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  1. cpuusage

    Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness

    THE AWAKENING – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness - YouTube "Human Brain And Quantum Physics - Become Self Aware Dr. Granville Dharmawardena of the University of Colombo writes that psychologists often speak of the mind and the body as two separate entities for...
  2. M

    Hello everyone

    Just joined the forum and hoping for peer support. I'm male, in my 40's and live in the UK, and have suffered with mental health problems since I was a kid. I have OCD, anxiety and low mood. Things have been getting worse recently and I have been experiencing a lot of physical health problems...
  3. shadow8

    Bring Mental and Physical health system more in line (UK)

    Hiya It has been years since I have been on this forum and my life has changed and for once I had some good times, nothing amazing but just feeling I was moving forward for the first time in my life, which felt pretty amazing to me. This year that all came crashing down sadly and I am having to...
  4. Frostbite

    Hii everybody

    Hello people, I'm new here, Im a girl and 22years old. I like reading, going to concerts and I love my pets (they are often a great help) I'm just starting therapy and counseling for depression, anxiety and self harm. In every day life i'm a joyfull person, till I close the front door ;) I...
  5. cpuusage

    Reoccuring intense anxiety & physical ailments

    i've always had a lot of anxiety, since childhood. It's been really bad this year. Really bad this week. Nothing seems to work at resolving it. Also get a lot of physical ailments. i wonder about going to see the GP again, Not seen him in quite a while, but i also don't see the point. No...
  6. cpuusage

    Signs of Emotional Abuse

    Signs of Emotional Abuse | World of Psychology "Emotional abuse is elusive. Unlike physical abuse, the people doing it and receiving it may not even know it’s happening. It can be more harmful than physical abuse because it can undermine what we think about ourselves. It can cripple all we are...
  7. F

    Physical activity and schizophrenia: how much exercise do people do?

    Physical activity and schizophrenia don’t always see eye to eye. There is evidence that physical activity interventions can improve cardio-metabolic outcomes and improve mental health symptoms in people with schizophrenia (Firth et al 2015, Rosenbaum et al, 2014). However, people with psychotic...
  8. ScaredCat

    Physical v mental health care

    Why can’t the NHS treat my mental health as effectively as my cancer? | Eleanor Taylor-Davis | Opinion | The Guardian Just wanted to share this. Not sure if done it right in light of new forum rules. Not that i think physical care is brilliant either
  9. F

    worries about physical health when you are mental

    i get a lot of health anxiety i think. A lot of it comes from voices or when i can see inside my skin and see the sickness there. I don't want to ask my gp for a breast exam because a voice told me i have breast cancer. But i don't want to think about it all the time. And i don't want to die of...
  10. I

    Possible suicide

    If I lose my only source on income and I'm forced to move back in with my abusive mother I will kill myself! :cry2: I hope that doesn't happen! :panic: I can't believe what a loser and a failure I have become! I had such great potential before my mind sicknesses fd me up! I would just be...
  11. K

    Can't cope with the physical affects of anxiety

    I can't deal with the physical affects of my anxiety or is there something physical wrong with me. I have had ecgs which all come back normal but I still obsess about my heart and my pulse. Feel dizzy most of the day and my throat feels like it is collapsing does anyone else feel like this? I...
  12. Nikita

    How long can I go on for?

    I am in distress tonight.How long can I be so lonely,depressed and battling one health issue after another for?I am never without some major or minor physical ailment,and when it isn't the physical stuff it is the depression.PTSD and schizoaffective stuff. Like do I really think there will ever...
  13. cpuusage

    Neuroscience can be critical

    Critical psychiatry: Neuroscience can be critical "If it wants to include psychology, it is essential that it is seen as more than a physical science. Psychology inevitably includes human aspects which cannot be described in physical causal terms. Human knowledge includes meaningful...
  14. R


    Hello I found this forum after searching the Internet for answers/help about why I'm feeling the way I do. I feel like I don't know myself any more. I've been feeling this way for some time, but have had a couple of traumatic experiences in the past few weeks that seem to have brought this...
  15. E

    I'm Element

    I thought I would try to write about the situation I am in as I find it difficult to talk about, hopefully this is the start to getting my life back. I'm 27 and pretty much never leave the house (I don't work, am on benefit and currently studying a degree, though have decided to retake my last...
  16. D

    Depressed, Again..

    Hi guys, new here. Don't really know what to say. I feel increasingly depressed each and every day. I suffer from crippling physical pain and various other symptoms, they (Doctors) originally said it was Fibromyalgia but are now leaning more towards MS or something similar. It's getting me...
  17. cpuusage

    Here’s the Scientific Proof That Kindness Makes You Smarter, Stronger & Happier

    Here’s the Scientific Proof That Kindness Makes You Smarter, Stronger & Happier Here's the Scientific Proof That Kindness Makes You Smarter, Stronger & Happier : Conscious Life News What if the cure for your cold was opening a door for a complete stranger? Or watering your neighbor’s roses...
  18. N

    physical hallucinations

    I've started tapering down my antipsychotic medication and on the whole it's been going well. I feel less on edge and desperate than I did while on the highest dose and my thinking is less foggy (i actually HAVE thoughts now). Voices have been infrequent and relatively easy to dismiss but over...
  19. E

    Please help

    I suffer from health anxiety and just wondered can you get physical symptoms with this. I am convinced I'm going to die of some form of cancer and now my stomach hurts. Just wondered if anyone has physical symptoms when they did not have anything physically wrong with them
  20. J

    Need help - physical symptoms

    Hi everyone, Pretty new here but suffering really bad from anxiety, I've suffered from it for 7 years now but just been through a really hard break up and I do a really stressful job. I'm suffering a lot from the physical symptoms of anxiety, tonight I'm home, had a relaxing evening, mentally...