

    Please help me understand what my mother is going through

    Hi all, im just wondering if anyone may be able to assist? :-) I'm 33 years old, and my mother (in her early fifties) has stated going through something that I can't quite explain and it's causing a lot of anxiety and grief, primarily due to me and the rest of my family not knowing what's going...
  20. C


    St Helens Your Way United Reformed Church King Street St Helens WA10 2JZ 01744 752 611 [email protected] Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm Accessing Your Way is designed to be as easy and straight forward as possible. We aim to make support genuinely self-directed for...