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  1. C

    Can't Shake the Guilt

    Hello. I'm new to the forum, unfortunately not new to having Borderline Personality Disorder, but new to the diagnosis and treatment. I was wondering if anyone else has feelings of extreme guilt for distancing themselves away from a narcissist parent and the family who doesn't (and never has)...
  2. J

    Better ways of dealing with difficult feelings/events

    Hi, I'm relatively new to the forum - just joined recently. One of the things I struggle with is dealing with emotions and events in a healthy way. I tend to overeat as a response to stressful or upsetting things - if I've had a bad day or something has upset me I go to the shops and buy loads...
  3. LexLoofer

    Chat/Text Therapist?

    Good morning, my name is Lex, and I have anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. I've been working with a psychiatrist over the phone for the last several months to find the right medications for me, and I finally feel like I'm in a place where I would be open to talking to a psychologist...
  4. D

    Beware Telephone Scammers!

    Several times this week our home phone has been blitzed by cold callers supposing to me from Microsoft wanting to discuss a problem with your computer that they apparently discovered. Then we had some man representing our Internet Service providor demanding our PIN number. And another posing...
  5. T

    I Just Need To Get This Out

    Ok, first of all I feel so stupid, I'm a 50+ male that apart from feeling down when my mum died I have never had any mental health concern. But I just feel as if I need to reach out. I guess with my girlfriend I've always believed that I am punching above my weight, we have been together for 9...
  6. R

    phoning gp

    i've been phoning gp get phone menu press no for appts get musik then the extension is lost please phone again then i'm disconnected i've hurt my back as i use a bullworker to exercise helping with relaxation it's also mental issue i'm old enough as i say to remember the start of care in the...
  7. C

    Talking on the phone

    I've had this anxiety forever, even when it comes to talking to friends and family over the phone I still avoid it at all costs, has anyone managed to overcome this? I want to start working, but a lot of the jobs I think I'd be okay at include handling phone calls so I end up not applying...
  8. P

    Stressed by 2 hour phone calls from relative

    Hi, this sounds rather nasty of me! I have a younger relative, aged 32 to my 37, who I'm not close to, in the past I met her and she said some hurtful things to me. She recently said she is lonely and wants to ring me up, I don't mind talking for a short time but I have schizophrenia diagnosis...
  9. K

    Volatile friend threatening self harm if I don't abide by her rules.

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here, came to get some advice as I feel it's one of the few places that can help me make the right decisions in dealing with this. Sorry for the length but all info is relevant: I met a female quite a bit older than me through my home business, and we've...
  10. U

    Too much digital?

    I got a thought... maybe a discussion to be had... I work in IT and I have done for over 10 years but in this day and age I somewhat feel overwhelmed at times due to 2 reasons. 1.) Big brother / data privacy and how everything is captured for marketing purposes. Got nothing to hide but I feel...
  11. N

    Unwell Father - My father

    HI, Afternoon Folks, Unfortunately, from Monday, or over the weekend not sure exactly now, my father hasn't been at all well, first off he had a sore throat, that then virtually cleared just on the day later on, when he had a GP appointment; then, all of the sudden, from yesterday, and...
  12. jasmink

    bpd and other crappppp

    Took six hours to pick up my phone and get out of bed.
  13. Poopy Doll

    Dental Clinic Lied

    I just had a panic attack at the dentist because they lied to me. They said I was the first patient but there were two people ahead of me. They put in new dentist chairs and the chair hurt me to lie down on. The waiting turned into anxiety and I just walked out. They promised me on the phone...
  14. V

    Overthinking in my relationship

    Hi I’ve been on Lexapro for about 5-6 weeks now, I decided to seek help for a couple of reasons, mood swings, snapping at coworkers and my kids, I felt terrible and wanted to make a change, me and my partner have been together for 3 years and every now and again I’ve felt the need to pry through...
  15. R

    Hearing Voices/Sounds?

    Hi, Well I did PeyoteQH. And throughout the dose I swear I heard my sister talking. I couldn't understand what she was saying, and it started to piss me off since I like doing my doses in complete quite, and then the dose ended about 2 minutes after and I looked around the whole house, and she...
  16. A

    Feels like suicide is imminent

    I've spoken to support staff. I've spoken to mental health matters. I can't get self harm and suicide out of my head. They've both said to phone them again if I need to. They've also said phone 111 if I need to. It's something I struggle to do though because of my care plan (which we've...
  17. D

    Impulse to do stupid things-help

    Hello, I'm 36. Im female. Im sorry if this is in the wrong section, its my 1st post. I need some advice. I suffer from Depression and mild anxiety. I'm on sertraline. I don't know if that's relevant to my question. Sometimes I randomly get the intense urge to do stupid things! Like just...
  18. Guy12182

    Well Being Not Good!

    I've already explained my situation on here a lot. So if you know you will understand. Things just got even worse today. The cops were called on me at my home/apartment just because I was in her room, where I've been staying for the last 20 friggen years, getting my clothes out of the closet so...
  19. Y

    Advice needed

    I'm looking for some advice with quite a frustrating problem I am having. I keep making new email accounts - I've literally made one or two every single day. If I make a new email account and add it to my social media accounts and then don't use my accounts that day, I then for some reason feel...
  20. N

    Prescription from Chemist - Phone Communication (and speech) Problems

    Hi Folks, I called the chemist, to check when the Abilify solution would be ready, I had somebody a foreigner on the line, and not knowing what they were doing, reading off from the till screen wise, and gave me to believe, that the melts, were being ordered, and that wasn't the case, and...