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  1. bluekii

    A Photo A Day: Mental Well-being [Photo thread]

    Hello, I will be posting one photo every day to try to help encourage positive vibes, inspiration, recovery and mental well-being. They will be drawings, photographs, quotes etc. I hope you enjoy the photos I post, and find some sort of comfort from them. :)
  2. P

    I have regrets and I feel really sad!

    Hi everyone, I tried looking at all the forums to see which one would be best for me to post in. I was thinking a 'general' forum. I don't have any mental health conditions. I have Aspergers. Although I think a person could feel similar to how I feel even if they didn't have Aspergers or...
  3. J

    Need outsiders opinions ..

    Hi .. Hoping I may get some answers! I don't feel like I have mental health issues and I think I am and my feelings are quite normal .. Not like everyone is like me, but not abnormal. But my family say I need help/therapy/counselling etc ..I'm going to be very honest but I am certain I have no...
  4. shaky

    Self harm and photo shoot

    I need to go for a photo shoot for publicity shots for my new one-man-show but last week I did loads of SH and now I have welts all over my body. No-one has seen them yet. The photographer will be the first person to see them :unsure: I don't know how they will look on the photos Maybe once I...
  5. L

    What do you do if someone does something wrong?

    For instance a pen pal wrote to me last year asking for a photo which I immediately obliged with and asked her for a photo of her. She ignored me. I asked again sometime later and she said she would send one, she didn't. I mentioned to her that she said she would and she said she couldn't and...
  6. D

    Help please :(

    I'm not entirely sure this is where I should post but.... I need some help....I'll try and cut story short. when i was younger i was being tested for ADD but my mum never followed it through and now i'm stuck....I know there is something wrong with me but i dont know what. My memory is poor, I...
  7. M

    Fat will a 'diet club' work

    I've put 3 stone in the last year. Im now panicking because my friend has ask me to a godparent and have professional photo done. So I need to lose weight quick. What can I do help. Will weight watcher work?:eek2:
  8. B

    Sketches of Spain

    Peace and Exasperation B. Is automatism still integral to the organisation and disorganisation of your life? F. It is pavement, harbouring daedalian. * B. Exorcism or the haunting? F. Possession. * B. Do you think you will fall in love again? F. A sentry patrols, alone. He's gazing at a...
  9. jax

    Another photo

    This was taken when I first started taking photos a year and half ago I was in the home treatment house in the university area of Belfast. I'd never hung out there before and love it. This photo taken in 'Botanic Gardens' 2nd photo is of the Belfast wheel while it was here. 3rd Bee in my...
  10. jax


    Hi - I looked on the main forum to see if there was someplace to put photos in. I couldn't find any - so if these are not appropriate - please do move them. Thanks. Jacqui Hmmm - I am not sure how to put a photo in. Here goes nothing . . Testing here