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  1. F

    I have got a part time job today, had to give up last full time role.

    I have just had a phone call to tell me that I have got a part time job, I start after Christmas. I had a full time job in October but I had to give it up due to continued anxiety attacks. I am hoping that this part time job will be less stressful and help me to eventually get back into full...
  2. F

    Methods to help with concentration, advice needed please

    Hi all Please could anyone recommend me some self help to aid my concentration. It can be anything! I have recently had to give up a job due to the return of some anxiety and whilst I was working I realised that my concentration wasn't great. As part of my plan to help myself when I go back...
  3. cinary

    Suicide became a option

    Ok, I know it sounds very dramatic and at the start I want to assure you that I'm not gonna do anything to myself. Now that we've got it out of the way we can start on that main topic. So I've had some issues since I was a kid really and I has been getting worse for over 10 years now. And at...
  4. October

    Mirtazapine 15mg and alcohol?

    Hi everyone! I've been dealing with depression and anxiety for years, however, I had the best 8 months of my life last year when I didn't have to deal with either of these horrible mental illnesses. I slowly tapered down to 7.5mg of Mirtazapine but as I was tapering down, I had a massive panic...
  5. A

    Feels like suicide is imminent

    I've spoken to support staff. I've spoken to mental health matters. I can't get self harm and suicide out of my head. They've both said to phone them again if I need to. They've also said phone 111 if I need to. It's something I struggle to do though because of my care plan (which we've...
  6. Z

    Possibly just mood swings, possibly something greater/deeper

    After a night characterized by dejection and some less than wholesome thoughts, I felt a sudden, yet profound, change. It was as though a spirit entered my body and reinvigorated it. I thereupon devised a fairly preposterous plan (objectively speaking) that I intend to earnestly pursue. As of...
  7. Fairy Lucretia

    closer than ever before

    if she were not here with me i would do it now am thinking thinkng my aunt isn't here every night which is good because she can't find me cant leave maddie on here own while i am dead so i thought i could wait until aunty at home plan it all out and pretend to my neighbout i am sick and can't...
  8. Funnyday

    Business plan

    Although I've worked for myself in the past. I've never constructed a business plan. I've spotted a Niche that I want to exploit. However, I need funding and all lenders will require a business plan, to even consider funding my venture. Anyone written a business plan and has got some pointers...
  9. L

    *trigger warning* suicidal

    I do not wish to burden anybody, please do let me know if deleting the post is best. Well, my family were right. I crashed down again. genuinely thought I was cured, believed god was speaking to me, thought nothing was wrong and now I'm back to where I always end up: depression. I'm so ashamed...
  10. W

    my son's battle with ocd and depression

    Hi my first time on a forum so bit nervous. Our 17 year old son has been diagnosed with severe ocd and they are using words like psychosis. Only just started meds and waiting for treatment plan. He is so sad every day and now can't be left alone. Please any advice on coping and helping him...
  11. A

    Finally plucked up the courage to phone Samaritans

    I've been feeling suicidal with strong urges. Finally plucked up the courage to phone Samaritans (I usually text). The lady I spoke to was lovely. We were on the phone for nearly an hour. I still have urges but have come up with a plan of what I'm going to do to stay safe. Dare I say, I'm...
  12. L

    really struggling

    hi im really struggling with my BPD at the moment there is alot going on in the family at the moment and im not coping with any of it and nobody understands i can be screaming and shouting one min and crying the next i spend 99% of my day in bed thinking to my self why am i here so much so that...
  13. Kerome

    The WRAP, wellness recovery action plan

    Has anyone heard about this, it’s a course that’s become quite popular over here where experience experts often give it as a course to groups of patients. It’s intended to confront people with where they are in their recovery process and how planning for progress and steps back can help you be...
  14. N

    Maintaining and Improving Weight Loss Programming

    Hi all, As i explained in another thread, I intend to workout on a regular fr equent basis, to help aid support recovery for mental health wellbeing, and also, it's a bonus if i happen to lose weight. I shall get a 12 minute workout done, in the afternoon, tomorrow, now, I am just easing back...
  15. B

    Suicide idealisation

    Hey. I suffer from Border line personality disorder and this is a new diagnosis. (3 months) and I was wondering if it's normal to constantly be thinking if suicide? I was told by my doctor it is common to use suicide as an escape of things such as a bad friendship and such but I think of it all...
  16. yumemiruhachi

    What do I even want?

    Hi guys, I think this is my official first post here but I've been lurking for a while. Been diagnosed with BPD for about 3.5 years, but have been struggling with symptoms for years before the hospitalization that put a title on it. On meds - Latuda, lamictal and Zoloft, along with vitamins...
  17. T


    Doctor prescribed Diazapine to help me cope with anxiety ( I also have depression ). I haven't taken it yet but plan to this week. Any body any experience with it? Any side effects?
  18. C

    How much weight have you gained since taking antipsychotics?

    I've put on 21 lbs in 10 months. The good news is the psychosis has completely gone now. I'm still taking my pills, (2mg Risperidone daily) and the plan is to start a tapered withdrawal in August. How much weight have you gained? Has the antipsychotic drug worked for you?
  19. Foxjo

    Suicidal idealisation

    Feeling low today. Had a counselling session yesterday and we did a risk assessment. this started me off thinking about suicide methods. Yes i do think about it. Yes i do have a plan. Yes i have what is needed to do it. No im not planning on doing it right now. But it scares me to think im...
  20. Poopy Doll

    Retirement in America for the poor person

    Say you’re an older senior citizen and you can no longer take care of yourself and the Government says there is no Nursing Home available for you. So, what do you do ? You opt for Medicare Plan G. The plan gives anyone 75 or older a gun (Plan G) and one bullet. You are allowed to shoot one...