1. M

    Never felt so alone

    Recently got out of a 8 year relationship and I have never felt so alone, I have no friends and no one to talk to after or during work so I just spend all my time in my head that doesent stop talking and I am really starting to give up. The relationship was not great as I was constantly was...
  2. shaky

    Job Interview - failed

    I had a job interview, to be a delivery driver But I got an email to say that they had picked someone else :( Misery
  3. N

    How does a Psychiatrist know you're hearing voices if you're unwilling to tell him?

    How does a Psychiatrist know you're hearing voices if you're unwilling to tell him? I hear voices but unwilling to tell anybody, recently read my notes and they've picked up on little traits and concluded I hear voices. How do they do it?
  4. S


    Sorry for posting against the forum guidelines yesterday. Sorry if it triggered anyone. The post has been deleted. Today has been a roller coaster. I can't remember much of it at all. I ended up in hospital after an attempt, was then picked up by the police (handcuffed...) and have now been...
  5. F

    I am certain i give off signs

    automatic/subconscious- bodily/facial/vocal mannerisms and gait that shout out 'This person is not quite right'. It's hard to hide things you can't control. That's what the boys picked up on all those years ago and bullied me for. That's why even as an adult grown ups and children have...
  6. loulabelle

    how can milk trigger suicidal thoughts

    Lol i was just walking around super market to get the essentials and i picked up the milk and as always i look for the one with the longest expiary date but today i picked it up and the first thing that came into my head was oh well ill be dead by then. Im seeing my pdoc tomoz and questioning...
  7. A

    well here goes nothing

    Well just picked my medication up don't know about this.....don't know about it one bit
  8. Blue Valley

    Feel like poo

    Hey all, Feeling like a moan. Boyfriends parents came today to see us as a surprise (not seen them since we've became homeless in Jan) and I got really anxious as usual. I held it together though as I could see my boyfriend was terrified and in shock. Picked a restaurant by mistake that was too...
  9. S

    Doing so well today.

    I'm doing so well today.I picked up my medication without any problems all by myself. My son has been to the hospital and had his dressing changed and is healing up well without infection so I'm happy. My brother who just lost his job is doing well and has found another,I'm so happy for...
  10. sunflower

    Mood is crashing big time

    After a couple of crazy, suicidal weeks with numerous running away, police, MH assessments etc, I've spent the last week or so really working hard trying to distract. There's a care planning meeting for me on 7th April so I'm trying so hard to hold it together until then. Trouble is, the...
  11. tiltawhirl

    Housekeeping buddies and support (and loads of understanding)

    okay, I think I do better with a buddy system or support. I am disgruntled that my house looks like the salvation army just threw up. I napped today and so am not sleepy ..I know it messes up my schedule, but things are messed up all ready. I am just hanging in there. I have picked up the...
  12. T

    Friday night/ weekend - whats everyone doing?

    My hubby is off out for drinks at a mates house. Took the kids to blockbusters and Erin (3) picked dora the explorer!! which im pretending to watch at the moment lol And Liam (12) picked blades of glory for us to watch. will ferrel is in it and i quite like him. hope its good. Swimming...