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  1. Deadheading

    I tried it again yesterday

    I had this suicide attempt planned for at least a month. I had it mentally rehearsed. I would pack my bags and leave a suicide note in my wallet. I also decided on the restaurant to go to for my last supper. As I had my dinner, I was getting more anxious. It peaked once I payed my bill. I went...
  2. S

    No rights at all, just a cash cow for the authorities, nothing is mine

    Just saved to fund this hell, as the authorities planned my life for me. Now they own me for ten pounds
  3. I

    Planned overdose

    I am sure this will get a mixed reaction, I am expecting negative ones. I just plead with you not to judge me, here it goes... I have had multiple small mixed overdoses over the past year. It has always been to punish myself. Once I had figured out what combination made me feel out of it and...
  4. S

    How do I?

    How am I going to explain and give these things to my care co ordinator with out her getting angry with me? Can I do it with out actually seeing her? Can I just leave them in an envelope at the office? Don't think so as there potentially dangerous or should I just keep them and use them on me...
  5. B

    Lost my Dad a couple days ago

    Thursday night/Friday morning, my wife woke me up about 1:30 in the morning saying 'You need to call your mom, something happened to your Dad.' I rushed out of bed and called my Mom immediately asking 'is he okay?'. My mom replied 'no'. I then asked if he was alive, and after asking a couple...
  6. R

    Is honesty the best policy?

    So I recently came to a tough decision, one that could hurt a lot of people but its the right thing to do. I've always been told that bad people dont deserve to be around other people and I'm a bad person. I've hurt everyone I love over and over. So I have a date, I have the means to do it and...
  7. althera

    can't seem to get over what my ex did to me

    We were together for nearly a year, I was beginning to feel him becoming very distant, he wouldn't stay over when he came to visit, he had a busy job but was never making time for us to do stuff together as he was either at the pub or football matches at the weekends. One weekend I decided to...
  8. Blackdog69

    When it's Bad its BAD

    Just had a relapse into a depression spell. It is the worst feeling ever I know it won't kill me but I can't have any quality of life like this..2015 has been my best year to date that I can remember for having a sustained period of good health. My life recently has been full on too much...
  9. L

    I've had enough

    I wanted to post to get it all out. I don't have anyone to speak to about this. I feel so alone. the only support I have is from the mental health team. This isn't right, your family are supposed to be there for you and listen to you and support you. ive well and truly had enough of being alive...
  10. A

    Snappy for no reason

    Ok not sure where to begin. Am 33, and have been in a series of relationships which have developed the same problems fairly quickly. I have a short temper sometimes which, although I do not purposely try to take out on others has affected relationships with my mum, friends and especially...
  11. C

    I'm no good

    Comrades, Despair is creeping in. My wife is at the end of her tether. She is a wonderful person and loves me. I am the cause of her unhappiness and it is killing me. I am mentally unable to carry out the work I studied five years for. It has been a step too far for me and I have let her and...
  12. A

    Slipping off the edge

    Hi all, I haven't been on this forum in a year or so (haven't needed to be) lately the last couple of days have been really bad. I am a bit over two years SH free, but the last few days I've really really wanted to hurt myself again. I'm currently in search of a new job (with no luck so far)...
  13. M

    It's hard staying strong

    ........... nevermind, move on :)
  14. F

    Black and white portraits of schizophrenia

    He has shot 5 of the 6 planned portraits so far. They will screen there when complete. Nic Askew | Soul Biographies » Schizophrenia https://vimeo.com/117625831
  15. idontwanna


    Hi all, Just introducing myself. 40+ yo male, living on the East Coast of Australia. Always had self-confidence and depression issues since puberty at least (don't remember much before that). Not too sure how much to share or overshare here. So I'll start with a basic share. Having a...
  16. C

    North Yorkshire

    Northallerton Mental Health Support 2 The Link Crosby Road, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL6 1DG 01609 780758 Drop in Drop In at Centrepoint is open each Monday and Wednesday from 9.30am to 12.30pm and on alternate Sundays from 10.30am to 2.30pm. Day support services MHS Day Centres...
  17. Gajolene

    Quitting Smoking

    Any tips to programs I can access for free, can't buy books, gum patches or e cigarettes? Am quitting now had not planned on it till the new year, alas I have to quit sooner. :scared::(:BLAH:
  18. E

    Undiagnosed personality disorder?

    I hope that no one is offended by this post, I am looking for answers to help my partner. I am concerned that she has undiagnosed mental health problems, but she doesn't seem to have any awareness of it. She is not in a good place at the moment. I know that no one can diagnose here, and I am not...
  19. N


    After four years with someone, it can be said they know your BPD and know how to use it to their own advantage. (At least in my situation) It seems that when he sees I'm happy or content around a family member or someone other than him, he sets out to sabotage it. If I react to him in the way...
  20. M

    My husband can't handle my biipolAr

    It's not all black or white but the grey is pretty painful.i was having bad agoraphobia the past couple days and had gone without crucial meds for several days. My husband was home at 4pm quite early for hiim yesterday.I hated asking if he would pick up my meds. He was busy on the computer until...