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  1. L

    No way out

    So.. This year has been the hardest by far. Just as I was starting to feel better & stronger, nudes explicit photos of me were posted everywhere online and sent to practically everybody I know by malicious evil people set out to ruin my life. Every waking moment now I absolutely hate. Constantly...

    I signed up to a free dating site ..

    Meh. Some girls look and sound great, but instead of feeling relaxed and attracted - I feel stressed out and anxious. It just makes me feel inferior. They have photos from social situations where they are happy and smiley. I have not had such photos for over 10 years now. I live with my dad...
  3. S

    New Here, hoping for a better understanding ing

    Hi All, Not sure if I should even be on this or if what I have or think I have or do is enough to warrant being on here so apologies if it’s not. I’ve been suffering with anxiety for a few years, and maybe even OCD but I don’t know if it’s severe enough to be called that, I worry about...
  4. valleygirl

    Depression Reaching it's Tentacles Into My Life Again

    Maybe it has something to do with coming home to police blocking a section of my street right in front of my apartment building a few weeks ago. I posted about that in relation to having my PTSD triggered. I don't know. I've just been feeling this slide back down into depression, and it seems...
  5. bluekii

    A Photo A Day: Mental Well-being [Photo thread]

    Hello, I will be posting one photo every day to try to help encourage positive vibes, inspiration, recovery and mental well-being. They will be drawings, photographs, quotes etc. I hope you enjoy the photos I post, and find some sort of comfort from them. :)
  6. C

    detached from childhood photos

    This freaked me out yesterday. I don't tend to look back at my childhood photos. A few years ago my nan sent me a photo album filled with photos of me when i was a kid as a christmas present. It's not really been an item i've treasured and has been sat gathering dust in a cupboard for a long...
  7. S

    Have messed my life up

    I just feel like I've made a huge mess of my life. I was with my partner for 20 years and unhappy for the last 7. We have 2 children together. At the beginning of last year, I met someone out of the blue. He absolutely swept me off my feet. It was like something you would see in the movies! He...
  8. K

    Wasting and destroying my life

    I am a guy and I am in a relationship with a girl,She is the sweetest person ever and loves me a lot.i am betraying her in the most awkward manner . I have this unusual temptation to share her photos to the internet and let others comment with vulgarity on the photos. I know what i am doing is...
  9. D

    Extreme camera shyness

    Since I was a teenager I have always hated having my photo taken. When someone gets the camera out I move away from them. I feel uncomfortable looking at photos of myself because I worry that I look stupid and that everyone is laughing at me. I'm worse when people record videos. I hate seeing...
  10. B

    Knowing you're unattractive

    I don't think a person has to be depressed to realize they're unattractive. But I'm afflicted with both and every so often I take camera photos of myself. Because I enjoy having scientific proof that I'm just truly quite hard on the eyes. And then I get upset. But I keep taking photos! As...
  11. BillFish

    Took these photos today :)

    Took these photos today, lot to learn, using lightroom etc, only wish I had a camera with me years ago, would have taken some great pictures on my travels.....better late than never I suppose.:p
  12. M

    How do I get over my ex boyfriend who really hurt me?

    Here is what happened everything was going amazing for the past 6 months, then I lost my virginity to him then a few days later he didn't invite me to his birthday party he invited all these women and he was laying on them.I found out on Facebook when the photos were posted on face book , photos...
  13. SomersetScorpio

    *trigger warning* He has photos of me when I was little...

    I know that the first sentence of a thread is visible on the activity stream and don't want anyone triggered, so blah blah... blahday blahday blahday blahday. OK I hope that's enough.... Ok, to cut the long story short, my grandad molested me as a child, and throughout my teens there was lots...
  14. T

    What do I do with myself? **Trigger Warning**

    Here's an issue I have that haunts me each waking second of my life: I never feel like I am good enough. No matter what it is I will feel like I am inadequate, and because of these inadequacies, whether it be that I am not intelligent enough, not wealthy enough, not successful enough, not...
  15. Hayyyleyyy

    Things that make you go 'awww'

    This is probably in the wrong section, BUT, I feel I kinda belong here as Im always posting here!! Some of you may have seen that I was getting a puppy, well I have him now, and have lots of photos :D Thought I'd show you some, may make your heart feel all fluffy! I'm done I...
  16. Lola25


    I've been wanting to get this off my chest for a while but have been too scared. I really do apologise if I'm saying anything I shouldn't. I'm aware of the SH guidlines and would NEVER intentionally post anything that might be harmful to others - I understand if this has to be moderated/removed...
  17. S

    do you see orbs

    do any of you see orbs when in haunted locations or walking round graveyards in day or night time,i get them on photos a lot and some times i turn my flash of and still get them
  18. DoctorInternet2

    I think I've done it!

    Yes I was under 11 stone before Christmas and now I'm 12 stone 10 pounds and looking at the photos I took I look exactly right, (I am 6ft male), but very unattractive in the Christmas photos because I had overdone the dieting and yes really unattractive, there is nothing attractive about looking...
  19. J

    My Battle with Depression and how I Fight it

    Ok, I’d like to start off by saying that I am not qualified in treating depression in anyway. I’ve not even been diagnosed with it. I am however convinced that I have been suffering from it for the last few years, finding myself hitting rock bottom (at least I think it was) about 4 months ago...
  20. jax


    Hi - I looked on the main forum to see if there was someplace to put photos in. I couldn't find any - so if these are not appropriate - please do move them. Thanks. Jacqui Hmmm - I am not sure how to put a photo in. Here goes nothing . . Testing here