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physical symptoms

  1. T

    Head pressure with anxiety - anyone else?

    Hi guys, Three months ago I moved city to start a Masters course and have been struggling with it massively. For the past three months I have experienced near constant head pressure, sometimes all around my head, sometimes on the right side. Sometimes I don't really notice it and sometimes it...
  2. S

    Physical effects of anxiety

    Hello, this is my first time posting. I'm really hoping someone can advise me! out of the blue i was hit with severe OCD and anxiety in January of this year. i was put onto sertraline which has helped, however i am still getting the physical symptoms really badly. I constantly shake, so much so...
  3. G

    Health Anxiety Spiraling out of Control

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on this site but unfortunately not my first on an anxiety forum. I'm a 24 year old healthy male (in the military, no tobacco and rarely drink alcohol). This has been a painstaking struggle for a long time and it's always reassuring to be in a community. So...
  4. E

    Getting treatment for mental illness and physical symptoms- recommendations?

    Getting treatment for mental illness and physical symptoms- recommendations? I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression back in 2014 but looking back I've had it much longer. I have all sort of physical aliments (back pain, tension headaches, IBS, sleep problems) which have been linked with...
  5. S

    Someone please help

    Someone help..anxiety rash taking over I have been struggling with anxiety for a good portion of my life. It all started with an unusual fear of being kidnapped, as it almost happened a few different times. Anyway, I have had many different symptoms as i grew up, including panic attacks...