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  1. W

    Relationship problem with family member

    Hello all and thank you for reading my post. I'm sorry for its length and if it's in the wrong forum please let me know. I had an altercation with my wife’s brother in law (married to her sister) over 25 years ago. The situation became physical but was broken up before anyone got touched. He...
  2. L

    am i likely 2 be awarded pip with bpd,ptsd & chronic depression & anxiety??

    am i likely 2 be awarded pip with bpd,ptsd & chronic depression & anxiety?? Hi I was told by my cpn Iwas entitled to pip while iI'msstruggling & not working. I made a claim on 2.10.15, I'vehad my 'aassessment' but am worried I won't be awarded it as all the ?? Seemed to relate to physical...
  3. E

    Should I end my friendship with this woman?

    This is what she posted on Facebook on a link posted by a mutual friend about the new head of the DWP saying that people with Parkinsons are able to work (he called Crabb an idiot): I just bloody don't get it. People who say they are depressed don't have to work but if one has a severe physical...
  4. cpuusage

    Tories want disabled people to die. Isn’t it time we all admitted it – and stopped it?

    Tories want disabled people to die. Isn’t it time we all admitted it – and stopped it? Here is more evidence to support This Blog’s belief that the Conservative Government is waging a campaign of genocide against the long-term sick and disabled. Removing the legal rights of disabled people...
  5. G

    ESA Help/Advice and process Please

    Hi everyone. My first post here so sorry if ive made any mistakes. I have had Health Anxiety, OCD, and General Anxiety for around 12 years now. I have just finished a 2nd year of seeing a therapist. I tried to claim jsa but just couldn't face it so signed off the very next day. No money...
  6. F

    Getting more people into exercise/physical activity

    I think to get more people into exercise/physical activity there needs to be more emphasis on tackling the social ostracization of children who are not good at gymnastics/sport. It is not unusual to be bullied and excluded if you are poor at such things. This can put people off physical activity...
  7. D

    Literally don't know what else to do anymore

    I've never posted on here before. Or anywhere else for that matter. My depression is my own secret that my family don't even know about it. A very select amount of friends know that I was, but don't know how I feel nowadays. The doctor has diagnosed it as chronic and I've been referred to...
  8. shaky

    Mental Health Taskforce report

    At last, te report is out https://www.rethink.org/taskforce Key recommendations Secure care: better approaches to commissioning so that people do not stay longer than necessary in secure or other restrictive settings. •Access to high-quality services close to home: ensuring that local...
  9. A

    Is thisa panic attack ???

    Hi my names Allison and I'm 31 I have been diagnosed with ocd and panic attacks at 16 . Two months ago my ocd flared up which it normally does when I've had a lot of stress when the stress calmed down I got hit with terrible ocd any way I have been dealing with the ocd without meds or help kinda...
  10. D

    What I'm going through is effecting me on every level

    It's taking a lot of energy now for me just to function during the day and by 'function' I mean, laptop, internet, make food and that's about it. I've got girls wanting to talk to me, wanting to meet up, saying they like me and even girls just wanting physical stuff but I lack any motivation...

    Are your voices improving? What helps?

    For me this episode of voices began around 2010. Back then they were very loud and disturbing. I could easily make out what they were saying. Currently I still hear voices, but there is a lot of screaming and wailing, it is more distant, and the voices are more muffled. So it has improved with...
  12. BorderlineDownunder

    Somatic Symptoms

    Over the years I have suffered a number of Somatic Symptoms related to MI. These are real and frightening and painful. Most recently I had blood in my urine - not just a little bit - enormous clumps Had all the tests and guess what - nothing came up This is just the latest in a long row of...
  13. amathus

    Some symptoms of Anxiety

    Some symptoms of Anxiety: Symptoms of anxiety People often experience physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms when they feel anxious or stressed. Some of the most common physical symptoms of anxiety are: Increased heart rate Increased muscle tension “Jelly legs” Tingling in the...
  14. M

    I somebody trying to kill me ?!!!!

    This is a really tough thing to talk about and a lot of people may think i am crazy but does anyone else get these feelings during high anxiety and bad physical symptoms ? I have noticed that when i seem to get the horrible physical symptoms come on like nausea or racing thoughts it always seems...
  15. C

    No self esteem and unbelievably lonely

    So here goes... I've struggled with social problems my whole life, meaning I've continuously felt lonely for the past 20 years. As a child I suffered with anxiety and depression, leading to a miserable time growing up. For the past nearly 2 years I've been very low in mood, I've attempted...
  16. amathus


    How Can I Reduce My Worrying? We’re going to show you how to reduce excessive worrying and how to worry more effectively. Identify Worry Thoughts Worry Thoughts can be recognized by at least one of these features: •You think too much about a problem, to the point that it interferes with...
  17. cpuusage

    Childhood Psychological Abuse Is Sometimes More Harmful than Sexual or Physical Abuse

    Childhood Psychological Abuse Is Sometimes More Harmful than Sexual or Physical Abuse Childhood Psychological Abuse Is Sometimes More Harmful than Sexual or Physical Abuse - disinformation Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health...
  18. L

    Physical Examination

    Hi I saw my Psychiatrist last week and he wants me to have a physical examination. All I heard was "bloods etc." What does the examination involve?
  19. cpuusage


    http://jca.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/2009ShakespeareandMadness.pdf Shakespeare’s minds diseased: mental illness and its treatment | The Shakespeare blog Shakespeare was clearly fascinated by mental illness, many characters displaying a variety of symptoms from Lear’s madness, Jaques’...
  20. C

    Borderline Personality Disorder – a feminist critique

    Borderline Personality Disorder – a feminist critique Among my many diagnoses, I have what is known in the UK as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (Of The Borderline Type), known elsewhere as Borderline Personality Disorder. BPD is described by Wikipedia as “a prolonged disturbance of...