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  1. B

    depression,ocd,chronic pain

    hi there I am new to this forum, I suffer from extreme morning pain, depression and OCD. I am 25 years old and can barley get out of bed in the mornings due to pain. I have suffered from this for the past 8 years of my life. I have tried every antidepressant on the market and nothing has seemed...
  2. Kerome

    Grounding yourself

    I thought it would be good to alongside the practice of meditation, talk a little bit about the process of grounding. This is the process of balancing your physical, emotional, mental and energistic state, and reconnecting to your body, nature, and wholesome direct processes. When is grounding...
  3. F

    Researchers identify new spectrum disorder called ALPIM syndrome

    Clarifies relationship between anxiety and physical disorders The relationship between mental and physical health is well established. But when mental and physical illnesses co-occur, patients' accounts of physical illness are sometimes arbitrarily discredited or dismissed by physicians...
  4. L

    ESA Support benefits excepted?

    Does anyone here know if people in the support group are also going to lose an extra £30 a week? I am worried sick about this because that would be my petrol money a week and as I have physical mobility problems as well as PTSD/Anxiety/Agorphobia and depression this would be like losing 60...
  5. S

    Experience with multiple disorders for 20 years.

    The worst possible trait God could bestow on an unlucky soul. A horror in fact. But I'm so used to it that doesn't even phase me anymore. It just comes and goes like recording. "Kill yourself". Repeats over and over. That's why I struggle with the belief in God. He is supposed to be good...
  6. H

    Introducing myself and letting you know a little about me.

    Hi Everyone, I am so glad I found a forum where I can learn from others and ask questions and hopefully get answers. A little about me. I was divorced a few years ago after a long marriage. I met someone about 2 years ago, and she has both BPD's, PTSD and other issues that came from her teens...
  7. pepecat

    Letter to a husband who killed himself 30 days ago.

    Found this today and thought it was worth a read. Posted in the Huffington Post In the End, There Is Only Room for Love | Poorna Bell My dear husband, It has been nearly 30 days since you held the spark of your life between your hands and pressed them shut. Since then, I have been trying...
  8. Agama

    can they section me?

    Hi. Im maintaining my weight since last December.I went for my app yesterday and found out that they thinking about MH assessment because im so ill....I haven't lost any weight, my head is messed up but my physical health is ok. How I can convince them I can manage my life outside IP..can they...
  9. C

    Feeling grateful for...

    Some days, when there's a bit of time to reflect, chinks of light shine through the darkness of depression. Today I am staying indoors as I can't bear the extreme heat and my hayfever is unbearable. However I also really appreciate that I have the choice to one day find somewhere to live where...
  10. queenpink

    hey there :)

    I am new here and i thought i would introduce myself.I have major depression among other mental illneses.I find it hard to cope with the smallest tasks and function right.I have physical health problems too which make me feel low sometimes.I feel very alone and about to give up and hide in my...
  11. R

    This is getting out of control

    Hi Never done this before but here goes, For as long as I can remember I have worried about my health. As a teenager 13/14 I was convinced I had AIDS, I would watch the doctor on TV in a morning and anything I had seen that day I was convinced I had it. My mum was brilliant and understood me...
  12. F

    Scared of physical intimacy

    Although I was with someone for 22 years(7 of which involved uneven periods of sexual activity) I have always found physical intimacy difficult. A part of me wants friends but another part of me is scared of people getting too close and things going beyond the platonic. I think it doesn't help...
  13. G

    Anger towards loved one with cancer

    A close person to me is going through chemo treatment all summer and it is causing me to feel an immense amount of anger. I am angry towards them, their family, and the world in general. Everyone is expecting me to be there and do everything and make me feel guilty when I don't but looking after...
  14. bulbie

    Mobility Issues

    Does anyone have these because of a physical disability? I'm struggling to even get boots on by myself anymore, and was hoping someone with similar issues could suggest something without me having to throw out all of my footwear and get new in. :unsure:
  15. F

    Obesity may exacerbate inactivity, due to poor motor skills

    Obese adults have very poor motor skills which makes fine movements difficult for them, according to a new study presented today at the European Congress of Endocrinology. The findings suggest inactivity may not be a cause of obesity, but instead a result of poor motor skills associated with the...
  16. B

    can depression cause Physical Pain, any ideas?

    I've been in pain of late more so than usual, I've been going to the doctor, and there just seems to be no reason for the pain at least that we've been able to find. I've been experiencing strange stomach pain, a loss of appetite, (diarrhea), among other symptoms, and acid reflux. the doc gave...
  17. Caitjinoy

    Family gatherings are hard

    Don't get me wrong I love my family and extended family but it's such a drain on my energy, mental and physical. It's bittersweet almost. But sometimes you've just got to go take a nap to escape it all.
  18. T

    Are physical issues related to psychological problems?

    Mum used to say that when she was bullied by her mother she would break out in eczema.
  19. JennyWren32

    housebound again,help!

    So 2 nights ago I asked about balancing physical and mental illness. Well,as a result of my physical illness I have gotten an infection so I'm stuck here again! I won't lie,it's driving me slowly crazy (pardon the pun),I'm stuck indoors,I WAS learning to walk (after a stroke) and I can't...
  20. Anime-Alchemy

    I am a bully

    I'm in the middle of watching a programme on BBC Iplayer, it's about boyfriend's hitting their girlfriend's/domestic abuse, etc. It made me think of the times I was a bully to my girlfriend even abusive. Maybe I'm being harsh about me being abusive but still I was at the very least a bully. I...