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  1. M

    Is this a type of derealization/depersonalization or something else?

    I had this sudden, unexpected feeling as though i was 'seeing sounds' or 'hearing colors'. Like when you are getting really high and you lose touch with real focus and what you are actually, physically looking at cause your brain decided to go batty. It freaked me out so bad, i thought I was...
  2. M

    Does anyone else feel like this? Please help

    Does anyone understand how it feels when inside you are screaming for someone to listen but you can literally not open your mouth to explain how much fear and pain you are in? This is me at the moment. I was coping so well with my PTSD triggers and flashbacks but have somehow unravelled into...
  3. Chris Walken

    " Danny Dyers Deadliest Men "

    Just watched that shit, on Netflix. Second episode was some former SAS bloke. All completely harmless, bordering on the rather pathetic, really. But, this guys reaction to a certain stimuli fucking set me off. Now, I'm physically twitching and jerking. Bloody nearly muscle spasms! Feel a...
  4. S


    have any of you been sexually or physically abused within a mental health setting? i'll leave that one with you for this evening.
  5. B

    I was physically abused as a chid and now i can't be around my step dad, i don't know how much longer i can last like this. How can i cope?

    I was physically abused as a chid and now i can't be around my step dad, i don't know how much longer i can last like this. How can i cope? I was physically abused as a chid and now i can't be around my step dad, i don't know how much longer i can last like this. How can i cope? As a child my...
  6. F

    Effect of cold/flu/bronchitis on depression

    Good Day, I've taken Zoloft for years for depression. It has helped a lot. I've had an experience late last year and early this year. From December to February, I've been physically ill with a sever cold and/or bronchitis and/or a mild version of the flu (had flu shot last year and didn't...
  7. megirl


    Sorry I know I have gone on about this before. Anyway My so called mother abused me physically as a child both physically and emotionally. Even though i have never felt any love from her i still tried and went went out of my way to do anything for her. I have put so much energy to do what i can...
  8. K

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, I'm a female from Indonesia. I don't know whether I really have any mental health issues or not because I've never done a checkup, ever. I think it's still uncommon for us here to do mental checkup or consultation, or maybe I've been living under a rock lol. I always try my best not to be...
  9. C

    New need advice please..

    Im new to this i may sound silly so i firstly i apologise for that. I am 22 years old, at the age of 16 i got into a relationship with a violent man he was 27. i ended up pregnant. I was abused physically, sexually and emotionally. The day i had the strength to get away was when he physically...
  10. U

    Uncertain PTSD

    So this might run a little long but I would greatly appreciate help. I was very severely emotionally abused and physically abused as a child. I had gotten a therapist and eventually found out through a court document that he believed I have PTSD. I didn't think to much about it, I was more...
  11. J

    I am new here. Physically abused as a child but have a huge lack of emotion

    I am new here. Physically abused as a child but have a huge lack of emotion I was physically abused by my mother as a child an I am only now feeling the repercussions as a 33 year old woman. I feel nothing. For my children, my husband, family or my work. I feel empty. I don't know where to...
  12. SomersetScorpio

    Old Newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm not really a new member as you can probably see from my number of posts, but it's been a while. There's bound to be so many newer people I haven't talked to yet, so it sort of felt right to re-introduce myself. Without wanting to quote Britney, my loneliness really does feel...
  13. K

    Physically ill with anxiety

    Hi I am after some advice regarding physical affect of anxiety. I have been physically ill with anxiety for over a year been back and forwards to gp with this have been for tests to rule thing out. I feel lightheaded all the time blurred vision trembling inside numbness in arms and legs have no...
  14. BorderlineDownunder

    Im in a Right State

    I heard this the other day, its an English saying, and it fits how I feel very well. I'm in a right state. you wouldn't know from looking at me but between my ears is a ginormous black storm cloud enveloping everything. I am finding it really hard to even eat and drink, I will but its...
  15. M

    BPD Question

    Has anyone here ever sat in a room / meeting and looked around and physically profiled people and thought to themselves - I could literally crush every person in here physically if I wanted to and nobody could stop me? As someone who loves animals and people these thoughts bother me.
  16. Shadow-one

    Therapy Cancelled Tomorrow

    I'm in crisis mode.. My therapist has just left a message for me cancelling my therapy tomorrow as her uncle is very ill.... I feel very sorry for her in the circumstances but am completely panicking here.. It will be two weeks between my sessions.. and 8 days till I can meet her...next...
  17. N

    Physically - head wise unwell at times, sirens?!

    HI everyone, I wasn't very sure where to put this post? At times, and or maybe throughout when I haven't been physically well, with sinuses, or other sorts of physical conditions which I have, and very low, I experience on the odd occasion, or all the time, on a week, loud emergency onc all...
  18. G


    I am now renaming borderline personality disorder ( bullahit name anyway ) to - Obsessive Self Distruct disorder I literally can stop destroying myself emotionally , mentally or physically , what do ye think of the new name?
  19. L

    I want to die

    Voices are telling me to [moderated] so I die and I want to die. Really considering it. I've had enough emotionally and physically. I've had my share of pain and hurt. It's my time to go
  20. L

    seeing shadows and hearing things.

    I've seen and and heard things since I can remember but until somewhat recently it was almost never a negative experience. I didn't question myself or my sanity because it never affected me negatively. Over the last few months I've been seeing a shadow like figure and it leaves me feeling...