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  1. Screechout

    I got awarded PIP!

    So I can breathe a sigh of relief, I was awarded standard daily component with 11 points. Everything that was on the report was truthful and accurate to what I said. I wanted to share a positive story because I know so many people who have bad experiences so I thought I would post mine.
  2. Screechout

    Pip requesting further medical evidence

    So I'm extremely stressed about pip I had letter sent through the post the other day saying I might not need to go to a face to face but they have requested further medical evidence from my care Co ordinator and dr I stupidly rang them up and asked if they had received any replies yet and they...
  3. Artmuzz

    Reapplied for PIP

    I recently reapplied for PIP after getting refused the benefit last year after an unsuccessful face to face assessment and tribunal. A few weeks later after sending back the form to DWP I just got a text telling me to appear yet again at a face to face assessment :low: I don’t understand this...
  4. A

    The Law, Acts of Parliament and The ones who ignore them.

    I have come to this forum to find other individuals who are in the same situation to support and be supported to stop accepting the system that does not accept us. We are individuals not numbers or letters or conditions or even our medications.
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    universal credit roll out delayed

    was on the news yesterday i don't think it is for everyone though but i hope it includes people moving from ESA to UC as i have PIP review this year hope this is good news for some x
  6. W

    Were you refused PIP because you missed the face-to-face assessment?

    If you were in receipt of DLA and were refused PIP because you missed the face-to-face assessment when DLA was being transferred over, please read. Bungling DWP announces seventh review of disability benefits errors in a year
  7. S

    Just had pip face to face

    Hello everyone, hope your not all fed up with me posting, I’m actually finding it quite helpful to get it out of my system though. Had my PIP face to face this morning, there was two assessors there, although, I’m told one was only observing, but she did ask me a few questions when the actual...
  8. fazza

    Pip no medical paper based application

    Well here's the thing. My claim for pip has gone through. I received a letter telling me that I did not need a face to face and the decision maker has all of the information. I have looked through pages and pages of info on the net and can't really tell if this is good news or not. I am now...
  9. soulsearcher

    do you have to let esa or pip know if youre in hospital?

    hey peeps i was wondering do you have to let esa or pip know if youre in hospital?
  10. F

    Can I claim PIP?

    Hi, I am presently in hospital but from here I am likely to be moving to a mental health rehabilitation unit for a period of time. I have been told whilst I am there I will not have to give up my council house, but what I am wondering is whether I will still be entitled to PIP whilst in rehab...
  11. W

    And you thought it was the assessors lying in your PIP medical report

    SNP MP hits out at DWP 'health report tampering' | The National
  12. FadeToBlack

    No help from the Government with PIP

    Hi All, I don't know why they rejected me. I had help with an occupational therapist from the NHS to fill the form out, and they have ignored the whole thing and completely sided with the consultation lady I spent less than 20 mins with - cherry picking what they wanted to dismiss me and my...
  13. mami5

    Claiming PIP

    I have a 21yr old son with learning disabilities. I would say his reading, writing and maths was similar to a 9yr old, if that. He hasn't been diagnosed with anything specific but he is very immature for his age.....when he visits me he often plays with Nerf guns with much younger children...
  14. F

    The PIP reconsideration of the mobility component is a sick joke

    The PIP reconsideration of the mobility component is a sick joke.Just received letter saying they’ve reviewed things and I’m still not entitled to it. Why? Because the shit of an assessor said I only need prompting which only gets me 4 points . The assessor chose to lie as my brother who was...
  15. R

    Waiting for PIP Tribunal

    I called up the Birmingham Tribunal service just to see how long it could be and they said the average time is 34 weeks to get to a tribunal at the moment. Just thought I would let you guys know what they said to me in case your waiting too.
  16. T

    universal credit

    I heard that if i lost esa support group, even though i have pip, i would have to claim universal credit to get housing benefit. I am worried about the details and haven't the energy to search for information. Will i be ok if i lose esa but want to live off my pip for a while? will they still...
  17. N

    A question about PIP and ESA

    So i have been on ESA for 13 years and have always passed my medicals with no problem, i was on Job Seekers Allowance but the actually courses i did threw me off and said i wouldn't beable to cope at work. Doctor has always agreed. I was on DLA for 6 to 8 years exact dates unknown then in...
  18. E

    PIP assessment nerves

    Hi everyone, I’ve got my PIP assessment tomorrow and I’m really nervous. Denying me into meltdown.Anyone got any experience? Thanks Ollie
  19. S

    PIP help

    So ive been trying to get back to work for the past 8 months but have come to the conclusion im just not well enough. Im supported by my GP and am on regular sick notes. My sick pay runs out this week and im panicking about money!! I cant seem to get any help or advice off anyone regarding what...
  20. W

    Can I claim PIP for BPD?

    I've just been diagnosed with BPD. I already have ADHD 1&2. Does anyone know it I could (should) apply for pip. As I'm broke, unemployed and really struggling.