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  1. M


    Hi all, doc put me on sertraline yesterday. Been feeling odd ever since. Sort of jittery and restless, heart is pounding and feel really perculiar. aggitated. Feel like i'm starting to go too quick. Is it the pills and it'llwear off, or is it too soon for the pills and is it something...
  2. tiltawhirl

    On meds and psychotherapy...an excerpt

    from Kay Redfield Jamison "The Unquiet Mind" "At this point in my existence, I cannot imagine leading a normal life without both taking lithium and having had the benefits of psychotherapy. Lithium prevents my seductive but disastrous highs, diminishes my depressions, clears out the wool and...
  3. amathus

    Internet diet pills. Are they safe?

    The following is an article about a woman who took Internet diet pills to help shift a few pounds, and ended up getting sectioned under the Mental Health Act! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1332208/Tempted-internet-diet-pills-They-plunged-woman-paranoia.html qf.
  4. RedRoseBeauty

    I've had enough

    He lied again yeah again. Secretly talking to his ex girlfriend. I can't hack it anymore. I've got the alcohol & pills. I'm going. I can't pretend anymore. Thanks to everyone on here., bye
  5. M

    stopping mirtazapine

    Hey people... I have read a number of forums and just thought I would see if anyone out there could help me with coming off this awful drug. I have schizophrenia, dont need to talk about that for now but, I thought this would be the most appropiate forum. I have been taking 45mg of...
  6. starflower

    struggling !!!

    :cry: Eventually went to sleep last night feeling worthless, woke up about an hour ago, still feel the same. They say that having an understanding of something can make things easier, not true. If I had enought pills in the house I would just take the lot. I get so angry with myself for not...
  7. S

    Not sure what to do next (GAD)

    Hi there As the title says, i'm not really sure what to do next. I have my third appointment for CBT next week and i don't think it is going to help at all. I have already been through CBT before a couple of years ago and i never made any difference at all, maybe because i was too mucked up in...
  8. S

    I'm not creative enough to think of a clever title for my post.

    Hi. I'm new here. Yay Google! I was just diagnosed bipolar (with co-morbid generalized anxiety disorder) a few months ago. I was taking meds, but then had an episode yesterday (after not taking any of my meds for a couple of days - I'm so bad with taking pills) and disposed of my pills. So, now...
  9. M


    Hi, "everybody I speak to abt mirtazapine say that weight gain is very common. Is it the increase in appetite or do these little pills have a magic ingredient that puts on the lbs without you knowing? mh
  10. A

    Car Insurance!/DVLA

    is car insurance expensive for people on pills? and has anyone had their licence taken off them for being on meds? Help!
  11. Ruby Tuesday

    Diet pills

    I am going to see my gp next week to see whether she can offer me any slimming pills to aid weight loss. I am bipolar and since starting various meds and trying to get them right I have managed to put on about two stone. I would ideally like to lose three stone but am finding it really...
  12. W

    More mirtazapine-really the answer?!!

    Feeling so so bad lately- first psych appointment in 3 weeks but not sure I can make it until then.. Drs answer- increasing my pills to 3 a day plus 3 propanolol also!! Really don't feel good about this but need something asap... Does anyone have similar experience and how did you find the...
  13. E


    Well where to start? Here as a service user. At the moment am v. depresse with a polymoph of medications and social circumstances. Live in a very isolated place and feel it. Feel like Im just holdingon to what vestiges of anity I have left. Have had sz for over 20 years and am very tired of...
  14. bubbling under

    How mant types of pills is too many??

    I've been given two more types of pills last night and now I'm concerned I've got too many. Tell me what you think please? Citalopram 20mg daily Amitriptyline 50mg daily Co-codamol 100mg daily Diazepam 5mg when needed Buccastem 3mg daily Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
  15. V

    Dont know how to help her

    I am a support worker/personal asistant to a 20 year old girl with schizophrenia. I have been working with her for about 9 months but have recently become very concerned as i have found out she is using class a drugs, namely pills and cocaine. Its not regular, as far as im aware, but it has...
  16. topsyturvy

    Think about/and do harm myself regardless of whether I am high or low

    I just wondered if anyone else gets these thoughts and urges. I find that when I am low that I need to be punished for how worthless I am, and at rock bottom just to make it all stop. Whilst when I am high, I feel quite invincible, so the idea of stepping in front of a car or taking pills are...
  17. M

    Need to loose weight, the only way I know how to!

    Hi I need to loose a lot of weight, the other day all my friends said to me that they are all going to the beach and would I like to go? I said no because I look like a blimp and it's been about 6 years the last time I took off my top in public and have been swimming. I am currently 205lbs or...
  18. N

    Sleep (Or lack of!)

    Hi Everyone, Like most of you here, i am having real trouble sleeping. I now cat nap during the day and still so exausted at night but cant switch off. I have tried all the usual, nytol, hot baths, dark room bla bla. The doc has given me a few different pills which make my body so tired, just...
  19. ms_P

    How do you handle it?

    Just how does one handle anxiety and panic if you're not allowed to have Benzodiazepine's ever again? I once took 2,000mg of valium, and other pills in the extreme and survived, so I won't be getting those pills or anything like them ever again. I have my techniques to help with panic, like...