1. C

    Worry about psychosis

    I have had a problem which has arisen over the last few weeks. I keep seeing 'things' in my peripheral vision. I feel quite startled, but when I turn my head there's nothing there. It's quite scary. It doesn't happen when I am sitting down, but when I am walking round the house. I'm afraid...
  2. JennyWren32

    Physical and mental illness,anyone else?

    I have a degenerative physical illness which I can occasionally find to be very exhausting - like today. Usually my sense of humour keeps me upright at least but it's really just p*****g me off today. Does anyone else have a physical and mental illness? If so,how do you juggle this? What...
  3. M


    Hello, new here. Joined because my relationship is starting to really affect my emotional and physical well being. Getting to a breaking point and would like help. Thank you
  4. student12

    I feel the more good i do the worst i get treated

    My mother always expects me to be a mind reader all the time. I am NOT A FUCKING MIND READER if she wanted me to go to the grocery store she should've said something. she comes back mad at me because i didn't go with her. Its seems like lately i been getting yelled at over the smallest things...
  5. D

    What is this that is hurting?

    For the last 2 years I have been feeling a physical pain inside my chest extending to my arms. It's generally associated with heart break. So what I'm asking is what is hurting specifically?
  6. M


    I think its evil and and being on or off it is making me suicidal. Its mostly the "brain zaps" that are making me ill. why should I take them just to stop this physical side affect? Trying to hold it together with people around this weekend but feel about to explode. m
  7. amathus

    Dealing with Low Self Esteem.

    How is low self-esteem manifested? At the heart of your self-esteem are your core beliefs about the kind of person you are. If you have low self-esteem these beliefs will be mainly negative, and negative beliefs are expressed in many ways. In your thoughts about yourself you're likely to be...