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  1. cpuusage

    Physicists Claim that Consciousness Lives in Quantum State After Death

    Physicists Claim that Consciousness Lives in Quantum State After Death - Linkis.com Does quantum mechanics predict the existence of a spiritual "soul"? Testimonials from prominent physics researchers from institutions such as Cambridge University, Princeton University, and the Max Planck...
  2. Faylen

    Mental Health V's Physical Health

    How often do you visit your gp with a physical issue but will not be taken seriously because of your mental health issues? And your asked questions such as 'are you stressed', 'how are you feeling' and 'has anything happened at work or at home' rather than about your physical symptoms? I...
  3. Empty

    what's the point?

    These last few days I can't even be bothered to get out of bed. So down, no motivation, I've lost my fighting spirit. I went out on Friday, felt good about it for a whole half and now big fucking whoop. My life has got to the point where I need a mental health worker to be with my to even be...
  4. Jaminacaranda

    Give it time

    Three months on from the break-up of what I thought might be my 'forever' relationship and having to move 500 miles back to the situation I was trying to escape and after feeling like there was no hope and no future worth living for...yeah, I'm beginning to live again. I discovered I do have...
  5. F

    What impact are psychotropic drugs having on our physical health?

    It is widely reported that patients with schizophrenia are at increased risk of poor physical health and are dying 20 years earlier than the general population (see People with schizophrenia are significantly more likely to die from heart disease and cancer and National Schizophrenia Audit calls...
  6. E

    I'm harassing the tribunal people

    I can't help it, they won't respond to my emails, I'm going to keep emailing them till they damn well have the grace to answer me; it's over a year now & I feel like I'm losing my grip on sanity, physical symptoms like eczema on my hand & hair-loss are appearing.
  7. Kerome

    Negative spiritual beliefs associated with worse mental health

    Negative Spiritual Beliefs Associated with More Pain and Worse Physical, Mental Health - FailedMessiah.com “In general, the more religious or spiritual you are, the healthier you are, which makes sense [because of reduced stress levels and greater sense of community and purpose]. But for some...
  8. Funnyman_Wholigan

    "Classic" Symtpoms

    Taken from Anxiety and Depression: Telling Them Apart * Feeling sad, and/or hopeless * Lack of interest and enjoyment in activities that used to be fun and interesting * Physical aches and pains without physical cause; lack of energy * Difficulty concentrating, remembering, and/or making...
  9. amathus

    5 physical signs you may be depressed. (Article)

    5 Physical Signs You May Be Depressed | World of Psychology In a study published in Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, 69 percent of persons who met the criteria for depression consulted a doctor for aches and pains. Mood disorders can show up in surprising symptoms — like migraines, bloating...
  10. Gajolene

    Diet of fruits veggies could help ward off depression

    Diet of fruits, veggies could help ward off depression: study | CTV News Eating a diet of fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts that's low in processed meats could ward off depression, according to a large new study that suggests what we eat is more closely related to our state of mind than...
  11. Y


    Someone on another forum said the following: Have you discussed with your GP your feelings about receiving support from him & whether it's "acceptable"? It sounds like you have a lot of anxiety about that and I think discussing it with him directly might help to put your mind to rest :) What...
  12. F

    Anxiety without many physical symptoms

    https://dih.wiki.otago.ac.nz/images/8/80/Beck.pdf I found that a fairly useless measure of anxiety due to its over reliance on the presence of physical symptoms. Not all people with anxiety experience a lot of physical symptoms. A lot of the questions re physical symptoms were irrelevant to...
  13. Detoured

    physical symptoms

    I have schizoaffective and lots of times I get physical weakness, incoordination, and confusion when stressed even by small things like not figuring out payment at a store etc. Bigger stressors really wear me out and make me incapacitated. It seems to be getting worse as I get older (am 37 now)...
  14. D

    He is messing with my mental health

    My boyfriend at the minute is causing me issues that just do not needed added on to the stresses i am already dealing with right now. I suffer from GAD and so daily life can quite often be a struggle nevermind everything i am dealing with. He knows the stresses are bound to have an impact on...
  15. R


    Does anybody get the physical symptoms of anxiety before they get the psychological ones? Also, do your physical symptoms change? I have found that when I finally gain control of a physical symptom and learn to deal with it so that it doesn't affect me too much it manifests into a different...
  16. H

    Anxiety whilst driving

    My husband has had anxiety attacks whilst driving. He feels a clenching feeling in the base of his skull and persistently touches his face and seat belt when it's happening. It first started when he was driving with a slight hangover and now happens when he is driving at any time, particularly...
  17. H

    New on here and having some struggles

    Im not really sure where to start. Since i was 11 i was diagnosed with ocd and it just got swept under the rug, it didnt really become an issue again until my late teens and then came the anxiety and depression and my fear of throwing up. I was put on zoloft and still am on it but i have also...
  18. H

    New on here and having some struggles

    Hi everyone Im not really sure where to start. Since i was 11 i was diagnosed with ocd and it just got swept under the rug, it didnt really become an issue again until my late teens and then came the anxiety and depression and my fear of throwing up. I was put on zoloft and still am on it but i...
  19. H

    new therapist want to write letters to my gp

    my gp dont know about my eating issues though and i donno what to do. it says: You are requested to give permission for your therapist to be in contact with your general practitioner, your dietitian (if you are referred to a dietitian) and in some cases, the NHS commissioner who makes...
  20. W

    This life with BPD

    I am really trying to change my life..for the better. I know I am capable, but this BPD kicks me down. I am unemployed, but I plan on finding work. I have health problems, but I am doing everything I can to get better. I even started going back to church. I am trying to "fix" every area of my...