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  1. Jbb79

    Making Meme-pictures x x

    Hi, I Make " Meme"-pictures, to describe, my mental state > > If I want to Discuss some-thing, Maybe anger, I Google for pictures, About "Angry", Or, "Rage" x xx Then I got to web-page meme better, the modern Meme Generator., and, there I Load the Pictures, then I Can write a little Text...
  2. D

    Hi I’m new

    I am new and I suffer with depression and also I always find myself in toxi relationships, I was recently with my ex partner for nearly 2 years and things wasn’t good from day one with my insecurities and my trust issues!! I feel he used my mental health and self worth to hurt me and now finding...
  3. B

    I need help resisting the urge to self harm

    About a month ago someone leaked nude pictures of me without my consent. The pictures included my name, face, and personal info. I was threatened that the photos would be sent to friends and family by the poster. I have been harassed and tormented online. I cry myself to sleep every night and I...
  4. Goldiron


    Im 22 or 23 with anxiety and depression. I was in special ed in all my years. In high school, my junior year I met a very nice senior year girl who helps us out in gym class. But I lacked social skills to fully talk to her and I her to help me but most of the she was helping another kid who...
  5. B

    got my feelings hurt

    i was in a conversation with someone. ended badly. i should have saw it coming. there were some signs. but i ignored the signs like an idiot. lol. learned my lesson. at least i'm still a virgin. never forced anyone illegally. i don't even watch pr0n anymore. those truths make me happy a little...
  6. B

    I am worried about what my sister is doing

    I am worried about my sister as it may seem like a harmless minor thing but I am still concerned She very often posts pictures of delicious food on Facebook which are clearly from cookery websites and passes them off as her own all the time , she does the same with pictures of her cat , she has...
  7. S

    seeking help about cbt strategy to combat my ocd

    hi, am shambo from india. am 22 and have just completed my engineering grad. Been through severe ocd for 3 years now. been on clomipramine hcl for last two years.And i responded perfectly to the medicine but whenever medication withdrawal is attempted ,my ocd relapses. In a country like ours it...
  8. M

    Help Help Help Pkease Help Help! Horrible news!

    Okay you guys I am having trouble remembering most of my life. I dont know what disorder it could be from. But heres an example of what I have forgotten- I travel a lot. I have been all over the world and for example, i went on a trip to Puerto rico. I dont remember going. But I have pictures...
  9. anxiously


    Hi! I'm new to the forums. I had a bit of a freak out today and thought maybe it was time to find a community where I can find help and support and people who can relate to what I'm feeling. I hope this is the right place. I'm not new to mental illness. I've been dealing with anxiety and...
  10. Beergardenweather

    Borderline in memes + pictures

    Found this, is really sums up BPD for me . I will add more if and when I come across them . Please feel free to add any that you find.
  11. DavidJames

    My voices are they are Nazis and utterly hate me

    There are voices in my head who are nazis They want me to be a nazi and then yet utterly hate me. One minute they are say how good it is to be racist in the soul, the next they say they hate me and want my soul dead. It is just nonsense to talk to me about it because i practice anti nazism in my...
  12. Y


    Have a bit going on in my life at the moment Depression and Social Anxiety, infact anxiety about just about everything. But the social anxiety seems the more dominant if you like The above makes it difficult to get a job, and had two jobs which despite people saying getting out working would...
  13. shaky

    Am I a Narcisist?

    I worry at times that I am a narcissist. My evidence is scanty, but it worries me. I like being naked, and I like seeing other people naked too. But I seem to find that the person I like to see most is me. Modern phones have pictures on them A lot of people have pictures of their loved ones...
  14. P

    Paranoia - Any advice

    Hi, I've joined this site as my Mother is becoming increasingly paranoyed and any advice I can get to help her would be more than welcome. It started around 8 or 9 years ago when she believed she had fleas from one of our dogs. She would spray herself with all kinds of stuff to try and deter...
  15. bobshocker

    i really really hate my life

    I dont give a fuck what you think . Ya know a lot of ladies have sent me pictures of their wossernames. I dont know why . Maybe its helped them . I hope it did. I hoped it helped them . I hoped it gave.them comfort. Ya know? I never minded getting pictures of their wossernames . I mean if it...
  16. R

    Worrying about stupid things, but they still really upset me.

    Other anxious people to talk to who will probably understand. I just worry about the strangest things and get in a right state about them, although I know that they are pretty ridiculous. The main one at the moment started off when I read one of the letters that your Psychiatrist send to your...
  17. C

    Does my friend have an eating disorder?

    Hii!! I have a friend whom I have known for 4 years in high school and she was always on the plump side. However, after she graduated from high school and entered a pre-university college (in 2011), she suddenly become super skinny like skin and bones and all her veins are popping out just...
  18. C

    Support: Dealing with my Husband's irrational behavior

    Hi, I just joined today and I'm in need of support and general help in dealing with my husband. I've been searching the web for any info that I can find that can help me pinpoint his mental issues. Background: Married 10 years, together 12. Both early 50's I have lived with a man who is...
  19. T

    Really Hating Myself Right Now

    I just self-harmed again for the first time in a few weeks. Because I hadn't done it in a while I wasn't able to self harm as severely as usual, which made me feel really frustrated and disgusted with myself. So I googled how to and, long-story-short, ended up scrolling through pictures of...
  20. calypso

    Thought it would pass

    I have just thought that the feelings would pass if I held on a few days. They haven't, I have a mind which has decided to work without my consent, on pictures non stop of suicide. Its like someone else is in control and pushing buttons to make these things happen. I have lost my strength...