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  1. R

    Struggling. Where to start with help?

    Hi all I feel the need to say what's wrong with me now because it's really effecting my life. When I go out into certain places my anxiety gets really bad and has got worse over the last few years. Places like costa and generally shopping are the worst for some reason. It's gotten to the point...
  2. Tired Daisy

    Food Banks

    I wanted to start a thread on food banks and free food places in general and after the no deal Brexit that people seem to so desperately want, and to be worse off and food prices rising I might not be able to afford food anymore if its to expensive. So what are the requirements for food banks...
  3. Soul_Deeps

    How to survive family vacation?

    Hi, Somehow I got talked into going to vacation with my family again. I believe it was because I feared I could hate myself more if I would have let the chance slipped to see another country / other places. But now that I am here I feel miserable, I never have time for myself and because I...
  4. M


    So I was just wondering what % of people here at the forum do any sort of volunteering. I do want to volunteer, but don't because of several reasons. Most of the places ask for resumes which scares me. Like I wonder why do they want resumes, I am not asking for a job. I start thinking that maybe...
  5. ashpar0926

    so lost and alone

    I am new to this but here it goes. I am 27 and i work as a veterinary technician. I absolutely love what i do. I work a lot but besides needing the money to survive it kind of is a way to fill up time. Lately though it doesnt matter where i am at or what i am doing i just feel so disconnected...
  6. W

    Severe memory impairment after first extreme psychotic episode

    Ever since 2014 i had a major mental breakdown. police vans at house etc. locked in bathroom smashing everything thinking i was multiple people. I now cant remember people, faces, how to get to places i feel like my memory is utterly shot to pieces. anyone else got major memory loss?

    How do you handle your voices?

    Do you feel they drive you mad? Are you someone who just remains calm and serene? Do you have good coping mechanism? Are the voices worse or better in different places and with or without people? I am curious to know.
  8. Q

    I am having a depression and really need a change in my life. Please, help!

    I am having a depression and really need a change in my life. Please, help! There was a break up cause me depressed. Everything went down and I lost all my old interests since then. I have been struggling for more than half year. Looking back, I wish there is a change in my life. I want to...
  9. cpuusage

    Cosmic Pantheism

    Cosmos on Nautilus: Cosmic Pantheism "Modern cosmology may rule out a personal God, but leaves open a broader conception of divinity. By Mary-Jane Rubenstein Aren’t those opposites?” people often ask me, when they discover I study science and religion. As a professor of religious studies, I am...
  10. S

    Fear of being sick in public

    Not a fear of being sick... actually being sick on my own , in private, doesn't particularly bother me... it's just in public.. In front of people. It becomes a viscous cycle... fear of being sick in front of people.. makes me feel sick... makes me want to avoid places where I can get trapped...
  11. J

    Need advice from friends who can emphasize..

    To start with a little backstory. I've been diagnosed with GAD since I was fourteen, this happened shortly after watching my twin brother faint while at a cadet meeting.. fast forward six years. I eventually became a full fledged agoraphobe. I didn't leave my house for over a year, eventually...
  12. J

    New to this please help

    Hello all my name is Josh and I've been dealing with something for the past 3 months. I started writing a post before dinner but it was dragging out and I feel like I was going in circles and not really getting anywhere. Im going to try to keep this short and see if anyone can identify with me...
  13. BorderlineDownunder

    Standardise Drug Names, Please!

    as this is online people from lots of places come here. the same medicine has different names in different places. Ive just found out Quetiapine is Seroquel. :( Why haven't they called it Seroquel, in the UK and Aus? Is it because they think they wouldn't be able to MARKET it???? :( I am so...
  14. P

    Explaining our universe.

    Eons ago they began a reaction in their own world. We call it the big bang, that single point where our universe began. But our universe sits within theirs, it's a part of theirs as well. Our universe is made of theirs. It was a conversion process they put a part of their world/universe...
  15. P

    Heavens are actually real you know.

    Makes me sad to know those places are real. Heavens and good places where there is real joy and wellness. They are peaceful places full of health and no deaths, no real pains either to speak of. A voice said as i thought of them "Don't do that to yourself. You are here and those things don't...
  16. C


    My life has been complete trash until I met my fiancé. I've been sexually abused 4 times, abused physically and mentally my whole life until now. I'm unable to tell my partner what's going on in my mind right now in fear that he won't understand. I've been hearing voices in my head constantly...
  17. B

    Hi new here

    Hi I'm 30 have been diagnosed with schizophrenia since I was 27 although I noticed signs since I was 23 and had been in hospital at the age of 19 because I felt something wasn't right mainly because I had no memory of my childhood. Although schizophrenia is what mental health professionals call...
  18. T

    Has anyone had a mind befriender

    Have any of you had a mind befriender before, I've been offered one and wonder what your experiences are. Do they take you out places or just chat in your house.
  19. Lincoln1990

    Been triggered :(

    I've been triggered and now I can't sleep. My mind is going in a million different places. I can't live like this anymore. Hopefully Sue will be able to give me something about these flashbacks.
  20. S

    Looking For Schizophrenic Female Friend Near Kissimmee, Fl

    Schizophrenic male looking for a schizophrenic female to talk to and go places together. I'm a 26 year old African American